The body is transparent and the grip section is user`s friendly. So far, I have three fountain pens in my collection, two bought here at Amazon. Below, we’ll discuss the different features and performances of the fountain pen, sign marker, and highlighter product lines to help you decide which pen (or pens!) Do note that Preppy highlighter ink tends to create bleedthrough on porous papers like printer paper and thin book pages but does not tend to bleed on magazine paper or glossy paper. 2. JetPens is accepting and shipping US orders. The Metropolitan is classy and feels like a pen that costs $30. You might want to consider the Platinum Plasir. Real gold nibs will almost always have an imprint specifying its gold content, usually 14K or 18K. The Preppy’s translucent body gives stationery fledglings a tangible way to understand a pen’s basic anatomy. I've had a handful of Preppy EFs, and there was some variation in the nibs. You can see a list of our eyedropper-compatible pens. It doesn't appear in any feeds, and anyone with a direct link to it will see a message like this one. These are the parts that make up the Platinum Preppy. WONDERFUL pen. Over-flexing can cause serious and possibly irreparable damage to a nib. Some inks will corrode metal, so make sure that a pen you want to convert does not have any metal parts that will touch the ink. Some are drier than others. /r/fountainpens - A community for fountain pen enthusiasts, from the novice to the collector. The Platinum Preppy series welcomes novices and seasoned stationery addicts alike to tangibly understand the fundamental building blocks of a pen. My two Pilot EFs (one in a Kakuno, one in a Penmanship) were similar to each other: like Japanese EFs, with that hint of feedback. Screw the grip section on with the nib facing up. The Platinum Preppy is a great fountain pen to convert into an eyedropper fountain pen. Broader nibs often have higher ink flow than finer nibs, creating both a wider and thicker line of ink. I got mine at Amazon a few weeks back. amazon links are affiliate link and I get commissions for purchases made through amazon links. If you're not sure what size nib to get or what the difference between … To adjust the space between tines would a brass shim work? Having used both, the plastic on Kakuno was def better, but only marginally. And the smiley face on the nib. Although it requires a little bit of work and patience, this method allows you to choose between different bottled inks and gives you greater ink capacity than the converter method. This is both economical for the consumer and sustainable for the earth, not to mention handy if you have little ones who use up markers frequently for coloring and crafting. Disassemble the pen and remove the cartridge. To prevent accidental spills, put the pipette or the syringe needle as far down the barrel as you can. Be careful not to overtighten the threads, as this can cause cracking. Note that the color of a nib does not necessarily indicate whether it is made from gold or steel. With simple assembly and no finicky filling systems, they are a great option for beginners looking to graduate from cartridges.