Only non retarded answer so far, but i disagree a bit with mystical being a waste, it depends on the enemy team, herc is hard to kill and having that tick damage vs low movility, no sustain enemies is really good, they either focus you (gl with that) or eat all those ticks. I sprint and i was there in the next 3s. The only core damage items on Herc would be power boots and Jotunn's, but Titan's Bane is good for topping off his damage. by PaniniLithium updated April 15, 2019. PASSIVE - When hit by a Slow, you are immune to Slows and your movement speed is increased by 20% for 4s. PASSIVE - Assists on a minion give 1 Stack and God kills and assists give 5 Stacks. Don't get bloodforge. Boots aren't necessary because you have Hastened Katana, and Mitigate Wounds (3) will proc with Shield of Regrowth, giving you the boosted speed. This cannot occur more than once every 10 seconds. Hit Earthbreaker and knock them up, then use Driving Strike to either push them into the wall or towards your team. I honestly feel like he's underrated and under appreciated. Since herc has high base damage the only kind of offensive stat you need is pen. I wanna speak about Hercules and his recent buffs. PASSIVE - When your Ultimate ability has finished casting, you gain a Shield equal to your Protections for 5s. Cooldown - 120s. Using this item reflects 40% of all damage you take, before mitigations, for the next 5 seconds, back to its owner as Magical Damage. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Vision Shard can be upgraded to a new relic once you reach Level 12. Using this item places a ward that lasts 60 seconds. Stacks up to 7 times, Lasts 6s. You usually wanna get Jotunns as your 3rd or 4th item, I would always build it by fifth at the latest. Herc gets enough damage from his passive and 1 hybrid item and warrior boots. Copyright © 2019 SMITEFire | All Rights Reserved. Take control of a diverse cast of deities from across seven pantheons: Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Hindu, Mayan, Chinese, and Norse. +100 Health If you are dealt 150 * your level damage while this effect is active, the effect will end early. I made a build and it has been working pretty well for me, but I was wondering if there was a way to improve it. If you're playing solo, be sure to use your ultimate (Excavate) to clear waves and maybe get a hit or two onto the enemy god. Very good for survivability and team fights. Please consider supporting us by whitelisting us in your ad blocker! Join the leading SMITE community.Create and share God Guides and Builds. +7 Power Overall it probably should be avoided when playing herc. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Lasts 10s and stacks up to 6 times. Jungle Monsters PASSIVE - For each enemy God within 55 units of you, you gain a stack of 3% damage mitigation. SmiteFire is a community that lives to help every Smite player take their game to the next level by having open access to all our tools and resources. Another fun item on Herc is shield of regrowth, especially coupled with fast boots and/or winged blade. Both. This can happen when a God is new or there is a new patch. Even at full tank his abilities still do nice damage (obviously not to other tanks) so cdr is generally a good option for Herc. 4>1>3>2 is better because the percent healing is stronger than the meager damage increase from his 2. Cooldown - 140s. Each Assist is worth 1 stack. This consumable heals 125 Health and 75 Mana over 25 seconds. I sprint and i was there in the next 3s. Use americanhollows build its the best bet if you dont want to be trashteir. 9 Votes. I was thinking something more along the lines of gigantic, inarticulate walls of text with no BBCoding or actual relevance to the Hercules.