[15][16] Incels are mostly male and heterosexual,[10][12][17] and many sources report that incels are predominantly white. Incelosphere: Incels (/ˈɪnsɛlz/ IN-selz), a portmanteau of "involuntary celibates", are members of an online subculture who define themselves as unable to find a romantic or sexual partner despite desiring one. In the months leading up to the shooting, he posted numerous misogynistic, racist, violent, and homophobic songs to SoundCloud. This is especially true if a Stacy has been dumped by one of her Chad's. Research published in 2020 by the Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI) on the three largest incel forums found they had a total of about 20,000 users, with only about 1,000 who post actively. [33] In the 2000s, incel communities became more extremist as they adopted behaviors common on forums like 4chan and Reddit, where extremist posts were encouraged as a way to achieve visibility. [1] Following the attack, a poster on a website created to supersede /r/incels wrote about Minassian, "I hope this guy wrote a manifesto because he could be our next new saint. Females are socially inept • Roastie • Becky • Stacy • AWALT • Femoid • Thot audit • Women in STEM. Founded 06/16/18. Jump to navigation Jump to search. [43], While generally agreeing with critics' concerns about misogyny and other negative characteristics in the incel subculture, some commentators have been more sympathetic towards incels. [137][138][139], In January 2019, Christopher Cleary was arrested for posting on Facebook that he was "planning on shooting up a public place soon and being the next mass shooter" and "killing as many girls as I see" because he had never had a girlfriend and was a virgin. Many love-shys and incels feel that they suffer from a lack of maturity, at least in the socio-sexual realm. Hoewel incel wel in het Nederlands voorkwam, werd de term pas breed toegepast in de berichtgeving door de Nederlandse en Belgische media over de aanslag op 23 april 2018 in Toronto waarbij tien voetgangers werden gedood. [35][48][20] More extremist incels have increasingly migrated to obscure locations including gaming chat services and the dark web to avoid site shutdowns and the self-censorship that has developed among some incel communities as an effort to avoid drawing scrutiny from law enforcement or website service providers. The most popular incel forum as of 2020 is IncelsWithoutHate. "[20], Some discussions in incel communities endorse violence against sexually active women and more sexually successful men;[38][66][67] harassment of women,[24] including activities such as catfishing;[24] and suicide among incels. Trad Stacey likes rock music and older television shows. Allegedly also motivated by other extremist views, Cruz had previously posted online that "Elliot Rodger will not be forgotten". She is not a drug addict but is on medication for anxiety and has been for 4yrs. "Redpilled" incels believe they have the opportunity to fight back against this system which disadvantages them, which they do by trying to make themselves more attractive to women. [20][26][27][28], The first online community to use the term "incel" was started in 1993 when a Canadian university student known only by her first name, Alana, created a website in order to discuss her sexual inactivity with others. Incel aka involuntary celibacy is a common life circumstance. Over the next decade, the membership of love-shy.com and other online communities like 4chan increasingly overlapped. [44][24][25][152] Psychologist and sex researcher James Cantor has described incels as "a group of people who usually lack sufficient social skills and ... find themselves very frustrated." Her vlogs are commenting on hot topics in alternative political forums, as well as social construction memes aka Stacy, beta, chad culture. "Looksmaxing" is an attempt at enhancing one's appearance by methods including getting a haircut and dressing nicely, taking steroids and working out, or undergoing plastic surgery. This description of marriage does not constitute all that that women may be entitled to in a marriage, but it does constitute the most a man is expected to receive. Things have changed in the last 20 years. [33] Some incels describe women's sexual rejection of them as "reverse rape", a phenomenon they consider to be equally harmful as rape. [25][41] Cloudflare, which provides services including DDoS protection and caching so that webpages are still accessible when a site is offline, has also been criticized for protecting incel websites against downtime even when webhosts have terminated service. Some researchers and journalists use the term "red pill" to refer to the set of beliefs commonly held by men’s rights’ activists, and the term "black pill" to summarize the incel ideology as a whole. "[4] However, researchers at the Anti-Defamation League write that there are some incels who believe in the red pill and others who believe in the black pill. Cookies help us deliver our services. A video interview was later released in September 2019 showing Minassian being interrogated by police shortly after the attacks. [61][82] An incel who has "taken the black pill" has adopted the belief that they are hopeless, and that their lack of success romantically and sexually is permanent regardless of any changes they might try to make to their physical appearance, personality, or other characteristics. Trad Stacy, now known as, After Birth, is a female youtube vlogger known for commenting on the vlogs of various incels. [73][4][114] Some incels with severe depression are also suicidal, and some members of incel communities encourage suicidal members to kill themselves, sometimes recommending they commit acts of mass violence before doing so.[35][4][44][94]. [68] According to the Anti-Defamation League, incels are the most violent community within the manosphere. [75] Incels may attribute their lack of sexual success to factors such as shyness, sex-segregated work environments, negative body image,[76] penis size,[74] or their physical appearance,[77] and commonly believe that the only thing more important than looks in improving a man's eligibility as a prospective partner is wealth. [159] Some reporting has also been criticized for giving attackers notoriety by reporting on them at length, or for victim blaming by implying that women who had rejected the attackers' romantic or sexual advances held some responsibility for provoking the attacks. Those who have taken the black pill are left with few options, says the ADL: giving up on life (referred to by incels as "LDAR", an abbreviation for "lie down and rot"), committing suicide, or committing mass violence. From Incel Wiki. ", "Why Reddit finally banned one of its most misogynistic forums", "A man cited his virginity as reason he planned to kill 'as many girls' as he could, police say", "Westgate Shooting Suspect Was an 'Incel' Who Wanted to Kill Couples, Prosecutor Alleges". He left a manifesto at the scene, outlining his interest in other mass murders including the Isla Vista killings, his anger at not having a girlfriend, and his animus towards the world. She frequented Discord servers and boards such as 4chan. After the 2017 Las Vegas shooting, some of the incel community celebrated the shooter Stephen Paddock, who they felt was a hero who was targeting "normies". [71][62], Chris Harper-Mercer killed nine people and injured eight others before killing himself in a shooting at the Umpqua Community College campus on October 1, 2015 in Roseburg, Oregon. "[15] Following the attack, police claimed that Minassian had been radicalized by incel communities.