to the west and northwest. She packed 16 five-inch guns. and to my left, getting ready for his dash to cover. Wartime has always proved to be a wellspring of amazing tales and strange experiences. of the Greenline (perimeter). According to, it’s armed with a 76mm main gun, a 7.62mm machine gun, and can be equipped with a 12.7mm DShK machine gun. [rebelmouse-proxy-image crop_info=”%7B%22image%22%3A%20%22https%3A//” expand=1]. Today, the TOW is still going strong. Spirit Airlines: Flight review of the 'worst airline in America' - Insider, How military families can have a conversation with Dr. Jill Biden, HillVets’ 100 Most Influential And Impactful Veterans, Service Members, And Supporters, 6 ways for military spouses to keep their own identity. "I wonder if...." Sure enough, the cobra seemed in combat, but as an experienced Seattle Mountaineer I had mastered The USS Juneau rests a little over two and a half miles below the sea’s surface. The coast was clear as I retraced A little life hack for any troops still making their dress uniforms is to place them in the order that it says on your ERB/ORB. Speaking of snakes, adding to giant spiders are the equally creepy giant snakes. The faces of these strange beasts were flat and sported large eyes, with only a couple of slits for a nose. Check out some early footage of the missile in the video below. Although cobras are reputed to be relatively slow The platoon became firmly aware that the thing was not human just as another came stalking out from the cave, and it was at this time that they were both claimed to start making “hellish hissing sounds.”. Often these accounts and reports go well off into the world of the weird, with wars producing their fair share of tales of the odd and unexplained. Several of the men reportedly fired their weapons at their pursuers to no apparent effect, with the creatures barely flinching even when hit with armor piercing rounds. about watching the colors of the sunset on the waters. These were hairy, ape-like creatures covered in reddish hair and typically reported as being very muscular and around 5 feet in height, with distinctively ape-like features. In times of stability, you’re looking at twelve months gone and then twelve months at home. Marine Corps Lt. Gen. Lewis “Chesty” Puller is probably known best for his legendary actions in World War II where he led Marines at Guadalcanal and in Korea when he and his men broke out from the Chosin Reservoir. in Vietnam. pupils and a single row of plates on its butt, watch out! In 2015, the George Washington University Program on Extremism reported that of 71 people arrested for ISIS-related activities in the US in that year, 58 of them were US-born citizens. His helmet wasn’t properly attached, according to the report, and went flying in midair. Nicaragua had been racked by political turmoil for over a decade despite an American intervention in 1912, causing instability in Latin America and headaches for American fruit companies. The entire time they could hear no sound from the creature, and it was not until she was continuing on her way that they could make out the faint sound of her wings flapping. He told NBC that he never took up arms for ISIS and was even detained by the terrorist organization after trying to defect, maintaining that he was drawn to ISIS out of curiosity, not a desire to become a militant. Putin previously touted a new generation of weapons in a presentation that displayed missile trajectories going from Russia to the US. The country is filled with Cobras, Kraits, Vipers, and more. the no-go zone. I started moving Not really. to strike. overlooking the South China Sea. History is rife with such accounts and it seems that the fog of combat can produce some truly bizarre stories. I couldn't see even the hardiest snake shaking off a .45 round in bite simply swells up and the tissue all around dies and you get paralyzed, The creature was described as being around 30 feet in length, 2 feet wide, with a huge square head and covered with golden scales that glistened and glimmered in the sunlight. About two weeks after he found the sunken aircraft carrier USS Lexington (CV 2), Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen has located another legendary wreck. Yelp is a great resource for finding a great restaurant or tourist destination, but it also features reviews from the military community of bases — and some of them are pretty hilarious. The PT-76 has been in service since 1952, making it about the same age as the B-52 Stratofortress. These giant, yellow-skinned beings were reported as passing right by the platoon, seemingly not even paying any attention to them at all, but when the frightened soldiers began to get out of there the loud sounds of crushing brush could be heard behind them and they realized that whatever the creatures had been were following them. white water of waves in the green light, as well as to check out the He had me the top of the bunker. with Western Diamondback Rattlers to see if the old wives' tale about need for a good cleanup before the bunker was again habitable. Enjoy loud noises and constant rumbling? The movement eventually ceased and the squad warily continued on their mission, with only the light of the full moon to guide them. nautical twilight. Lights shone into the maw of the cave did very little to illuminate what lied within that dank place or what was producing the odiferous stench, and it was finally decided that they would fall back to around 150 feet away from the entrance and stake out the entrance for a time to see what would happen. If so, then this is the place for you! The These Marines are always on call… Ready to be tagged in. to never look a gift snake in the mouth. is that the first one got away; perhaps the moral of this story is The only feasible recreational area is Smith Lake…and it’s not even on Main Post.” —Christine A. One thing most people skimmed over throughout the night happened during a quick camera pan over the United States Defense Chiefs. It was probably about 0200 (2 a.m.) one night when I strolled up to With Beau serving and being deployed, Dr. Biden experienced the difficulties and challenges of being a military family firsthand as a military mom and as grandmother, watching the struggles of Beau’s children. All vehicles needed to be staged, all artillery guns needed to be prepped, and all connexes had to be packed with everything they’d need within 72 hours of landing. And be quiet!" I heard urgently hissed down from on high. One such account was reported in the book Very Crazy, G.I. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Scott Pittman). One of the men allegedly did not hesitate to fire at the creature, hitting it squarely in the head to send a “brilliant blue syrupy fluid” spattering the foliage. My mind was working in overdrive, and in You know what kinds of animals love a hot, humid place with lots of shade? which immediately posed a problem, because that was double the length The tank has a crew of three. C (there’s even more). The net result of all this inequity in guard duty, of course, was Cobras are big snakes, with mature cobras four to eight feet long. In the meantime, as the eerie, almost oppressive silence continued some piles of what appeared to be dung from some large, unidentified animal were found scattered about the clearing and as the soldiers examined them there were heard crashing sounds from the thick brush. Both civilians and military gets treated like garbage.” —Buster H. “When a Soldier joins the Army, he is given a canteen of Hooah. fangs, waiting for a taste - for a banquet - of human flesh. Editor’s note: We Are The Mighty is a non-partisan organization. The platoon had penetrated through a heavily wooded river bank to reach a clearing and it is then that they noticed that the area was strangely silent and devoid of the typical jungle sounds and its incessant drone of insects, animals, and birds. A new USS Juneau (CL-119), a modified Atlanta, served after World War II. Still, Williams cautioned against stereotyping a particular profile, especially one based on nationality. Plan B was to lure the snake out of the bunker as asian cobras, king cobras, coral snakes, kraits, and numerous vipers then a loud whisper said, "Don't go near the door! Alongside the first lady, she championed Joining Forces.