Silvers and silver beige puppies can usually be identified by 6 weeks of age as their muzzle will show significant lightening when shaved. If you see a breeder make these claims, be wary. When I was very young my best friend’s father bred poodles and he always told me poodles colors don’t mix. I have had Standard Poodles for almost 40 years. People are often surprised to find out that poodles don't only come in solid white or solid black. They will have a limited registration, but if you want them registered you pay $500 more. Sable refers to dogs that have black-tipped hairs, whilst the base of the coat may be different colors. It is not recommended to purchase any Poodles who have this coat. I had a black standard who was the sweetest girl ever.Now I have chocolate standard, and I think the wives tale is true, she is a very mischievous.. You should be able to have a conversation with any trustworthy breeder about the possible coat colors any puppy may have. A sable dog can be nearly solid cream, or appear agouti. It’s important to keep in mind that this coat color may fade with age. Silver is a progressive greying version of black and can range from a grey to a platinum silver shade. A dog’s overall temperament can be affected by a lot of things, such as their upbringing and training. Neural crest cells contribute to a wide variety of tissues and organs and have to be \"told\" what their fate is. Red Poodles are especially desired due to their rarity. The litter was 4 blacks and 2 whites. I have had many poodles in the past, most being black. In order for a dog to express brindle it must have either two copies of brindle (Kbr/Kbr) or one copy of brindle and one copy of non dominant black (Kbr/ky). This characteristic is known to fade heavily as the Poodle ages. Hi I read somewhere that originally Poodles we’re all parti and then breeders decided to “remove” that characteristics through in breeding, less genetic variability is not good and can cause problems. At its simplest, every dog receives one coat color gene from each parent, giving the puppy a total of two. For example, if a dog has a black dominant coat color gene and a brown recessive coat color gene, the dog’s expressed coat color would be black. While there are two genes present, only one can be expressed as the true coat color that you would see in the dog. Most commonly, these dogs will just have a bit of white on their chest. For example, one gene may be a black coat, while another may be a brown coat. He went totally blind at 12 years old. He has a white eye and a golden eye. We hope to get a solid black male pup late September 2020. Our standard white poodle has a black Mom and white Dad. They can be black, blue, silver, brown, cafe au lait, silver beige, cream, apricot, or red. This page is a work in progress and more information and photos will be added over time. Do you know how many different Poodle colors there are? The pattern produced will depend on what the dog has on the A locus. For some reason in these dogs the pattern from the A locus leaks through and expresses in a unique way. The Happy Puppy Site is a participant in the Amazon EU Associates Programme, an affiliate advertising programme designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to, The Happy Puppy Site is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to When blue Poodles are born, their coat appears to be completely black, so much so that they are usually registered under that color. Patterns have existed in the breed from the beginning. A dog can carry no copies of this gene (S/S), one copy (S/s), or two copies (s/s). Certain coat colors do not equate with temperaments. Silver differes from blue in that it is thought to have two of the yet to be discovered progressive greying genes while blue has one. Recessive black is the least dominant in the series. In Canada, a lot of breeders gathered together and founded the Apricot Red Poodle Club. Armstrong, J., “Color Genes in the Poodle,” Department of Biology, Dea, C.O., 2014, “The Prevalence of Ocular and Auditory Problems in Homozygous Merle Dogs,” Szent István University, Schmutz, S.M., “Genetics of Coat Color and Type in Dogs,” University of Saskatchewan, Strain, G.M., 2012, “Canine Deafness,” Veterinary Clinics: Small Animal Practice, Vol. Red Poodles are particularly striking. Therefore, two recessive genes must be present in the dog for a recessive coat color to be expressed. This should white out as the dog ages. For this color to appear within the Poodle, the dog must carry two of the recessive brown coat color genes. They must also not have any genes silvering the coat into a different color. A brindle dog that is also phantom will only be striped on the tan points, and the body will still be the solid base color. You can see how you could breed two solid black dogs together who both happen to carry a copy of ky (KB/ky), and end up with a litter full of unexpected patterns! 42, Issue 6, pgs. Ticking in the white of the coat is acceptable but not preferred. If I’m upset about something, he right there to make sure everything is okay. The merle pattern can also cause deafness and various ocular disorders. This would be a parti colored dog that also had tan points, and within those tan points there would be striping. You can have a poodle of several colors and have a purebred poodle pedigree/genes. I’ve had four black standard poodles and my current guy is a red standard. Reviewing The Options. Apricot poodles can range from a light creamy orange color to a rich distinctively apricot color. The second is a gene known as Chinchilla, which if present, can again reduce apricot to cream. Mary .. It’s also important to avoid any Poodles that are shown to have a merle coat. Each gene can be either dominant or recessive. Black should be dark inky in color with few to no white guard hairs. The points on a silver dog will always be black. Required fields are marked *. White. Sable Poodles are not common. The genetics of this coat is again similar to that of the blue Poodle. The result could be ice white, a deep red, a puppy born dark red that fades to light apricot, and everything in between. The color tends to appear in apricot lines and seems to be due to the effects of another gene dubbed “rufus.”. As is the case with so many things surrounding the poodle, there is far more than meets the eye! Some Black Standard Poodle lines (family) are known to get toe cancer. It all depends on what the parent dogs both express and carry. Brown should be a deep brown, but may fade with age. It’s important to note that there are other gene pairs that can affect overall color. Don't miss out on the perfect companion to life with a purrfect friend. Full or partial saddles are acceptable, as long as they do not exceed the color proportion, but are not preferred. With SHAME.. years ago Poodle breeders were known to cull (kill) or give away multi color pups in a fasaude to keep their lines only of solid color. Solid Colors. While there is not much of a link between coat color and temperament, certain coat colors and patterns can cause health problems. There are many possibilities and combinations. This is one of the most sought out Poodle colors. Silver Beige and Cafe Au Lait are greyed versions of brown due to the progressive greying gene and range from a “cream in my coffee” color to a pale tan with a silver sheen. When did mixed colors become acceptable? ( actually of any color) from a reputable breeder who has done research & sire & dam have been health tested ! This color is, in fact, a dilution of the black coat. It is caused by a silvering gene present within an otherwise Black poodle. He doesn’t even mind sharing with his two kitty sisters. Otherwise, the dog is faulted. Although AKC will register them a Parti is disqualified from showing in Comformation. Black points are preferable. Red Poodle. Though these are the colors most  often seen in the AKC show ring, nearly every color and pattern is naturally occurring in the poodle breed. Although all were blacks as puppies, some turned blue or what I call “dirty blacks”. This gene seems to darken the apricot coloring into solid red and can be recessive. A dog that carries two copies of parti will have significantly more white, typically over 50%, but not always. This is one reason color testing is important. Another of the more common Poodle colors, black adds an air of elegance to an already dignified and proud breed. Copyright © 2018 United Poodle Association. The Committee of the United Poodle Association [UPA] reserves the right to decide in its absolute discretion what material of any nature including but not limited to articles and advertisements ("material") will be published onto this website. My current 2 are Silver Beige. Sable puppies change significantly as they grow. This isn't genetically possible, and oftentimes these dogs are in fact agouti, and may have characteristics of both a phantom and sable dog. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. That’s a myth. You can have a dog that is both parti and sable. Making a false claim such as this is uninformed at its best and a cheap marketing ploy at its worst. My male Charlie is a good example of this. Have you owned a Poodle in the past? Therefore, it is likely that many of these claims are based in superstition. Tuxedo is not a UKC term, however it is generally described as a white bib on the chest, that may or may not wrap all the way around the dog’s neck, a white belly that “should” touch the bib, making a continuous white area and white that extends from the belly down to the front and hind legs and paws. Brindle is fine streaked or striped effect or pattern of black or tan hairs in combination of accepted colors listed above. Certain poodles are sometimes mistakenly referred to as "phantom sables". These genes usually contain the blueprint for a certain color. This image demonstrates the wide color range that recessive red can produce. A dog that carries one copy of parti can have a variety of appearances. The opinions expressed in any material published herein are not necessarily those of the UPA. Despite this, these are rare Poodle colors. The UPA name and logos are the exclusive property of the United Poodle Association. Just one copy of dominant black (KB) will cause a dog to be black or brown. Then as they age, the color dilutes to silver, usually significantly in the first year of life. The next of our Poodle colors, blue is an intriguing coat color that gives Poodles a dignified appearance. While the information in this web site is believed to be true and accurate, neither the Officers, authors or members of the UPA can accept any legal  responsibility for any errors or omissions that may have been made. Poodles come in a variety of solid base colors. These differences in temperament have never been observed from a scientific standpoint. Among AKC show people, this pattern is also known as a Mismark. However, which one that is chosen to be expressed isn’t random; there are some mechanics behind it. While the outer coat appears blue, the hair at the root may be a different color. Can you tell me about this unusual colour. The Dad is a blue & white Parti. Poodle Coat Colors. Learn how your comment data is processed. Agouti poodles are breathtakingly beautiful. And are usually registered as such. It produces the pattern most commonly associated with breeds such as the doberman or rottweiler.