I am a US citizen. It's dramatic and he's a pretentious douchebag but it's worth a read. Antigua and Barbuda have two Carib MD schools that have a combined match rate of 46%. What made you decide on saba, rather than any of the other Caribbean medical schools? Because they cannot get into a US MD. The smaller programs outside of the Big 4 are so widely bad and have a match rate around 30%. Ross has a match rate of 54% among US-IMGs. Saba looks like a jungle with a med school plopped in the middle of it. Here are how IMGs are fairing getting interviews. My doctor back in the US is from the caribbean and she did her residency at Yale. By large most of these programs are unfilled for a reason. It was neat visiting a foreign country but the living situation is much more difficult than in the US. Remember, if you're in the 30-50% who don't match, you're looking at crushing debt and an inability to practice as a physician. They had a tuition I could afford and a great Step pass rate. Someone with a Step 1 in the 250s is applying family medicine from a Carib top 4 and only received 5 interviews. I think I made the right choice, but I was not prepared for the difficulties of medical school, especially Carib med school. Don't let the ego's of some of the mainland medical student's get to you - that's an embarrassing way to approach the world, and aside from the basic sciences (which you take in the Caribbean) you'll be taking the same STEP 1 & 2 as them, same clinical rotations in the hospitals for years 3 and 4 and the same licensing board exams. Would you recommend someone to apply Caribbean? That quote is so hilariously entitled lmao. On island, living expenses are usually 5-600 dollars rent per month and groceries are somewhat more expensive than home. Not good at all. They're in extremely undesirable locations in undesirable specialties. I was on an internal medicine rotation at a county hospital in our city, and this resident told me that he went to a "top 10" under grad program, didn't mention the name, and that he had multiple MD and DO acceptances but chose to go to the carribean because "Adventure." Ok so not too bad when you consider the 952 number. Well how do they match? It's dramatic and he's a pretentious douchebag but it's worth a read, This is another blog titled "Why SGU may not be for you", Here's a discussion in r/medicalschool about going Caribbean. Here is a famous blog by a Caribbean student. Now she's finishing up a GI fellowship and a top program and getting starting offers for like 400-500k. However, the 952 entering students can't be a part of the students being held back just yet, so years 2-4 you have an average of 1,400 students per class. It's like that for a reason. What are you other living costs? This is another blog titled "Why SGU may not be for you". Here is Gonnif's advice from SDN. Not only that, but some of these schools are in the 30-40% range OVERALL. A lot of people focus on the match % and the overall numbers that they completely neglect where these students are matching and in what fields. It's always funny to me that the ones who think they're so "smart" can't even see how their prestige chasing just exposes the fact they have a myopic and stunted perspective of the world, and that they look like idiots). Etc. If so, how would you justify it? AUC was disorganized when I was applying while saba was on point, so I went with saba. Now whether they can get into a US DO is uncertain-- I have seen many people, including one of my friends, who was perfectly competitive for DO opt to go to a Carib MD chasing the MD. Discover if this path to medicine is a good option.