1997-07-02 StashParadiso, Amsterdam, Netherlands. “It’s Ice” “Drowned” “Dirt” 185. Groovy, forceful and driving. You could hear it at various moments on each night, but on the last night, while the sun was setting in this sublime beach setting, he brought that new tone to full effect in this wonderful Everything's Right. 195. “If I Could” An almost thirty-three minute Piper, surrounded by other great jams. “Dave’s Energy Guide” And since we’re entirely volunteer – with no office, salaries, or paid staff – administrative costs are less than 2% of revenues! This segment from Maine features patient jamming with spectacular results. Access hundreds of high fidelity Live Phish concerts at legendary venues. Polyrhythmic Afrorock builds to an explosive peak in this potent instrumental kick starter from Farmhouse. Modern art, marriage, and urinary catheterization combine in this corn-poppingly anxious track from A Picture of Nectar. 33. This Ghost encapsulates Phish's transition into fall 1997 cowfunk. 326. 282. The salient facts are that this is a song with (a) a blatant drug reference and (b) a minimum of white-boy reggae rhythms, which makes it about as good as a Phish song gets. 173. 2011-08-05 Roggae, Rock & Roll -> Meatstick -> However, the reality is that the model (like us humans) is very good at learning the songs that occur in a few particular patterns and pretty bad at the rest. 69. “Fire” (Jimi Hendrix) “Saw It Again” — A horrible sense of recognition characterizes this punk-rocking studio escapee. While Phish fans have compared this jam to the Dead's Dark Star, I see it as having more similarities to Reba, Wingsuit and The Curtain With; a jamming style that is always in short supply and thoroughly welcomed here. Unlike the other long Simple of 2017, this one explores more creative and dark spaces. “My Mind’s Got a Mind of Its Own” (Butch Hancock) Boogie on Reggae WomanGorge Amphitheater, George, Washington. 228. 53. “Albert” Consequently, this is a very difficult problem to model. An energetic third-quarter at this stellar show crescendos with a multi-faceted Carini - peaks, ambient space and darkness abound. 191. “Piper” 135. 1998-04-05 Ya Mar -> Prince Caspian -> Maze -> ShaftyProvidence, Rhode Island. 40. “Army of One” Phish channels the sublime in this Undermind sailor’s song attached to the sort of floating groove no other band so instinctually evokes. Songs like “Liquid Time” (275) and “Time Turns Elastic” (19) reflect a temporal fluidity that can make minutes appear like hours and vice versa. So the first two verses are about our daughters, while the second two became about Kristy.” This song actually isn’t tolerable, but I need to mention it here, because the lyrics about bagging it, tagging it, and selling it to the butcher in the store are still burned into my brain. Unlike the vast majority of music artist’s live performances, for Phish, most events aren’t planned. “So with meaningless excitement/ And smooth atonal sound/ It’s like a cross between a hurricane/ And a ship that’s run aground.” Phish never came closer to characterizing their peculiar allure than in these lines from a deeply funky account of Anastasio and Fishman’s first encounter. I often wake up in the morning with this melody itching to be played. Likewise, anyone who considers Phish merely a delivery system for endless jams is missing the forest for the trees. “46 Days” 2012-08-31 UndermindDicks Sporting Goods Park, Commcerce City, Colorado. This Ruby Waves became the longest jam in the band's 3.0 period and the seventh longest in the band's entire history. 76. Vanity Fair may earn a portion of sales from products that are purchased through our site as part of our Affiliate Partnerships with retailers. I had always been waiting for Phish's cover of TV On the Radio's Golden Age to go somewhere. “Sample in a Jar”, This is a rare Phish song that you could imagine being played on the radio. “Twenty Years Later” — “Not one of my favorite lyrics,” says Marshall. 2018-12-30 Everything's Right -> Plasma -> Light, Split Open and MeltMadison Square Garden, New York, New York. “Emotional Rescue” (Jagger/Richards) 1998-04-03 Mike's Song -> Weekapaug Groove, Reba, But this final night of their late summer Magnaball Festival ended with a secret fourth set, in which Phish played a nearly hour-long instrumental jam. 291. 1999-12-07 Halley's CometCumberland County Civic Auditorium, Portland, Maine. 81. The centerpiece of Los Lobos’ 1992 masterpiece Kiko might have been written for Anastasio, who always reveals new shadows—and unintended tour metaphors—in its broken-hearted sentiments. 30. 2015-08-12 Harry HoodThe Mann Center for the Performing Arts, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Some of these sections include "Clod", "The Chase", "Who Do? 218. 65. The often unpopular Soul Planet is at the center of this brilliant second set segment from one of the best runs of Summer 2018. 87. A huge and creative Ya Mar, the second song of the first night of the It Festival, sets the tone for one of Phish's best festival weekends. 305) and the frightening “Happy Whip and Dung Song” (303). For that reason, this architecture is well suited to learn the sequential nature of our setlist modeling problem. 167. 2018-08-04 Crosseyed and Painless -> Soul Planet -> A Song I Heard the Ocean Sing -> PiperVerizon Wireless Amphitheatre, Alpharetta, Georgia. “And So to Bed” “Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It” (Will Smith et al.) 312. “Roses Are Free” (Ween) Recorded for Undermind but unreleased until the Party Time disk that accompanied Joy’s deluxe package, this hilarious barbershop-harmony commentary on girl watching was the final song Phish recorded — separately — prior to breaking up in 2004. 100. The greatest biology-inspired rock song ever written by a bunch of smart-ass (Princeton Day School) eighth-graders. © 2020 Erik Gauger. “Free” Hands-on real-world examples, research, tutorials, and cutting-edge techniques delivered Monday to Thursday. “Rock and Roll Part 2″ (Gary Glitter/Mike Leander) Tom Marshall's lyrics perfectly compliment the music, and just roll off the tongue, which is very rare for a Phish song. Either way, the band lights up Watkins Glen with a jam for the ages. They took this challenge so seriously that they installed bathrooms on stage and hired security guards who were ordered to keep them from leaving the stage. After a few years working as a data scientist in industry, I set out to uncover the statistical patterns hidden in Phish’s song choices and build a model to predict what songs are coming next. The rest of this segment oozes with creativity, especially the Reba. 127. The Down with Disease especially soars, and the fact that the band finds no desire to reach a crescendo or peak makes the jam all that more compelling. 310. Lawn Boy is known as one of Phish's shortest songs. Marshall’s favorite element solidifies and threatens in this remarkable Rift meditation on reality and illusion. 2003-02-28 Bathtub GinNassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Uniondale, New York. 63. “Bold as Love” (Hendrix) 88. A good example of this is “Cold as Ice” > “Cracklin Rosie” > “Cold As Ice”; which was played 46 times between 1992–1995 and only 4 times since. I've sometimes heard this referred to as the Tweespian, other times as the Magna Caspian. I think it's the best piece of improvised music ever created live by anybody. 159. 287. Not exactly. The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit’s acronym stands in for “and I see you” in this perky early-’90s country-and-reggae number with a nifty sing-along chorus. 231. This song has a simple premise. 38. This show was recently released as an archival release by Phish. 57. 303. This final night, centered around a Glazed Donut theme, featured an amazing Simple, which featured weird and funky synth effects by Page McConnell, as well as the rare use of his Soviet theramin instrument. 229. 181. 160. “Mound” These amazing segments first and second-set segments, including a brilliant drawn-out Drowned, are among the best live material before Phish called it quits. 14. A huge improvement would be to incorporate categorical data (era, venue, year, album, etc.) “Cars Trucks Buses” 213. Mercury -> You Sexy ThingMadison Square Garden, New York, New York. 10. This night was jam-filled donuts, and Phish took Lawn Boy into outer space. “Axilla” (Part II) “Sparks” (Pete Townshend) “Scent of a Mule” “Shrine” — “I worship the ground Jon Fishman walks on because of his lyrics to ‘Gumbo,'” says Marshall while explaining this odd ditty about a homicidal stalker. “Daniel Saw the Stone” (Traditional) 31. 297. “Vultures” — “Like ‘Walls of the Cave,'” Marshall says, “Trey played piano and I played recording engineer when we wrote this. 120. 193. “Shine” (Ed Roland) Urgent Talking Heads-influenced afrorock drives Marshall’s vividly ambivalent mid-’90s take on the Phish scene. 13. It's pretty easy to say you can stick with the original Stevie Wonder studio cut, but the strength of this 21-minute cover is a mellow percussive rhythm that climaxes into firey melodic playing. 114. Slave to the Traffic LightIrvin J. Nutter Center, Dayton, Ohio. “California Love” (Tupac Shakur) “Steep” “Wading in the Velvet Sea” Each band member steps up for a little lyrical self-reflection on this heady shuffle before going about their artistic business of “provoking dreams that don’t exist.”. Segments from the first and second sets of this night of the Island Tour are twin masterpieces. The jam goes through several movements, beginning with about seventeen minutes of wandering, and then a turn towards a, can I even say this? The Tube is easily one of the best from 1997, but it has a false-stop, and starts all over again as a lyric-free jam. 324. “Sleeping Monkey” "Shafty" was once called "Olivia's Pool", and featured a different arrangement. Beautiful jams from the northwest. 243. “Foam” The recurrent nature of RNN’s enable the sharing of information across time steps allowing learned knowledge to persist as a state of “memory” in the network. 277. “Back on the Train” For instance, the middle section of "Guelah Papyrus" was sometimes played by itself under the name "The Asse Festival". layers, LSTM units) doesn’t necessarily equate to more potential for learning and makes the model much more prone to overfitting. 321. 156. Phish has only played this escapee from Trey’s solo group once, expanding his minimal lyric about dreams and streams into a 45-minute saga with multiple deviations. 2003-08-02 Down with Disease, WavesLoring Air Force Base, Limestone, Maine. “Kung” The Twist, from the second set, is equally mesmerizing. 1998-04-05 You Enjoy MyselfProvidence Civic Center, Providence, Rhode Island. “Esther” Another means for improvement (or at least improved relevance), could be to exclude the first ~10-15 years of data. “What is the central theme to this everlasting spoof?” asked fellow Goddard student Richard “Nancy” Wright, who wrote this joyously demented doo-wop/rock hybrid Phish has been playing since 1986. 146. “The MOMA Dance” “Simple” Ad Choices. 188. This Theme from the Bottom doesn't waste time moving into pure hose. 196. 102. 83. Phish.net. This show at the Mothership was a turning point for Phish's 3.0 era; suggesting a robust future for the band. “Halley’s Comet” 293. 2019-07-14 Mercury -> Ruby Waves -> TwistAlpine Valley Music Theatre, Elkhorn, Wisconsin. “555” With its “Batman”-theme breaks and its breakneck piano and guitar soloing, Rift’s urgent “Maze” is as labyrinthine as its title suggests. “Good Times Bad Times” (Jimmy Page/John Paul Jones/John Bonham). 198. This twenty-seven minute Ghost personifies the hallmark ambient-groove sound of the 1998-2000 era.