The elf Idris will appear but will shortly be killed by Morvran and Essyllt. Return to the Elf Camp and report to Lord Iorwerth, who will give you a crystal pendant. Other: Be able to defeat a level 84 guard. Here's a helpful map of the area for your reference, showing the paths and traps. If you trigger the trap while doing so, you'll be damaged and poisoned. If you don't yet have limestone but did bring a pickaxe, head east from the elf camp now to mine some. NOTE: Unlike the Underground Pass quest, you will have opportunities to bank throughout the quest. From the leaves, head slightly south and continue slightly south-west past the musician until you reach a sticks trap. Talk to General Hining in the camp. He'll ask you for proof that you are to be trusted. Tripwires are armed across two close rocks, flanked by four crossbows aiming at the trespasser. Noting the book Iorwerth gave you, he tells you to use his still to create the required mixture; use your barrel of coal-tar on the fractionation still outside his house. You will see an altar where you can pray to recharge your prayer, and an obelisk to restore your summoning. After receiving the message, go and talk to King Lathas in Ardougne Castle in East Ardougne. When attempting to enter the castle, you'll be approached by an elf. However, you can mine it in the Elven region if you wish. Click to follow the tracks a few steps west of the tracker near the blue mushrooms. After the messenger gives you a message, go to King Lathas in his castle in East Ardougne. If you do not have a cooked rabbit, make your way east towards the tracker to kill one. He directs you to meet up with his tracker, who can guide you to the Tyras Camp. Elf Talk to King Lathas again after receiving the King's Message. ), Additional Items for Underground Pass Method: a Rope, Bow, Arrow, Spade, Hatchet, and a Plank. The Return Trip However, you cannot pass through these until later in the quest when an elf tracker teaches you the skill. We must discuss your next commission. You can also bring a spit roast made from an iron bar to make rabbits heal even more. Rag and Bone Man (Rag and Bone Man (Part Two)). Jump them (there aren't any rabbits here so take plenty of food for your trip back). Continue past it towards the east until you find some jump-leaves. Turn the valve on the left to the second tick (in the middle) to halt the pressure in the green zone. Tirannwn, Land of the Elves An extra barrel of naphtha is needed for Mourning's End Part I, so if you plan on completing that quest, avoid making an extra trip to the camp and grab a few spares in case you make a mistake later. Next, grind the quicklime with a pot in your inventory (one can be bought from the general store in Rimmington) to get a pot of quicklime. Follow the instructions in our Underground Pass quest guide until you reach the large open room near Iban's temple. Hence you must now devise a plan to kill Tyras inside his tent. Go back to the footprints and walk through the dense forest. It is recommended to bring some food for healing in case you fall down in the Pass. If you kill the guard, continue to the west. Recommended: High-healing Food, 1-2 stamina/energy potions, coins to buy food in the Pass, combat equipment to defeat Tyras guard. You can see this on the green status bar along the bottom. 11. He tells you that the King doesn't ever entertain an audience and sends you on your way. It will automatically go into your pot. We are at the edge of the astral world when we sleep, and some can even enter it: astral projection 5d world - Where most of us go when we die 6d + worlds - … They will tell you to go to a camp north-west. Talk with him and he will refuse to help unless you can prove you were sent by Lord Iorwerth. If you think you'll be testing some stuff yourself, take 2 of them. Pass the sticks and head north. She'll let you read the scroll. Now use your teleport runes or glory amulet to get back to the civilised world. {"difficulty":"[[File:Master.svg|7px|Master|link=]] Master","kills":"* [[Tyras guard]] (level 54)","name":"Regicide","items":"* Items to get through the [[Underground Pass (dungeon)|Underground Pass]] (other items can be banked until the lodestone is active):\n** A [[bow]] (not the [[crystal bow|crystal]], [[zaryte bow|zaryte]], [[boogie bow|boogie]], or [[quickbow]])\n** [[Arrows]] (Excluding [[dark arrow|dark]], [[broad arrow|broad]], [[ice arrow|ice]], [[fragment arrows|fragment]], [[ogre arrow|ogre]], [[brutal arrow|brutal]], and [[god arrow]]s)\n**A [[plank]] (can be obtained in the underground pass)\n** 1-5 [[rope]]s (you won't necessarily use all of them)\n* [[Limestone]] ([[limestone brick]]s will not work)\n* 6-30 pieces of [[coal]] (coal in an [[orebox]] will not work)\n* An empty [[pot]] (can be obtained in the elf camp)\n* A [[strip of cloth]] (made by using 2 [[ball of wool|balls of wool]] on a [[loom]])\n* A [[cooked rabbit]] (can be obtained from charter traders or in [[Tirannwn]] after killing a [[rabbit]] and cooking the meat)","start":"After randomly receiving a message from [[King's messenger|King Lathas's messenger]] (typically, this happens about 15 minutes after completing [[Underground Pass]]).