Are you implying that its only a digital limitation set in the electronics? Again, a limitation of the ANT+ and Bluetooth protocols, not a decision by Scosche or Valencell. It’s annoying to have to tell my Edge 830 that “yes, I really want to use the actual cadence sensor, not the Rhythm24” each and every time. When I look at the details of the acitivity on the FR935 there is no HR data shown, neither in Garmin connect. I’d hope something like fit file tools would work. And battery was down to one LED. Manually Close Your App: Exit the app and then double tap the iPhone home button. I can’t think of a platform offhand that does that…but I’ll keep pondering. I used to stop and then wait a few mins to see the right hr again, only to see it jump back up as soon as I start running. For the Rhythm24… no Android app… which means… no way to install a firmware update to fix what is broke. “The unit will adhere to the ANT+ FIT file transfer standard, which means that your existing Garmin watch can actually download the data after the fact.”, Yeesssssss. HR looks good during activities though. Comes with an adjustable band. Thread starter mprevost; ... Best review is available here: Scosche RHYTHM+ Dual ANT+/Bluetooth Smart Optical HR Band In-Depth Review ... Sep 19, 2017 #3 I have one, and it is excellent, as good as a chest strap. Depending on your Sport Mode it will contain, HR Data, Cycling, Running data. No matter how long I press the button. For roller skiing and walking I used the heat rate only mode while for runs the running mode. I would really like to measure my heart rate during these work-outs. Think my written reviews are deep? In our testing with the FIT Files, we have been able to combine HR Data with Cycling and other FIT Sport Modes. A short hour & a half easy ride. It’s a day 1 black version order. I’d love to be able to grab their 3.3+ firmware OTA, but if the current 3.0 iOS app doesn’t expose most of it’s features/fixes, then I don’t see the point! Much better than a chest strap! Try it in HR only mode (not ideal obviously if you wanted to use the cadence feature) and see if it makes a difference for now…. For instance I have a Suunto Ambit3 that has the chest heart rate strap which allows 3 hrs of swim time before the memory is full and having to download the data back to the watch. (and Amazon, I found a 5 dollar band with the word Piggy on it that works with my Tickr and while much less refined and velcro only on one end, works perfectly). I think I may see the R24 go up slightly more quickly and perhaps to be slightly slower in lowering, but always within that tight range. At this time, we do not have any details regarding the reason for delay nor an updated confirmed shipping date. App, but that did not help. Can you recommend a optical HR watch that is also good for HRV? Yes, the new app will replace the old app and work with Rhythm+ and Rhythm24. i think i’m ready to be done with chest straps except for maybe strength training and even then i’m cautiously optimistic the Rhythm 24 will be good enough. We’ll push it through the Rhythm Sync app. Can‘t help, but I find the „design“ so horrible. I have a newly developed issue with mine I haven’t seen anyone else mention – as of yesterday, it simply won’t charge. They’re known in the industry as one of the deepest groups on ANT+/BLE. Just ordered Polar OH1, Not sure whether I will move to Rhythm 24 now. 4 on the bicep and 4 on the forearm. What would be nicer is auto-recording when swimming is engaged…. Have you every experienced this, do you know why it’s happening and have you got any solutions to solve it? Seriously if anyone was thinking about buying it, just don’t, make yourself a favour and don’t buy it, just for the hassle is not worthy. The in-depth review/testing by DCRainmaker and a response from would certainly help. I guess I’ve always just figured it was an estimation, and not ever something I really worked from. I’m in your boat. I notice it bring up a page asking you to login to TP but it seems to be a sandbox and not the real TP production URL may be? But from talking to others in the industry, it’s pretty easy to pull out cycling cadence due to the movement. Orangetheory’s Beat Flex is a proprietary device that works specifically in Orangetheory gyms and is available to purchase at their locations all over the world. The nucleus of our health and fitness is the heart. I do Galloway “Run / Walk.” So in this instance, I ran 40 seconds, walked 25, repeat until done. this is a third-party app from google play called “nRF Connect”. So here is the most up to date list of products I like and fit the bill for me and my training needs best! I guess that i should have read the comments more closely before ordering it. Maybe then live HR under water would be possible? It first dropped out 6km into a run. I also tried to register my band, and it took me to the survey! Both Edge and Epix paired to the Garmin magnetless speed sensor and the PowerPod. It measured my heart rate accurately, and synced perfectly with both my Garmin 620 and Vivofit. All in all I’m happy. too many unanswered questions for me. Just to clarify on this: “even discounting the 5-10mins it needs to recognize my hr and not my running cadence.”. Had high hopes for this after having Rhythm but all issues reported and recent silence from scosche does look good. 3 workouts done so far… 1 strength training, 1 spin cycle, 1 outdoor run. I reckon it’ll be another mth “tops”, prolly sooner, but worst case 2mths…. And thus, you’d be able to take something like a FR920XT, wear the Scosche Rhythm 24 during a swim, and it’ll properly ask to download from that strap after the swim (assuming the planets align as planned). Will try the gadget on my biceps to see if that improves the readings. Steve, This device had an upside in that it reported To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don’t use a simple average. How does the Scosche 24 interact with my Fenix 5x on swims? Nevertheless, TE and HR readings are much better if I use Bluetooth rather than ANT+ with my Garmin 935. We are still working on the Android app and plan to release a Lite version by this weekend, and the full version by Aug 1. Of course, for a company like Scosche, announcing at CES is the right move as it’ll afford them fitness media coverage they probably wouldn’t have gotten elsewhere with a standalone announcement. Not sure, I’ll circle up with CT and see how precisely Scosche delivers it to them (I believe it’s separately to US and UK, versus just to US and then CT takes care of it globally). Junk software. Is it meant just for sport use or is it meant to be worn when less active? This is not a design issue. When the molten plastic flows around the charging contact pins, the flow splits around the pin and rejoins on the other side. ]. Come on Scosche !!! Jed, 3.01, for me, has just not been reliable. I had considered the Tickr-X, because it reads electrical pulses, and by many is considered the “gold standard” for wearables, especially in the high intensity range. link to polar working: Tomorrow my iFriend will lend me her iPhone to upgrade the iFirmware. But you can mix and match against any HR sensors in the database here. I’ve been waiting patiently for the Android app to come out. TIP: Start your Peloton App workout, pause it, then turn on your armband and connect the heart rate monitor to the app. I want to have one device to be able to use for both indoor and outdoor running. 6) Suunto Spartan Trainer Optical HR Sensor: Left wrist. Avoid detergents, chemicals, solvents, and abrasive materials. Many thanks all for sharing your experiences. So in efforts to combat the amount of emails I need to sort through on a daily basis, I’ve complied this “My Photography Gear” post for your curious minds! HRV turns the frequency on the sensor way up so has the most demand on the battery, but only for short periods of time under normal use. are blank (I’m not 100% sure, but it might need an apple watch to populate that data.). But even with the reduced feature set, I’ll probably be changing to the Wahoo TICKR fit. These issues have already been addressed with the Rhythm24. Right now only iOS is out, but a light version for Android should be out next week. I use it just with my Garmin FR610 with Ant+. My email from yesterday says within the first two weeks of May. Thanks. E) Also commented up here a fair bit, including personal e-mail addresses to e-mail if support is somehow failing (as it seems). So let’s take this thing out for a run, shall we? I’m also looking forward to seeing where they go beyond the stated specs. Are the straps very secure if we go for HIIT classes ? At that time, we discovered there was a problem with the gasket installation in the assembly process that allowed the gasket to twist when the covers were screwed together and if that occurred there would be water leakage if submerged. Click above for all the details. Linked here: link to Any insight on this latest news from Clever Training regarding this product? I don’t suppose they are going to surprise us by announcing this device will also store and playback music? Given what Scosche is doing, I’m not sure I can blame them for not putting in a good effort to get to the bottom of it. Does anyone associate the cracking with getting it sweaty? At the very least I’d like my unit to be upgraded to 2.62; From Scosche: For the Rhythm+ we have identified some issues in the 3.01 firmware when using Bluetooth and are working on a fix. If you still cannot pair with your Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE) HRM, contact Customer Support. Or will it be just Heart Rate as it would be with the HRM Tri? Plus, you'll be more awesome. I still have to use Bluetooth connection with my Garmin 935 though as if I do connection using ANT+ then dropouts massively appear (HR dropping reading to 70, then disappearing and then returning to the previous reading level). I am interested in taking it into the park for a run and an idea of how I’ll do in a 5 K. I usually run on an indoor device. Any ideas?? Yep this thing is NOT accurate on the bicep. Still cannot pre order here without being whacked with high shipping fees, it seems. I might have thought such range limitations would have to do with limitations of the sensing method (PPG: sensing thru the skin). The Rhythm24 has a heart rate only mode that has less demand on the battery. My Fenix won’t register any HR data from Rhythm 24. Again, is that by design? I tried using the Scosche app, but I was a bit confused that it doesn’t really “record” anything except with the clunky “start workout” option which creates a file that seems to be dated wrong (and I don’t know to fix that).