SUSPENSION. Take the new filter with plastic surround from our kit and fit 0-ring in to the outer plastic part. The electric motor drives a crank with an eccentric pin to which a connecting rod is attached. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. << /Length 4 0 R /Filter /FlateDecode >> Oem Land Rover Discovery /RR Sport Oem Hitachi & Dunlop Aftermarket unit  or Oem Hitachi & Dunlop Aftermarket unit in the boot/trunk Range Rover L322 2005-20011 . This is a guide for how we carried out this quick repair to elevate the suspension fault. navigating back to us on the ebay system in the future can sometimes be a hit or miss experience as the ebay searching system can change on a hourly/daily basis. The valve is pneumatically operated, responding to air pressure applied to it to overcome pressure from a spring located behind the valve. When the air springs are deflated, the exhaust air also passes through the air dryer, removing the moisture from the unit. By clicking accept, you agree to our conditions as per our, Mitsubishi Evo 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 AYC pump flow diagram, Honda, Civic, Integra, DelSol, Prelude OBD1 ECU pinout P28 P30 P72 P73 Type R CTR ITR wiring diagram, Guide to getting an MSA race licence ARDS, Honda K series coil on plug COP wiring diagram pinout how to. AUDI® 5 Ashton Road 2 0 obj Axles and Wheels. The connecting rod has a piston which fits in the bore of the compressor. This could be from a number of things, such as a solenoid fault, but from our experience, there is usually a problem with the filter. Insert metal filter back in to filter unit, if metal filter was refitted with nut and bolt rather than rivet ensure the bolt side is pointing outwards rather than damaging the felt filter below. The cookies we use are to improve your experience. One or more of these errors: “Suspension error only normal height available” “Suspension fault; pressure not rising quick enough” Or “Pressure does not decrease when venting gallery” If so the chances are your EAS air compressors filters are saturated or your piston ring and glide ring has deteriorated reducing the output of your EAS air compressor (please see our other instructions for this problem). Other code diagnosis   =   Resorvoir pipe air leak /Gallery Pipe air leak/Intake filter blocked or restricted/Intake pipe blocked or restricted / Air suspension intake silencer blocked or restricted /Air suspension intake silencer blocked or restricted / corner valve stuck open /pressure sensor fault/ Electric motor burnt out / Piston connecting rod broken or jammed. Hill Descent Control (HDC) switch The air suspension control switch is located in the center console, behind the manual or automatic transmission selector lever. designing and providing quality products consistently with the kind of technical support that is in short supply with other sellers vital to get your do-it-yourself repair to satisfactory level and with a end result hopefully with your vehicle back on the road. We highly recommend our Master compressor repair kit with all parts for this fault code available in our other listing if you don,t know what parts of your compressor is failing causing the fault code . A proven product over many years . Landrover Freelander 2 door not locking, Lock…, MEMS 1.6 ECU pinout, MG Rover, Landrover, Morgan, MEMS 3 ECU pinout, MG Rover Landrover Lotus Caterham, Due to GDPR, we must notify that this site uses cookies. Start the vehicle and you should hear the pump vent some pressure off within a couple of seconds of the vehicle starting. Attached to the compressor is the air dryer which contains a silicate box for removing moisture from the compressed air. These are drilled at 2mm diameter. is the registered trade mark of Jaguar Land Rover Limited. There are a number of conditions that will inhibit operation of the air suspension compressor. This corrosion has actually blocked the Range Rover Sport air suspension pump exhaust filter. There are a number of conditions that will inhibit operation of the air suspension compressor. Please save us as a your prefered seller for these products before leaving the listing you are viewing ! Front Right Air Suspension Bag For Land Rover L322 03-09 RNB000740 Air Struts. Inside the exhaust valve … Take flat headed screw driver and remove final filter at the base of the filter unit. Transfer box range switch 5. If you can replace the filter, this is the best thing to do, but if you need a repair to last until the new filter arrives, then you could drill some holes in the filter as per the picture below. These cookies do not store any personal information. The compressor has a temperature sensor located in its housing. ��+�Zj�v|3����@@»pd��q���7J��i���y� dpe=�e C�gf�)�.�^��h�-��S��!�Q���/-��K��e:�й�aA�LziE�ɔ�=�q�2�ro�1@��[�4.J�s܇дvڷ�d��h���i!�T��K��I�¿jD=�=vb�Pi.�J�x��;�r�T�jdn��d�HᇜH� :u�z� � 2i�ccǔኢqoU��X����"rR�D�(T4��Yˉ���S8�܈@��|&��< v�B�BylUO��(��� ����74E���Pv�D�P��v$�-�F��ÉTT(��F�l(e$���-����sN��ڛ|0>:+� �G�o�.�RZ). This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. and / or Discovery® Other code Diagnosis =  Exhaust valve stuck closed/Exhaust valve does not hold minimum retention pressure/ Gallery pipe blocked or damaged / Pressure sensor fault / Air suspension exhaust silencer blocked or restricted / Air suspension exhaust pipe blocked or restricted / Reservoir valve block pipes incorrectly fitted (unions reversed), ————————————————————————————————————————————————————-. Remove the cover gently remembering the orientation of the spring. Warrington WA3 3TY, All logos, trade marks and Now remove the filter using a 17mm spanner. xڽZߓ۶~�_��ΥSS �g2���鴩�޴ϊij�E��ݵ��J$�K-}�)S?�����o���ɯ��ʥ�N^�+͛�������Q�Ց~\�� �D�ov:i3�+��}�d&����N؅4%��B�U���w��W��=�h�A����tx�X?g��~��Oes*W�����Vu�(�}�5��^/��i[>oOٯ����������z����z��^��+k�+�c�]|ZN /י��\癶�0��A�K��_��~����ţ���ʹQ��s�6WY�[i���6ְ�z�y��y;{�����.2#���ş��/�A��� A = Hardwired connections; B = K bus; C = Diagnostic DS2 bus; D = CAN bus, 1 Fuse 15A â€“ Permanent feed2 Fusible link 100A3 Fuse 50A4 Air suspension relay5 Compressor and motor6 Temperature sensor7 HP exhaust valve8 Exhaust valve9 Control switch, 10 Body control Unit (BCU)11 Air suspension ECU12 Driver door module (Access mode switch), 13 Reservoir pressure sensor14 Valve block15 Front cross link valve16 Rear cross link valve17 LH rear height sensor18 RH rear height sensor19 LH front height sensor20 RH front height sensor21 ABS ECU22 Instrument pack23 Diagnostic socket. A = Hardwired connections; B = K bus; C = Diagnostic DS2 bus; D = CAN bus. This valve is opened when the air springs are to be deflated. 4x4AirSeals is a precision manufacturing company based in the UK specialising in the supply and manufacture of air suspension compressor repair products. 1 Reservoir mounting screw â€“ front2 Reservoir mounting screw â€“ rear3 Air pressure sensor4 Reservoir, 5 Air hose connectors6 Hose â€“ reservoir pressure to valve block7 Valve block. knowing them back to front inside & out! Porsche® Exhaust valve 14. Mercedes-Benz® We now illustrate at the beginning of our product descriptions for Hitachi and Dunlop/Amk compressors ! Golborne Pressure does not decrease when venting gallery = Compressor fault 95% of cases ,! ! Pressure does not decrease when venting gallery, Range Rover sport air suspension compressor pump location, Range Rover Sport suspension pump location, Mitsubishi EVO X 10 AYC C161E fault Service required guide, 2013 Landrover Range Rover Sport air suspension fault, 2014 Landrover Range Rover Sport air suspension fault, 2015 Landrover Range Rover Sport air suspension fault, 2016 Landrover Range Rover Sport air suspension fault, 2017 Landrover Range Rover Sport air suspension fault, 2018 Landrover Range Rover Sport air suspension fault, 2019 Landrover Range Rover Sport air suspension fault, 2020 Landrover Range Rover Sport air suspension fault. Operation of the motor rotates the crank, moving the piston in the bore of the compressor. is the registered trade mark of Audi UK / Audi AG and the Volkswagen Group. Is your vehicles air suspension rising slowly, noisily, or perhaps failing to rise at all? Compressor … When installing the top half of the suspension pump housing, make sure the lips of the bottom half and top half meet up perfectly all the way around the edge, then simply place the sprung clip on the top side and push on to the lower side with your finger. stream 19 - Inlet air filter 20 - Pilot exhaust valve 21 - Exhaust 22 - Air silencer 23 - Pressure relief and exhaust valve 24 - Motor temperature sensor 25 - Electric motor OPERATING MODES The driver can manually select, using the air suspension switch, one of four ride states: ON-ROAD - this height is the normal operating height of the vehicle Otherwise this listing will supply you – Our  Quality Delivery Valve Repair kit with fitting /Video instructions suitable for Oem Hitachi & Dunlop Aftermarket compressors ,we are the original designers of this product and very proud of it indeed !