I mean we all know she was beautiful, but it didn’t look like her at all.”. He eventually pled guilty and was sentenced to 80 years in jail with the possibility of parole after 30 years. #mapit #hounews pic.twitter.com/4birKnqSWo, — Steve Campion (@SteveABC13) July 3, 2014, No charges have been filed against the singer. Neal’s lawyer, Chris Brown, told TMZ, “We are aware of the situation and are presently evaluating it.”, RIP Tony Thompson of @OfficialHiFive September 2, 1975-June 1, 2007 #Hi54Life pic.twitter.com/1XPm45YHXP, — THE REAL H-TOWN (@htown4life) June 1, 2014. You'll get the latest updates on this topic in your browser notifications. After more evidence was presented in the case, Neals bail was revoked, and he was sent to prison to wait to stand trial. They interviewed Catherine’s family about their lost loved one, and of course, the family downplayed the relationship, claiming something was off with Neal. “It was just the way he came, like you know, he was really stuck up — ‘You ain’t got no money, stop it.'”. Holly Hunter, née le 20 mars 1958 à Conyers (), est une actrice américaine.. Elle est révélée en 1987 dans Arizona Junior, face à Nicolas Cage, sous la direction de Joel et Ethan Coen.Elle mène alors une carrière entre téléfilms et films. He was part of the group, Hi-Five, who had a number one hit in 1991 with “I Like the Way (The Kissing Game).” Watch the hit video above. It’s unclear when the Martinez family will receive justice for Neal’s crime; he has another mental competency hearing in August of this year. “You couldn’t tell it was her,” Glenda said of the condition of Catherine’s body when she was discovered. Another member of the group, Tony Thompson, died in 2007 after inhaling freon. Russell Neal, a singer with the ’90s R&B group Hi-Five, has been charged with murder after his wife was found dead in their Houston apartment on Thursday. According to her family, Neal didn’t go to the police about the incident until two days after she was killed; their kids were locked up in a room in the house during the incident. The gossip site reports that Neal told cops his wife was dead in their apartment and that he needed a lawyer. Get push notifications with news, features and more. Video related to russell neal: 5 fast facts you need to know. In 2007, another member of the group, Tony Thompson, died after inhaling freon. Coyote Ugly Turns 20: Where Is the Cast Now? ©2005 - 2020 Singersroom. While in jail, he started to call himself Jesus Christ and has since been placed in a mental institution in Rusk State Hospital in Texas. Russell Neal est sur Facebook. Russell Neal Roderick Clark Toriano Easley Terrence Murphy Ricky Smith Andre Ramseur aka Dre Wonda: Hi-Five is an American R&B quintet based in Waco, Texas. Years prior, Neals brother Ronald was accused of murdering his wife and pleaded incompetence to avoid standing trial. Police officers then reportedly forced entry into the apartment and found Neal’s wife, Catherine Martinez, 24, lying dead under a blanket on the living room floor. The family also alleges the Neal was abusive. Credit: It turns out Neal was lying about his fat pockets and Catherine was said to be the one holding down their household. Courtesy RussNeal28. He was abusive to late wife Stovyne Neal, and after she filed for divorce, he attacked her in 2007. “There were bruises and scratches, and she would try to come to our house with makeup, and she would try and cover it up with makeup,” Catherine’s sister Glenda claims. En 1994, elle reçoit … During his visit, the former 90’s star told cops he and his wife had gotten into an argument and that she was in need of medical attention. Text us for exclusive photos and videos, royal news, and way more. She’d suffered multiple stab wounds and blunt force trauma, according to the TV station. “You would see the foundation, everything trying to cover up her eyes, but we would tell.”. Connect with us via social media below. Sad fall: Russell Neal, far right, performed as part of the 90s R&B boy band Hi-Five, which had two major hits including I Like the Way (the Kissing Game), which went to number 1 in 1991. Stay up to date on the latest vote tallies as compiled by The Associated Press' nationwide team, Princess Diana died when Harry was just 12 years old, The Sweetest Photos of Princes Harry with Diana, First-Time Voters Across the Country Share Why the 2020 Election Matters to Them. Houston police tell KHOU that Neal, 39, walked into the Harris County Sheriff Department building and said that his wife was dead in their apartment and, according to news reports, that he needed a lawyer. “There was something about him, his eyes, it was just something dark, so I didn’t like him from the get-go,” states Catherine’s sister Emy. Russell Neal from the group Hi-Five was arrested in Houston after his wife was found dead in their Houston home. “I was just hoping they had the wrong person because it didn’t look like her. If you would like to opt out of browser push notifications, please refer to the following instructions specific to your device and browser: Hi-Five Singer Russell Neal Charged with Wife's Murder. He is currently deemed incompetent to stand trial — this despite police reportedly stating that he knew what he was doing when he attacked his wife in 2014. Neal is alleged to have told cops his wife was dead and that he needed a lawyer. 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