SlaveryMass murder and imprisonmentKidnapping. - Keiraku Hakō: The pressure points Hyoh can hit and their effects include; VS Battles Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. WarlordMartial artist While Han and Hyoh hold off Toki, Shew, Ryuga and Juda, Raoh and Souther confront Kaioh himself.

Certo, puo attaccare per primo e mandare a segno anche un colpo vincente, pero, secondo me, Hyo non esiterebbe un secondo a sfoderare l'AT dall'inizio e a questo punto per Raoh ci sarebbe poco da fare. Posted on 8/1/2013, 19:08 Raoh noticed the misfiring and took his anger out on his men.

The identity of his parents has never been made clear, but he has an older brother named Hyoh. Amiba | Amon | Balcom | Baran | Baron & Junk | Baruda | Bask | Beron | Boltz | Boogal | Buro | Buron | Buzori | Cain | Club | Colonel | Dagar | Dante | Diamond | Dog Master Galf | Dolphy & Zenda | Falco | Gades | Gaiya | Gallon | Gaoh | Garekki | Garou | Geira | Geld | Gelga | Gibara | Glen | Gojiba | Goram | Gorath | Goum | Habaki | Habu | Hakka & Riron | Han | Heart | Hiruka | Igor | Jackal | Jacob | Jado | Jagi | Jakoh | Jemoni | Jirai | Joker | Jugai | Kaioh | Kaiser | Kemada | Kiba Daioh | Kogure, Guzuri, Jira & Naburi | Koketsu | Kokuoh | Madara | Mahari | Morgan | Mt. E' probabile che i due abbiamo sviluppato il matouki in maniera differente.

After the final battle, Raoh proclaimed that he had no regrets in his life before sending his remaining life force into the sky, restoring light to the world. I see what you mean and in any case you got the mood quite right.

List of Souten no Ken Regenesis characters, Fist of the North Star (1995 live-action film), Shin Kyūseishu Densetsu Hokuto no Ken: Kenshirō Den, Shin Kyūseishu Densetsu Hokuto no Ken: Raoh Den Junai no Shō, Shin Kyūseishu Densetsu Hokuto no Ken: Raoh Den Gekitō no Shō, Hokuto no Ken: Shinpan no Sōsōsei Kengō Retsuden, Contents[show] Origin In the 1970's, Kenshirō was born in Land of Asura] to the Hokuto Sōke family.

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He is the oldest adopted son of Ryuken, the elder brother of Toki and Sayaka and the younger brother of Kaioh. Hyoh is the Second Rashō, and Kenshiro's elder biological brother.
His name became synonymous with the star Bōkyōsei(暴凶星,Violent Evil Star).

Hegemonic Tyrant, Conqueror of the Century's EndKen-OhFist King, Superhuman strengthSuperhuman durabilitySuperhuman resilienceSuperhuman reflexesSuperhuman staminaSuperhuman sensesExcellent tactCharismaLeadership through strengthAbility to weaponize fighting chiVast territories and military under his command. HOKUTO NEMESI ->> STORIA ALTERNATIVA DEL MANGA ORIGINALE- LA NEMESI DI KENSHIRO, CHI SARA' MAI? Raoh then put her in a coma to slow the radiation's effect on her body.

Raoh then vowed that he would master all martial arts and rule the heavens.

Fist of the North Star His name became synonymous with the star Bōkyōsei (暴凶星, Violent Evil Star). In questo caso Hyoh vincerebbe. Since he has Musou Tensei at this point, he'll use every technique used by Juuza, Souther, Shuu, Hyoh, Rei, possibly Yuria, and especially Ken and Toki. 1 Summary 2 Powers and Stats 3 Gallery 4 Others Raoh is the eldest of Ryuken's adopted sons, the biological brother of Toki and Kaioh. After Kenshiro became the 64th successor, Raoh decided to make his dream into an ambition. After Baran is defeated, Kenshiro leaves Ryu in Balga's care. Raoh's lifeless body was buried alongside that of Toki's. A questo punto a voi al parola. I am a Cloud! Upload stories, poems, character descriptions & more.

Subjugating and annexing territories.

Già, dimenticavo: Raoh non sa nulla e neanche vuole sapere dell' hokuto ryuken, anche perchè ritiene al sua forza sufficiente ad uccidere chiunque. Hokuto Renkitōza is a FANDOM Anime Community. But with the new movies and game Raoh having white hair and Souten no kens Liu Zong Wu having white hair (basically Raohs uncle or something probably cause exact same face) I figured I'd just give Kaioh white hair too since it is most likely the same color as Raoh and Liu Zong-Wu. - Hokuto Sōke no Ken: The original martial art of the Hokuto line. Round 2: … Round 1: Kaioh cannot remove his armor and does not know Southers secret.

Not if he knows Musou Tensei AND utilized it to a point where Kaioh's Ki beams do only shit to him. HOKUTO 198X : LE GIOVANI PROMESSE DEL FATO... ( ANCORA DA ULTIMARE), SAGA DEL SESTO GUERRIERO DI NANTOIL PRINCIPE DI NANTO: KYOSHI LA LEGGENDA DEL SAMURAI D'ARGENTOHNK IL RITORNO: IL RUOLO DELL'IMPERATORE, Nanto Shinsen = La storia della branca deviata di Nanto. " Hokuto Renkitōza is a FANDOM Anime Community.

Kill Kenshiro (formerly).Conquer all martial arts (succeeded).Build his own empire and rule it with an iron fist (succeeded).Liberate the Land of Asura from the oppression of his older brother (succeeded via Kenshiro). Già, con Hyo lo scontro sarebbe tesissimo. Raoh cannot use Musou Tensei Round 2: Kaioh removes his armor and knows Southers secret.

And up until the very end, I was still Juuza the Cloud!

Ken-Oh ended his fight with Rei easily by striking his Shinketsushu pressure point, causing all of Rei's blood to hemorrhage out of his body.

After the destruction of Cassandra Prison, Raoh went to Mamiya's village to challenge Rei, then Kenshiro.

Unarmored As opposed to his pacifist younger brother, Raoh was driven by an intense ambition from an early age. Posted by 2 months ago. When they met, Ryuken originally wanted to train one of the two brothers, but Raoh demanded that he take both of them under his wing. Unlike Kaioh, while he is a user of Hokuto Ryū Ken, he is much more …