CPS workers tried to reach the Harts twice: once on March 23, 2018—three days before the crash—and once on the day of the crash. As a result, the aunt lost custody. The Hart family crash was a March 2018 murder–suicide by Jennifer and Sarah Hart, who murdered their six adopted children by driving the family's sport utility vehicle off a cliff in Mendocino County, California. Within months, all six children had been pulled out of the public school system for a year. "[24], In 2008, while the family was living in Minnesota, Hannah Hart was seen with bruises on her left arm, and when a teacher had asked about it, she said she had been hit by Jennifer with a belt. [22] The image became known as the "hug felt 'round the world. According to Abigail, Jennifer held Abigail's head under cold water and hit her. [1][2], Jennifer Jean Hart and Sarah Margaret Hart (née Gengler) were both from South Dakota; Jennifer originated from Huron, Sarah from Big Stone City. [28][27][31] The inquest was called to determine cause of death, but not any responsibility in the civil or criminal fields. [30] A 14-member coroner's jury unanimously ruled the case a murder–suicide. [24] Abigail at the time, along with some siblings, was enrolled in Woodland Elementary School, with the remainder enrolled in other schools of Alexandria Public Schools. said that the children were forced to raise their hands before speaking, could not wish each other a happy birthday, and could not laugh at the dinner table. [12] Jennifer worked miscellaneous jobs until she became a stay-at-home mom in 2006, while Sarah worked as a manager at a Herberger's shop in Alexandria,[8] and later at a Kohl's in Hazel Dell, Washington. [25] Friends of the family stated that children acted "scared to death of Jen" and like "trained robots". [5] She was promoted to professor in 2013 and became department head in 2016. "[24] Soon afterwards, Jen and Sarah found Hannah and brought her back home. [6] The two women attended Northern State University;[7] Sarah initially attended University of Minnesota for one semester before transferring and Jennifer had transferred from Augustana University. SARAH HART B i o g r a p h y When she was pregnant with her first daughter, one of Sarah Hart's many creative collaborators brought her a set of juggling balls, and taught her how to use them. [3] Both women majored in elementary education,[5] with the latter focusing on special education. When the authorities got involved, all children claimed that they had been spanked constantly and deprived of food. Jen later attempted to explain this by saying that Hannah was lying, that the children occasionally acted out because they were "drug babies," and that Hannah's biological mother was bipolar. She is a cheerleader in Paradise High School and is dating the quarterback Mark James. [21] She attempted to obtain permanent custody of the children, but the courts prevented her from doing so. This helped mask some of the problems in the family. [13], Prior to adopting their six children, Jennifer and Sarah Hart were foster parents to a 15-year-old girl. She is a professor of mathematics at Birkbeck, University of London and the Head of Mathematics and Statistics at Birkbeck. 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One Unthinkable Tragedy. The incident was supposedly over a penny. [20], One year later, Hannah reportedly told a school nurse that she had not eaten all day. [2] Her dissertation, Coxeter Groups: Conjugacy Classes and Relative Dominance, was supervised by Peter Rowley. When Jen herself was interviewed, she claimed that any family problems were the results of others not being tolerant to two lesbian mothers with six African-American children. The Official website of Sarah Hart: Musician, Songwriter, Speaker While drifting away from her family and friends, she started to adopt some of Mark's attitudes toward people: "being mean and judgmental, thinking she was better than them. [2], In 2020 she was appointed as Gresham Professor of Geometry in Gresham College. [15] A week prior to when the other children were due to arrive, the Harts dropped the 15-year-old girl off at a therapist appointment and the therapist informed her that the Harts would not be coming back to get her, saying the Harts were just not a good fit. Sarah B. Hart is a British mathematician specialising in group theory and sets of products; she has also written about the mathematics of Moby-Dick. 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She also starts drinking and her grades start to slip.