Walk down the overlook trail and it is beside the trail about 200 yards before you get to the stream. I looked up a beech 18 website and sent the pictures to a guy. What is being updated? I'm hoping to update PlaneCrashMap.com with some of the features of the new site, including a map that loads data when you scroll, instead of having to navigate to a different states' map. I've kept he same basic design and theme, but with some updated functionality: Learn how to create your own. I got to thinking that there wasn't much difference between me and that hog so I got the he!! GPS technology provides latitude and longitude readings that can be converted to a more defined roadway location. As to what type, can't tell by photo. I stumbled across a fuselage of an aircraft on the side of a mountain in Sycamore Creek of Clear Fork in Raleigh Co a few years back. On March 25th State Road Crews plowed back 16 miles of the desolate forest rd. I've researched this and I have conflicting coordinates. I had them saved on my GPS but lost it before I could visit it. Tomorrow the sun will rise and we will try again... As a/c mech in the navy I can tell that is not a preWWII a/c. out of there. The Times Recorder, Zanesville, OH 8 Apr 1947, Supported videos include: I was there this past weekend and we hiked from the Middle Mtn. Hiked in there last year and took some photos. Or my son can show you how to work your Lowrance to enter the waypoints. Sort any table by clicking on the column name. I've kept he same basic design and theme, but with some updated functionality: Another major update is coming soon, with plenty of new data and additional details for existing crashes! There are several different crashes referred to in the string of posts and this seems to be a different date than any of them. ISDRA GPS Coordinates Algodones Dunes (Glamis) North End, Location Coordinates: The Mythical Water Fountain: 32' 49.55 N / 114' 57.53 W Plane Crash Site: 32' 52.22 N / 115' 02.53 W Cahuilla Ranger Station (Gecko Road): 32' 58.44 N / 115' 10.30 W Glamis Store: 32' 59.76 N / 115' 04.37W Crazy Craigs (formerly Dirty Bob's): 32' 59.52 N / 115' 04.10 W A while back someone posted the gps coordinates for a plane crash in Laural Fk Wilderness. The verified coordinates I am after are for the Ceiling. If you look closely to the double fined tail it is a dead giveaway of a beech 18. He is 100% sure it is a Beechcraft nicknamed a "Beech 18" . There is no red dot in the middle of the star. This is really an interesting update. We found it! All times are GMT-8. It took the search party 3 days to reach the wreck due to snow. Today I updated the appearance of several pages, with a goal of getting you to the information that you are looking for faster. Read about 1977 Convair CV-300 crash in the Wikipedia Satellite map of 1977 Convair CV-300 crash in Google Maps GPS coordinates of 1977 Convair CV-300 crash, United States Download as JSON Easily create a Forum Website with Website Toolbox. I'll be camping near Middle Mt cabins so it should be easy to find. State Police Sgt. WVAngler.com Message Board - A No-Politics Zone. Showed them to my neighbor who is a pilot and knows a good bit about old planes. This page was generated at 05:20 PM. Johnson credited Elmer Roy, 20 and Joe Pennington, 14, both of Dry Fork, Randolph county, with making the discovery. Rescuers reported that only a few tops of the trees were sheared off where the plane had come down - Indication that it had come strait down when it crashed. It seems like someone told us that this was an ex-military plane donated to the Civil Air Patrol Forestry Dept. Thanks. No flagpole, swing set or palapa coordinates? This practice was stopped after Pearl Harbor due to a/c being mis identified as a jap plane and were shot at. Plane crashes always interested me...when i was in the air force...Well firstly...I do not like to fly...I dang near had a panic attack first time i strapped up and boarded a C-130 at Yeager Air Port at the 130th AW, i do not even remember where we were going, i think it was a FTX in Florida for a mobility cycle train up...Anyway...I got weak in the knees...sick...etc when i got on that bird after only seeing 4 parachutes hanging up behind the c0ckpit...the crew chief and the navigator both came back and talked to me and told me that the pilots would never ditch an aircraft/crew/passengers to save their selves, they would go down with the bird. But I can not find any records of who that was now. I found this searching around on the internet. Metacafe,  The first would be rescuers had to be rescued themselves. Loading time may be significantly reduced on many pages, but I'm still working on that. Last radio report came in to Elkins Airport from William Barbour at 520pm. If your URL is correct, you'll see an image preview here. Fretboard and I did a lot of searching on this a while back. Facebook. The verified coordinates I am after are for the Ceiling. I've researched this and I have conflicting coordinates. J. M. Johnson said a young man and a boy searching for strayed sheep, came upon the wreckage which had been sought vainly by 10 army aircraft and by state police and civilian volunteers on foot. Weak. A-12 Spy Plane crash (#928) in January 1967. Mannierre, a Winnetka, Ill., resident who recently was appointed an attorney for the Federal Communications Commission, failed to land at the Elkins airport after taking off from Huntington. Indonesian fisherman has GPS coordinates of MH370 location to Malaysian authorities ... and he recorded the coordinates of the exact location the plane went into the water.