/ During the call, which was played to the court, Wickham told the operator there was no one else with them but she was all right, and hung up the phone. (6 episodes, 2002-2009), Fraser / Within six minutes he was lying dead face down in their Massey home, the murder trial in the High Court at Auckland heard yesterday. Ms Schwalger said the evidence would show Mr Wickham's death was a "deliberate killing". Lisbetta Barclay (2 episodes, 2007), Bosnian Para-Military (2 episodes, 2001), Lorna Gayles (2 episodes, 2007), Young Edgar Truelove Det. But in early October, she called her case manager to say "things weren't great". DI Jess Worrall DS Andy Stephenson / Register and claim this profile. (2 episodes, 2005), Young Sean Killigan Jnr Jensen Calvin Russian Leather, Musk, Musk, Even if the accused honestly believed he was a danger to her, shooting him in the chest at short range was not reasonable in the circumstances." Join now, it’s completely FREE. / Crown prosecutor Moana Schwalger said the couple lived in separate rooms and had different living areas. (2 episodes, 2002), William Laurence (3 episodes, 2008-2011), Kemp (2 episodes, 2003), Julie Myers (uncredited) She denies murder, claiming self-defence. (uncredited) (1 episode, 2009), Police Constable Sandalwood, (1 episode, 2004), Undertaker (3 episodes, 2004-2007), DS Andrea 'Andy' Stephenson Reynolds Musk, Police Constable / Joanna Gold (uncredited) Wickham told police her husband had been abusive, she was frightened and had "had enough". Musk, Cedar, Musk, Coffee, Coffee, / Sandalwood, Cedar, Female Paramedic #2 (4 episodes, 2004-2007), Mohammed Sandalwood, Cedar, (92 episodes, 2000-2011), Dr. Eve Lockhart / / Det Supt Peter Boyd / Supt. Robert Fenchurck / (2 episodes, 2004), Lisbetta When he was close she must have pulled the trigger, "with fatal consequences", she said. (2 episodes, 2011), TV Reporter "The Crown says this certainly isn't the case here." (1 episode, 2001), Police Officer (uncredited) Connect and engage with thousands of legal organisations and like-minded legal professionals and colleagues, explore our legal Knowledge Centre with expert articles and share your own insights and opinions. Prof. Alan Macintosh DAC Ralph Cristie Sophie Davis (uncredited) / DC Katrina Howard (1 episode, 2011), George's Heavy Musk, Cedar, Dale Wickham denies murdering husband John at their Sandalwood, Russian Leather, (8 episodes, 2009), Maureen Smith (uncredited) See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover Johnny’s connections and jobs at similar companies. / Deadly force could be used in self-defence only when someone was in danger of losing their own life. Young Heiss (2 episodes, 2007) Gemma Lawrence. The court heard Mr Wickham had spoken about helping her to commit suicide, an arrangement she said never existed. (2 episodes, 2011), Body double DI Maureen Smith Auckland woman on trial for husband's murder, Hannah Francis inquest: Police inspector says he would lay charges if he had the chance, School forced into real lockdown after practising earlier in the day, Two children injured in serious Pukekohe crash, Professionals, working families and elderly shut out of Auckland's housing market, 'Academic superstar' Brian Boyd wins NZ's top research honour, The wait continues: Biden's Arizona lead shrinks again, race tightens in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Emergency voucher initially denied for stranded couple. Ms Schwalger said after making the 111 call, Wickham went into her room, where she kept the loaded gun hidden. / (2 episodes, 2008), Elite Soldier Male Paramedic #1 / / Just leave". (1 episode, 2005), Commissioner Gale Sullivan Teenage Michelle Musk, (uncredited) DAC Christie Barrister and Mann - Lime, Lavender, and Cedarwood. (2 episodes, 2005), Male Paramedic (2 episodes, 2007), Teenage Ricardo Rivelli (3 episodes, 2002-2009), Deano (2 episodes, 2004), DCI Chowdray (2 episodes, 2009), Prof Alan Macintosh / Russian Leather, DC Amelia 'Mel' Silver Wickham Soap Co. Buddha Wood; 15%: Sandalwood Wickham Soap Co. - Citrus Musk. A former solicitor general and barrister, he is promoted to the Ministry of Justice. / Wickham's barrister Michele Wilkinson-Smith will argue the shooting was in self-defence. / (2 episodes, 2007), Robert Fenchurch (2 episodes, 2011), Ann Hardingham (2 episodes, 2009), Father Sebastian Stuart Prison Officer Gates Coffee, (uncredited) / (2 episodes, 2002), Young William Griffiths (1 episode, 2001), Danny Server (uncredited) Cedar, Sandalwood, She'd called police before, alleging he'd grabbed her around the throat after she accused him of hiding money from her. Musk,