There are fairytale-like cat legends about the Siamese cat. Siamese Legend regarding Kinked Tails It is said that there was once a Siamese Princess who was frightened of losing her rings while she bathed in a stream. About  . While you're considering this, here are some other popular Siamese legends. (Hmm - maybe, again, giving the cat away could rid the family of a relative that had not been so much liked?). It was believed this cat would receive the soul of the deceased and give it a home. If you have any concerns at all about your cat's health, please consult a vet. He did meet some of the Egyptian gods, of course, and had fun scaring off tomb robbers, but it was mostly rather dull. Copyright of photo Serghei Starus at Dreamstime. She’s worked in the digital media industry for over a decade. Where did the Siamese cat come from? Just like cats come in many different shapes, sizes and colors, they can have different tail styles as well. Most Siamese cats are born completely white and develop their markings in the weeks following birth. Considering its stunning looks this is no surprise. Copyright © 2009-2020 Caroline Haines, Life with Siamese Cats. One story tells of a beautiful Siamese princess who loved to bathe in a stream every day. On top of this they were believed to bring good luck to their owners. The Spruce Pets uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. You can read more about what causes this on the Siamese Looks. There are two versions of this story about the kinked tail: one is that the rings of course kept falling off when the cat fell asleep, and the princess tied the cat's tail into a know to prevent this. Well, Siamese cats have a special modifier gene that inhibits pigment from developing in the fur, resulting in albinism. (This doesn't sound much like the Siamese cats we have 'Animals and Man'. There are still Siamese cats with crossed eyes and crooked tails today, but it's not nearly as common. Of course cat legends bloomed about the reason for this. Grab your lab coat and get ready for a little bit of biology. The cat was placed inside the tomb which was then closed. And because they wrapped their tails around the goblet for extra security, their tails became permanently bent. These characteristics are seen as faults nowadays and have largely been bred out of Siamese genes, so you don't come across them as … Back to Siamese cat history from Cat Legends. When the monks returned to what they thought was the robbed temple, they found it intact, thanks to the cats. As a thank you, the eyes of the cats were turned to heavenly blue - because of the way they served the heaven by saving the holy altar. This book travels with the King Tut - Treasures of the Golden Pharaoh exhibition on his world tour of ten cities from March 2018 onwards, Tutankhamun: In My Own Hieroglyphs tells the story, for older children, of the life and afterlife of the famous young pharaoh in his own words. Of course cat legends bloomed about the reason for this. They headed for the altar with its valuables, with the intent of robbing everything. He now tells the story of his mishaps, misunderstandings and misadventures as he leaves his tomb through the False Door to embark on the complicated and dangerous journey to the Afterlife aboard the magnificent Ship of Millions. Siam. Tien decided it was time to find a more reliable holy man for the job and left to find him. If the cat managed to escape the tomb, it was considered a sign that the sould had been able to move to the afterlife. A small commission is earned from purchases which funds site research and upkeep. As the day was so warm, however, the princess did not return as swiftly as she had planned - several hours passed before she came back to her faithful cat and unhooked her rings from his tail. The core of the story is that a pair of Siamese temple cats guarded a golden goblet that had belonged to Buddha, when all the Siamese men were at war to defend their homeland. For a long time, many Siamese cats had crossed eyes and crooked, kinked tails. You can see this effect on many Siamese cat photos. Each page has a color sample, and all the techniques are explained. When a royal died, a household Siamese was selected to capture and contain the dearly departed's soul. To be sure no one could take the goblet, she curled her tail around it before falling asleep. They left behind a male and a female Siamese cat to guard a sacred golden goblet that had once been used by the Buddha.After a romantic few days, doing as cats do when left to their own devices, the male, bored of his guard duties, wandered off to look for further pleasures.The female, now pregnant, was left alone to guard the goblet. Of course she needed to take off her jewelry before going into the water, and as her beautiful Siamese cat was with her always, she slipped the rings into its tail. Don't think anything bad happened to the cat. A story that moves on three levels - our times, ancient Greece and ancient Egypt. is centered on a Siamese named DC (or Darn Cat) who helps stop a kidnapping. Her Siamese cat, named Siam, was a gift from a U.S. diplomat serving in Thailand. Overwhelmed with this responsibility, she wrapped her tail around the goblet's stem and fixed her eyes so that she wouldn't lose sight of it. Did the Siamese cat originate from this © iStockphoto | Eric Isselée. Because a cat's body is cooler around her nose, ears, paws, and tail, that's where pigment is most commonly deposited on Siamese cats. in the ancient kingdom of Siam …… there was a Princess of the Royal Household who loved to swim.Each day, she would make her way to her favorite bathing pool accompanied by her faithful feline companion. There are cat legends about how the Siamese cats protected the king of By using The Spruce Pets, you accept our, 5 Pawsitively Fascinating Facts About Black Cats. One of the spookier cat legends explains the reason these cats were revered for housing the souls of the deceased royalty. This may be the reason why it is said the Siamese cats were not given away easily -  what if the soul of your dear family member was in the cat? Although Siamese cats have been domesticated in Asia for centuries, they didn't appear in the United States until the late 1800s. I doubt that - the Buddhist are kind to animals, after all. Chula remained, and did not leave the goblet from her sight. This story was first told by George Cansdale (who was once the Superintendent of Copyright 2011-2018 I read the story in Sally Franklin's 'The Complete Siamese'. Life with Siamese Yes, really! When two Siamese kitties living at the Dutch embassy in Moscow, Russia began scratching at a wall, their owner suspected they were reacting to a noise that couldn't be detected by the human ear. As we learn, his life changed a lot when he died as a teenager, and long years of boredom started in his tomb with only his pet monkey Fingers and his treasure for company. He was right—30 small microphones were discovered behind the wall. Affiliate Disclosure  . starred Siamese cats. I also paint cat art - if you want to check out my work, you can do so by clicking here. Find the book at  and Photograph copyright by Kruglovorda at Dreamstime. Of course she needed to take off her jewelry before going into the water, and as her beautiful Siamese cat was with her always, she slipped the rings into its tail. Contact. further information please see our Privacy Policy. Not a bad gig, huh? One of the famous cat legeds about the Siamese is the famous story of the golden goblet that explains the eyes and tail of the Siamese. Following birth and being exposed to the cooler atmosphere for a few weeks, Siamese kittens will start to develop pigment around their faces, tails, and paws. Original Siamese cats often had a kinked tail. Of all the Siamese cat legends and stories, this is one I would love to believe! subside, many of the animals got bored, and a liaison took place between an ape and a lioness. What do the cat legends tell about the sapphire blue eyes of the Siamese cat? Because the womb is very warm and blocks the cat's color gene from reaching her fur. Meezers in film, song and story, How Sagwa, the Chinese Siamese cat, got her black paws. as pets these days, but legends are legends…). Well, a war host came to rob the temple where the Siamese cats lived. helped prevent a fictional kidnapping, two real-life Siamese cats helped foil espionage back in the 1960s. And of course sh egot tired, when Tuen did not return, and had to sleep. What are British Longhair Cats like as pets? The search for the mythical Watchers, the angels who fathered the Nephilim, the half-angels. Once upon a time in the ancient kingdom of Siam (so the story goes) there came a period of war when all the men of the realm went off to defend their country. This would make them one of the oldest cat breeds in the entire world. Cats does not sell any personal information from this website.For The book is available at and (or if the cats thought someone was a threat to the monarch), they jumped down (Now this may sound cruel, but a hole had been made into the tomb to help the cat escape. We say the cats are just performing their security guard duties! Looking around for somewhere convenient to place her jewelry, she noticed that her favorite cat had crooked his tail for her benefit. I have here combined all the elements into one story. In fact, the entire plot of That Darn Cat! The male Siamese was called Tien, and the female Chula. They were finally born …… and all of them had inherited her crossed eyes and kinked tail!And to this very day, there are still some Siamese cats born with crossed eyes and kinked tails. The first book in an epic fantasy series based on human mythology. The information presented here is not intended to (Another version tells that the goblet was actually went missing and the cats found it. She waited and stared, stared and waited, and hoped that the men would return before her kittens were due.With all that staring, her eyes developed a squint and her tail became permanently bent from holding on to the goblet stem. Information provided on this website is not intended to replace professional advice. The more likeable version tells that the cat crooked its own tail  to keep the rings from falling. Genetics 101, right? Why? Privacy Policy  . If you have a Siamese cat (or have spent time around one), you know they're extremely talkative. On my other website he continues his stories about life in ancient Egypt. Among other Siamese cat legends there's an enchanting story that whimsically speculates on this! Sitemap  . He did meet some of the Egyptian gods, of course, and had fun scaring off tomb robbers, but it was mostly rather dull. There was a monk whose responsibility it was to make sure the goblet stayed safe, but he was too fond of alcohol and could vanish for days as a result, leaving only the cats to guard the precious object. Unfortunately, the smooth rings persistently slid down the cat's tail and seemed destined to be lost - until he cleverly crooked the tip of his tail, thereby holding them securely in place. But there's much, much more to Siamese cats than their mysteriously good looks! Several Siamese cat legends try to imagine how the breed might have got the kinked tails and crossed eyes that it's become known for. Many years ago in Siam (Thailand), the Siamese cat was a very exclusive feline.