This week REIWA President Hayden Groves joined the Program. He has worked in coterie rooms at the West Coast Eagles home games for the last 7 years and is the ground caller at the Furnace for the Perth Scorchers in the BBL. Dr Ross Walker joins Afternoons with Simon Beaumont every Wednesday at 12.30pm. Select the emails relating to 2GB that you're interested in receiving. Nov … 6PR Interview with Simon Beaumont. He plays in a small, inexpensive cover band “The Good Things” and tries to get a swim or a jog in each day. With offices in each city? Our Lady of Horticulture, inside and out, back on the Afternoons Program with Simon Beaumont! After a couple of media stints at the Sydney and Athens Olympics, Simon has been prominent at large scale sporting events like fun runs, triathlons and swim events. Edit the basic details of your profile below. Simon Beaumont gives you all the news you can use in the afternoon. While they've given me a new portfolio, instead of creating a new department, they've based it within the Treasury. Create a 6PR account today! Simon is married to Rowena, they have three children, Daniel, Hannah and Isabella. And it's getting all of that coordinated for the first time. We've got a natural rate of increase simply in people having kids. He operates and owns a small communications business, specializing in ground commentary at fun runs, triathlons, swimming and cycling events. What’s on at ANZAC Cottage this Remembrance Day? © 2018 Cheri Gardiner. Log in with your favourite social network. But I don't want to get too far in front of the consultation that I want to conduct. Or should be be checking in with your doctor? Hosted a hypothetical at Annual Sports Coaches Conference. Or maybe it’s your back that’s causing you pain? His take on all the local, national and international issues ranges from satirical and humorous to serious, as part of a show filled with quirks and information. What's your opinion? I'll be in the west quite a bit myself during all of this and it's something where we're going to work cooperatively with the different state governments including the WA Government. Hosted a Presentation of Elite Sports Coach Scholarships, Department of Sport and Recreation. He supports the Eagles and East Perth fervently, and understands completely that his days as a competitive triathlete are finished. Every Tuesday at 1pm the team at Bicton Travel join us for our Travel Talk segment. He has a passion for breaking the news and local issues that impact on Perth and WA, recognizing that radio is the best and most immediate medium of choice for not only the listeners, but the agenda setters and people in power. Find out more about Reep and Agrimaster. Dr. Tony Vigano or Dr. Mel Criddle join Simon every Thursday at 2pm to answer all your pet related questions. RADIO presenter Simon Beaumont has spoken of his disappointment at being axed from the morning show on 6PR. In early 2011 Simon moved from presenter of 6PR’s morning program to Executive Producer of the station’s Breakfast program also incorporating an on-air role as the program’s current affairs reporter. He plays in a small, inexpensive cover band “The Good Things” and tries to get a swim or a jog in each day. Every Wednesday at 2pm on Afternoons we talk all things property. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Simon has been involved with the media since 2001 as a Producer, Radio Presenter and MC at functions and events. To watch the live video stream, log in to 6PR or create a free account now. Dr Ross Walker takes us through fatigue, it’s causes and your calls, Superannuation, property sales, investment in cars and more. I've no doubt a lot of it will go to how we can better target the regions that need people. City of Stirling Mayor, Mark Irwin, walked Simon Beaumont through the decision to cancel this year’s annual Christmas carols event on the Afternoons Show…, This is an argument that may be coming to the State Government very soon… as it stands, medicinal cannabis users are not allowed to drive as the technology can’t distinguish the exact amount of THC levels in the blood and there is no allowable limit. Various cycle races, including Night Criterium Series – twice. Fitzy puts the ‘R’ in the SRG Group. Your account has been created and you now have access to listen live, watch live, competitions and other benefits. Simon Beaumont assumed the role of Morning Program Presenter at 882 6PR in January 2007, having worked in current affairs radio as a reporter, producer and occasional presenter since 2001, when he joined Liam Bartlett’s Morning Program at the ABC in Perth. SIMON BEAUMONT: Australia's population's expected to be around about 35 million people by 2050, 3.8 million people living in Western Australia, which necessitates the appointment of a Population Minister. You know, Victoria and Sydney have a very different water issue to what we do in WA, but do you see it as a research-type of department or is it a department that works across all the other departments? Broadcaster, reporter, master of ceremonies/facilitator. Please fill out the form if you wish to enquire about this speaker. Specialist Sports Physio Chris ‘Tex’ Perkin has a few tips to help with recovery and restoring your muscles, along with any other issues that might be ailing you! David Egerton-Warburton. “TV pictures are great, press photographs are great, but live radio brings you action and reaction as it happens, completely raw and unedited.”. Thankyou for joining 6PR, we're glad you're with us. Some nights, there are 7 kids staying at his house. Are your tendons tender? It’s good fun for people who love listening to the radio. Is a coffee or a tonic enough of a the solution to fatigue? But he also confirmed widespread speculation that he was unhappy taking a back … Because a lot of this goes to urban planning, and a lot of it goes to infrastructure run by the states. It plays out differently in different parts of the country, and first of all we've got to work out how those differences occur. "Update My Details" button. Interview with Simon Beaumont, 6PR, Perth. So we'll have some offices here in Perth? West Australian Triathlon Commentator, over local 100 races as commentator, including National Championships. And that accounts for about a third of our population increase. How will you liaise with Immigration on this? It sits within the Treasury and that way you've got access to the whole budgetary process. Note. City to Surf Fun Run, City Beach Oval – three consecutive years. Secondly, we've got to work out how you get all the different levels of government to work together on this. Interview with Simon Beaumont, 6PR, Perth. He has worked in Federal and State Government agencies, and also in remote WA in local government. That way I've got access to the information for all the different arms within the Federal Government. You've got people on your side of the country who are desperately trying to find more workers so they can run their businesses. the 6PR community. Simon Beaumont gives you all the news you can use in the afternoon. All right. All rights reserved | Privacy Policy | Sitemap. There is a report that projected that figure.