Want to trade Dolby Vision for HDR10+? Unfortunately, its viewing angles are quite narrow, so images look washed out when viewed from the side. Like the tv very much, don’t get me wrong but not sure it was worth £1000...? I’ve always been fan of Sony Televisions . Users who are not a fan of dealing with technology should be relieved how easy the interface is to follow. It's higher than that of the Sony X950H, as it doesn't have Sony's 'X-Wide Angle' layer, which has the side effect of lowering the contrast ratio. We put this to the test with a 4K UHD disc of the Dolby Vision-assisted The Joker. Roku's search is better, however. However, the X950G gets brighter in SDR and HDR, and it has much better reflection handling. However, the brightness varies a lot depending on the content and small areas are more dim, as seen in the 2% and 10% windows. The base supports could be a little bit more sturdy but all in all good, Hi E_boy07,Thank you for taking the time to review the X900H. This is the third TV. However when the TV was turned off and then back on, the audio system was not working. This is my 4th Sony big screen TV. In Europe, there's also the XH9296 and the XH9096. At least the ‘mic’ button is front and centre, and Google Assistant proves as responsive here as in any other application. I bought this a month ago and I am so happy as I am enjoying a new experience, just fabulous. Again the Sony preserved shadow detail the best among the three as well. No surprise either was the cleanliness of the VA panel, which showed no dirty screen effects (DSE) or stains. With Full Array Local Dimming and TRILUMINOS Display, experience deeper black levels, greater contrast, and vibrant color from your favorite movies, TV shows, and games.Thank you for choosing Sony! It displays dark colors well due to its high contrast ratio, but like most LED TVs, it has trouble displaying bright blues. We tested the 55 inch Sony X900H (XBR55X900H), and for the most part, we expect our review to be valid for the 65 inch (XBR65X900H), the 75 inch (XBR75X900H), and the 85 inch (XBR85X900H). This is not surprising, since Sony's treatment has always been the best in the industry. After a quick search on the web I found an owners forum which had over a 1000 people complaining about similar issues. The inputs are side-facing, making them easier to access when wall-mounted compared to the Sony X900F. xbr75x900h 23/10/2020  (USA) Verified Purchaser Verified. ~Earl, xbr65x900h 23/10/2020 by Trm4444 (USA) Verified Purchaser Verified. Its input lag is very low and remains low even when playing in 4k with 10-bit HDR. -Vincent, CareersContact UsCompany InfoVoluntary Recall, SEL TERMS AND CONDITIONSSEL PRIVACY POLICYCA PRIVACY NOTICEDO NOT SELL MY PERSONAL INFORMATION. Worth the purchases. TV control is via an unremarkable remote handset. We still have the Sony Plasma TV purchased 17 years ago. The darker a TV can become, the higher the contrast and the less brightness required to obtain a high contrast. We are pleased to hear that you are enjoying your new Sony BRAVIA TV! With these settings, we reached 803 cd/m² in the 25% window. KD-55XH9296 25/10/2020  (United Kingdom) Verified Purchaser Verified. TechRadar is part of Future US Inc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. Unfortunately, we'll have to wait until Sony releases the firmware update that enables VRR to test the input lag with VRR enabled, and the 'Auto Low Latency Mode' should also be enabled in the same update. I recently decided to upgrade to a 4K version and I feel the picture quality is not much better? I am satisfied with the stability of the support, but I do not know what I think of the appearance of the ultra-flat feet, nor of the cable management solution, which is in fact only a clip on the back of the feet. My 3 year old sony 70 developed LED problems. Full Name:Sony.com Username:Telephone Number:Issue:Model Number: We're looking forward to your message! Hey guys and gals, I'm currently looking into buying a new 4k TV for the upcoming console generation. The idea is to offer a degree of sonic tracking to the on-screen motion – it’s a feature both LG and Samsung have, in their own ways, being trying out with some of their more expensive 2020 TVs too. The other problem I had was with the audio. I mentioned earlier that the X900H would eventually support VRR for games, but the update that allows it has not been rolled out as of the date of this review, and Sony hasn’t 39; has no estimated timeframe for this feature to come on this TV. Motion looks good when enabled and we didn't notice any issues. To enable BFI, set Motionflow to 'Custom' and adjust the Clearness slider to your preference. -Easy to navigate operating system. Here is hoping a new update will fix the hdmi 2.1 because this is one hell of a Tv ! Thanks for choosing Sony. Your email address will not be published. We are pleased to hear that you are enjoying your new Sony BRAVIA TV! The picture is excellent when it is working great. KD-55XH9296 23/10/2020  (United Kingdom) Verified Purchaser Verified. After talk with Sony tech., there is a software problem. The black levels are inky black and the HDR capabilities are just stunning. With a solid base of black, the X900H doesn't need to be extremely bright to appear vivid. (It’s worth noting that, when the XH90 detects an incoming Dolby Vision signal, it offers just three picture presets: Dolby Vision Bright, Dolby Vision Dark, or Vivid. The X900F has a higher contrast ratio, it can get brighter, and it has faster response time. The Sony X900H is an excellent performer overall, with a pleasing, balanced image that still manages to deliver plenty of pop and contrast. With local dimming enabled, uniformity is much better throughout the screen, and surprisingly, there's very little blooming around the test cross. This TV has a beautiful picture. The Sony also preserved detail in very bright areas better than the Hisense. There's a line of silver metallic finishing around the extreme edge on all four sides, matching the silver-colored stand legs. There are minor inaccuracies with blue and red, and the white balance is only slightly off. Don’t get me wrong it had been 5 years since my HD tv and I knew little of Naonocell, QLED, OLED, Full Array or any newer tech. Thank you for choosing Sony! In practice, this equates to 20 watts powering two full-range drivers, and a couple of tweeters positioned near the top of the back of the screen’s chassis, one on either side. And like every Sony TV that’s running Android, it’s a combination of the really quite useful and the downright irritating. I use it primarily for gaming on my PS4 Pro (bring on the PS5!) The full-array local dimming is good. It also has more apps available due to the Google Play Store, and it can remove judder from all sources. The Q80T has a faster response time, lower input lag, and it supports VRR, making it a better option for gaming. If so, please send us an email at socialsupport@am.sony.com. An LCD screen is lit from the back by a set of LED backlights. -Vincent, xbr65x900h 25/10/2020  (USA) Verified Purchaser Verified. The total depth of the X900H is 2 7/8 inches. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. We're glad to hear that you like your new XBR65X900H. This helpful tool will make it clear for you, Use our data and table to find the best TV for your needs, Want to see us review a specific TV? The XH90 is nigh-on impossible to fluster, and as a consequence is an absorbing and involving watch. The LG CX OLED is much better than the Sony X900H. Click the image at the right to see the picture settings used in the review and to read more about how this TV's picture controls worked during calibration. With Full Array Local Dimming and TRILUMINOS Display, experience deeper black levels, greater contrast and vibrant color from your favorite movies, TV shows and games.Thank you for choosing Sony!David, xbr65x900h 24/10/2020 by PhilFlop04 (USA) Verified Purchaser Verified. However, the TCL displays deeper blacks, gets brighter, and displays a wider color gamut.