You breathe all the time. Jews in Israel today, I’ve seen them stand in a spot with their little black suits and their little black hats and they genuflect for hours repeating the same prayer over and over. It’s the purity of it. On the other hand, it seems to me that most of these tweets were sincere attempts to show solidarity, compassion and genuine heartbreak for the loss of life in Oklahoma. Then pray to your Father, who’s in secret and He who sees in secret will reward you. If you really want to know something about Satan, go away to that wilderness where our Lord spent 40 days and 40 nights. And so barbaros became the word for barbarian. Read also . Oh God, we love You. “But thou when thou prayest enter into thy tameion.” it means bed chamber, closet. And I guess pride is always the fatal flaw and, certainly, it was in this case. And apart from those times, you just didn’t do it, so that it was not a way of life. You could pray in the middle of an intersection. I thought I’d share a few of my thoughts on this, the inaugural post of this new blog. Just keep doing it and doing it and saying it and saying it until He gets so sick of hearing it, that He finally reacts. God knows your needs. And when you have shut the door, make it as private as possible. He is in secret and He reads the secrets of my heart. Or do I think of prayer as some kind of anesthesia so you can relax?”. You’d think that when I have my deepest devotion and when I walk into the throne room of God and when I commune with God in His holy presence that I wouldn’t have sin on my heels, but I do. But that is not the essence of sin. Now some people say standing. We’ve been looking at the sixth chapter. Do you remember that word from your English classes? It is just opening my soul to one who cares and that communes with me. And Jesus is saying to the Pharisees you may be praying, but your prayers have fallen to Satan’s temptation. But the worst fault – and the final one to mention and then to look at the text – is that they prayed to be seen by men, not heard by God. And I only had a little bit of time and I went in and I said, “Oh, Lord, this is a wonderful opportunity.” I’ll tell you one thing. On Tuesday I read an interesting article on the CNN religion blog called “Who Hears #prayersforoklahoma?” It’s worth reading over HERE, but the two second summary is this: After the devastating tornado in Oklahoma, social media responded with the twitter hashtag #prayersforoklahoma which sparked a debate on the usefulness of these sorts of prayers. As we saw last week, their giving was hypocritical. Our prayers are not to be offered to men, but to God. You know, it’s amazing, and I know this in my own life. This morning we will have the privilege of continuing our examination of the Sermon on the Mount. Look at him there on his knees in the very presence of God. Number one, it could be a true honest, pure-hearted, loving communion with God. Well, they wanted to pray before men to get praise for men and they got it and that’s it. “Don’t pray as the hypocrites,” the actors on the stage. That’s the – that’s the major fault. You know, the pagan approach to prayer is you keep repeating yourself until the God gets so weary of hearing you that He does what you want. For they loved to pray standing, that would be very normal. His point in this whole sermon is to contrast true spiritual life with the false standard of the Pharisaic, Judaistic system of that time. And I’d make a little mark, you know, every time he’d say the word Father, he said it so many times. It avoids falsehood: with God it is impossible to pretend”. 1:44 PM. And go down to the next bead and the next one and the next one and say all their Ava Marias. The second category was the Pharisees group. When the 2nd amendment trumps the right of innocent people to simply live their lives, it’s time for serious thought, prayers (if that’s your thing), and action – action that leads to tangible change. They were putting on something for everybody to see how holy they were. But if we’ve done that and we see His hand, we know it’s from Him and we give Him praise. In fact, Jesus even said when you pray, pray “our” Father and our is a plural pronoun that demands a plurality of people praying. And all of us know well how that can happen. And the implication is that you’ve got to spend the first few minutes just getting God’s attention. But anyway, long prayers. Do you want to be rewarded by God or by men? It isn’t getting things. And so, Lord, we pray today that if there are any in our midst who do not know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, that this might be the day when they come to know Him. I learned that there’s no holy ground that Satan doesn’t try to get in on. And by the way, if the Shema was a little long for you, they had adapted a summary that you could pray if you were in a hurry. Or perhaps you thought, “Boy, you know, I’m coming along in my prayers. That was the wrong motive. He says in the what? God knows whether my prayer is for the audience around me or whether it’s for Him. In fact, it was used of the place where you kept your treasures. But the third, and perhaps as common as any of the others was to stand. It means that if you’re even in a public place praying, in the community of believers, in the assembly of the church, or while you’re driving your car or at the office or walking down the hall or the corridor or the street, that whatever communion you have with God shouldn’t be a display. It’s the attitude. It avoids falsehood: with God it is impossible to pretend”. They turned their minds off and just rattled it out. That’s the point. The other is sin, of course, but there you do not see it at its acme.