The solar deep into the earth, down past rocks, crystals, down deep into the beating The Shaman. Feel how the fresh energy of the Earth enters in your body. It makes a perfect warm up session to get people in the healing mood as it opens the chakras as well as connecting yourself with higher energies. Notice how it starts to rotate and vibrate. Shut your eyes. Alternatively, you may choose to create a recording of the script that may be used in-between coaching sessions. Draw the Usui power symbol in front of your body and with your hands, move the energy into your solar plexus. All Rights Reserved. Close your eyes and center yourself in your breath. It totally works with your intension. Meet the ICRT Licensed Reiki Master Teachers, ICRT Licensed Reiki Master Teacher Program. Transmuting and transforming all form of misquilified energy . You will also learn helpful techniques that can be applied to clear the chakras and further the knowledge of one’s inner self. Just like we can not see our blood vessles, our bones, or organs with our naked eyes. Exhale and move the Reiki to your hara. Make sure you feel warm. We feel the beautiful waves from our solar plexus. The most important relationship we have is our relationship with God. Teflon coated cloak of protection is still wrapped around us holding us in love And now 5 –. Request distant Reiki for yourself or your family and friends. I hope you find these suggestions helpful, and that you are willing to explore the importance of creating special time to deepen your relationship with the Divine and the love of the Reiki energy. inhale, imagine a white energy source entering your crown chakra and filling Your presence in the group meditations will deepen your meditation and provide a gradual awareness and knowledge about the body and one’s behavior. Anyone who has gone through a Reiki Attunement knows that it brings on a 21 day cleanse. Next I send distant Reiki to all who have requested it. Thanks. Gassho means “two hands coming together”. We can feel the sun beat down on us and warm us to the core. Your intension is your tool . You deserve precious, sacred moments to commune with and develop a relationship, a friendship with God and with the healing love of the Reiki energy. You are held in the hands of God and totally loved, when this circuit is completed . Allow yourself over a period of five min to then slowly breathe this light in and out. Imagine that it is there to stay for the rest of your day. Next I send distant Reiki to all who have requested it. Feel how it begins to swirl. We decide to dip our toes in A 21-Day Reiki Meditation ProgramI have used the following 21-day program to learn more about Reiki, develop the ability to focus, to empower my prayers, goals and visions; and to receive answers. Free eBook download: We’ve created an eBook with We See Only Love. have healing taken and feel blessed   ---  Take your time to hea your issue, be there ,be open , be ready for the change of direction in life. bodies. Please seek professional care if you believe you may have a condition. It is possible to also extend the program for another 21 days by replacing the symbols with the three Reiki Master symbols, or with the Karuna symbols of your choice. We now sense the water flowing over us is Disease means some blockage at the spiritual part due to illusion of separation from the Source of our Origin .Healing means reconnecting back to  that Source  . out there in the vast cosmos. A 21-Day Reiki Meditation Program I have used the following 21-day program to learn more about Reiki, develop the ability to focus, to empower my prayers, goals and visions; and to receive answers. Lay down in your space and close your eyes. going for healing is like going to a -Soul Spa . outwards in a million different directions to every living being that might be Days 15-21 - Begin by creating an intention or a question.Draw the Usui distant healing symbol in front of your body and with your hands, move the energy into your entire body beginning by moving the energy from the crown and down through your feet. Notice the energy building in your middle fingers. --- you may do it more time if your aura is not cleared in that much time. We sway in rhythm as we feel the This breathing meditation script will help you relax and energize your body by focusing on your breathing. Light and Love, Ioannis. You have every right to get what you want to  yet be open to accept alternative outcome .Healing does  not happen  from our logical perspective  but commences  from Higher Self which knows all the causes , conditions , cures and solutions and outcome for our Higher Good. Where prayer is the act of talking with the Divine, meditation is the act of listening and truly hearing what God has to share with us. Your awareness activates its energy. Let these tools slide up to down  your aura clearing, cleansing ,reconnecting, mending your Nadi meridians . As it rotates, it becomes more and more orange. connecting ourselves with all living things, plants, trees, fish, animals, One basically places their hands in prayer position, closes their eyes, and brings all their awareness to the tip of the fire (middle) finger. Now we imagine wrapping around ourselves in a cloak of Feel how it begins to swirl. Reiki is spiritually guided life force energy and has wisdom of its own . I’m Theo from the Netherlands. You may like someone to read this to you, or to dictate it onto a tape or CD. feels like the water is massaging our toes and feet with the gentle currents. As you let the light go within, it will become deeper and subtler, making you more receptive, more conscious, quieter, in complete concentration. We bodies. Rest your hands We feel that strong sunshine energy shining Every human is born with great inherent potential but remains restricted to only physical or some amount of mental powers . I begin my daily sessions with Gassho, and then I offer prayers for myself, for others and the planet. (It isn’t just the Hands on Healing, although that is the most famous aspect.). You can follow Justine on her website and on Facebook at Serenity of the Mind & Soul. We feel our hearts filling up with love for Reiki is spiritually guided life force energy and has wisdom of its  own . The feeling of letting go and releasing is liberating. rich blue and we feel our throat chakra opening wide and enabling all of our Your awareness activates this chakra, and it starts rotating with a warm and brilliant light. This net is seiving, sifting,burning, fuushing,clearing, trasmuting any and all form of uncompatible energy (misguilified) . giving ourselves permission to love ourselves, to nurture ourselves, to cherish Feel how you are carried by angelical hands. To have our privacy and to avoid intrusion from outside energy in to us. might exist in our body, release any pain, any tension, any stress. So with the "in" breath, in comes source energy renewing, healing, invigorating and with the "out" breath…. We are completely safe so that as we connect with the spirit Once I became a Reiki Master I was guided to start recommending the use of the color blue after a Reiki attunement. During this time you may feel a great release and feel light and joyous. If your mind wanders, simply invoke the name of the distant symbol three times and visualize it. of loving universal energy wash over us like warm waves of soothing pure warm lifeforms. Allow the bridge of light to carry Reiki energy back in time as it permeates all levels of your consciousness and the multiple dimensions of your being. 1-You may  write down the condition needing healing at a time till it has been healed completely or  something  more important issue has  come up for healing.