Raccoons are opportunistic and they get around. Applying an insect control to the areas where the digging is occurring can be done, but these products are not going to eliminate the grubs overnight. Raccoons are smart and soon figure out how to avoid the water and ignore the lights, but it might be enough to encourage them to go elsewhere. You can take steps to keep raccoons from making their home on your property and prevent problems before they arise by following these tips: Raccoons may seem harmless, but they can quickly cause a lot of problems if they get out of control. If you have irregular patches of grass that are brown and dry, check to see if a patch … Raccoons are nocturnal mammals. Leave it playing, but not so loud that you annoy your neighbors. I've been in hundreds of attics thus far with raccoons, and I've seen all matter of destruction. One way to prevent access to trash is by keeping your cans securely covered and strapped to an exterior wall so they can’t be easily toppled. What can be done that’s not harmful to the critters? Raccoons might also damage garden plants and eat your vegetables. Chemicals or devices that are designed to repel or frighten raccoons are usually not effective at deterring raccoons. Chimneys should also be secured with screens designed to keep out animals without blocking ventilation. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! They are happy to build their dens in hollowed out tree trunks or burrows in the ground, but they will also make use of chimneys, attics, barns, and crawlspaces if they’re available. They do other things, too, but the lawn damage seems to draw the most ire. Marauding raccoons tearing up lawns in Santa…, Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), Joe Biden pushes closer to victory in race for the White House, Marauding raccoons tearing up lawns in Santa Clara neighborhood. There’s a reason raccoons have earned the nickname “trash panda.” Rapid urbanization has forced raccoons to adapt to living next to people, and part of that has included foraging in trash cans where they can find food scraps thrown out by their human neighbors. You are required by law to check your traps daily and to release or kill the raccoon when you find it in the trap. They peel back the sod and can do quite a bit of damage in one night. They come out at night to look for food, eat, and do most of their business. Raccoons have distinct physical features — their bandit-masked face and bushy striped tails make them east to spot. Click here for a nationwide list of 100's of professional raccoon trappers serving all 50 states. If your lawn has a lot of holes in it, or your mulch pile has a lot of holes, you probably have a nightly visitor. Most raccoons can fit through a 4 to 6-inch diameter hole and if they find a small opening on your roof, they will tear at it to make it bigger. You might also hear them moving around and calling to each other at night when they’re more active. They come out at night to look for food, eat, and do most of their business. Photos should be mailed separately to jmorris@bayareanewsgroup.com. Raccoons can squeeze through holes in fences or other barriers that are larger than 3 inches in diameter. Related Articles It’s entirely possible you have at least one raccoon in your neighborhood. Why you may have lawn damage caused by animals. They will also empty bird feeders, so keep an eye on your feeders to see if you have a raccoon problem. Raccoons carry with themselves the diseases rabies and with them in the lawn, you are at a risk of having in encounter with them. Pushing the pulled up turf back into place can be a lesson in futility as the raccoons or skunks will come back again and again until the food source is exhausted and your lawn damage is extensive. When we come out to inspect, we will be able to tell you exactly which animal is causing the problem. I’ve been getting a lot of letters from all across the Bay Area complaining about them tearing up lawns. The digging not only leave your lawn an ugly, but also puts you at a high risk of contracting certain diseases. Motion-activated sprinklers and lights also can work, but know that most of these deterrents have short-term benefits. If you come across a suspected latrine, it needs to be destroyed to prevent infection. I wouldn’t suggest using that method. Raccoon damage can be recognized as large chunks of turf torn apart and strewn about. Reduce lawn and garden damage caused by moles, skunks and raccoons. Late summer or early fall: Lawn grub damage is usually visible from late summer and peaking in the early fall. UC Agriculture and Natural Resources experts recommend watering your lawn or garden before application so that the soil is moist, but not soggy, which will allow the nematodes to move more easily through the soil. Raccoons will also forage for food in garbage cans if they can get to them. Any roof damage caused by raccoons needs to be repaired as soon as possible because large openings on or ne… It is not legal to move raccoons to another location and dump them. Their front paws resemble small human hands and their back paws resemble small, clawed human feet. Raccoons can completely tear apart a lawn looking for grubs, especially in the fall. These adaptable little mammals have spread around the world though, and have been reported in Europe and even China and Japan. They have long nails that leave scratches as they move around and if they think they can create an opening into your home, they might try to chew their way in. Did hawk scare mourning doves permanently away from my yard. Fixing of the lawn and getting rid of the grubs is still needed. Lawn Damage from Raccoons and Skunks: Get Rid of the Grubs! If you need help with removing raccoons, contact your local animal control or pest control. The following tips can help you identify and deal with raccoons. Raccoons will also forage for food in garbage cans if they can get to them. From Alliance to Massillon to Richfield to Steetsboro, we have a fairly large service area. Raccoons enjoy diets that are almost identical to skunks, but raccoons use their front paws like hands. There are a couple of other things you also can try. If you purchase through these links we may receive a commission. The most common way they get onto the roof is by climbing up a nearby tree and they can use their powerful claws to tear through shingles, fascia, and soffits to form an opening.