Il est facile et rapide de mettre, Int'l Thurgood Marshall de Baltimore-Washington, For additional flight/airport data, or to be included in our media alerts, please contact, Cartes IFR (règles des instruments de vol), Informations et Procédures de l'Aéroport KPDX, Acheter l'historique des vols sur fichier Excel pour KPDX, Plus d'informations sur les conditions météorologiques à KPDX. You can help us keep FlightAware free by allowing ads from Register now (free) for customized features, flight alerts, and more! TWY T BTN TWY E3 & TWY B5 CLSD TO ACFT WITH WINGSPAN GTR THAN 198 FT. TWY C BTN TWY C6 AND TWY C8 CLSD TO ACFT WITH WINGSPAN GTR THAN 180 FEET. BEARING STRENGTH: RWY 03-21 ST 175, RY 10L-28R ST175, RY 10R-28L ST175. CTC BASE OPS 15 MIN PRIOR TO LDG AND AFTER DEP ON 281.2. Airline ticket counter and checkpoint hours vary. Official FAA Data Effective 2020-11-05 0901Z. TWY T BTN EXITS B5 & B6 CLSD TO ACFT WITH WINGSPAN GTR THAN 118 FT. NSTD YELLOW PRK SPOT DESIGNATORS AND EQPT TOOL BOX LCTN PAINTED ON RAMP. Flight Connections. Saviez-vous que le suivi des vols FlightAware est soutenu par la publicité ? FUEL - A (AIR BP - ATLANTIC AVIATION SVCS. Aviation Sectional. KPDX/PDX Map & Diagram for Portland Intl Airport - (Portland, OR) ... Did you know that FlightAware flight tracking is supported by advertising? RWY 28R 60' LEVEE ROAD LCTD APRXLY PARALLEL TO RWY AT 200' FM THR AND 507' RT FM RWY EXTNDD CNTRLN. ASDA:11000 Flights – shows all flights between two cities on specific dates and lists times and dates along with other flight details. Direct flights from more than 900 airlines on an interactive flight map. 0 st. 1 st. 2 st. RWY 28R PERIMETER ROAD AT 200 FT FM RWY THLD AND 408' RIGHT FM RWY EXTNDD CNTRLN. Location Information for KPDX Coordinates: N45°35.32' / W122°35.81' Located 04 miles NE of Portland, Oregon on 3000 acres of land. PDX MONITORS 121.5 FOR MCMINNVILLE (MMV). 359.1. ACFT WITH WINGSPAN GREATER THAN 118 FEET ARE PROHIBITED FROM TURNING EASTBOUND ON TWY C FROM SOUTHWESTBOUND ON TWY F UNLESS UNDER TOW. HAZARDOUS BIRD COND EXIST. TRAN QUARTERS NOT AVBL. 357.0 (SLE) ARSR 44-55-23.2132N 123-34-24.9535W ELEV. Inscrivez-vous maintenant (gratuitement) pour des fonctionnalités personnalisées, des alertes de vols, et plus encore! Destinations – shows all destinations you can fly to, from any selected city. ASDA:9825 S FOURTH AENUE, PORTLAND, OREGON -- ww.portlandoregon.combds PORTLAND INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT NOISE IMPACT OVERLAY ZONE CITY OF PORTLAND OREGON - BUREAU OF DEVELOPMENT SERVICES For more information visit or call the Planning and Zoning Staff in the uoninairportnoise Development Services Center at 1900 SW 4th Avenue, Suite 1500, 503-823-7526 Logout; Log in. TORA:9825 IFR Low En Route. UNCONTROLLED TFC AT PEARSON FIELD VANCOUVER WA 3 NM W OF RY 10L THLD ON EXTDD CNTRLN. Full Map. ARPT CLSD TO NON-POWERED ACFT EXCP IN EMERG. BASE OPS OPR 1500-2300Z++ MON-FRI EXC HOL. Ce site web utilise des cookies. En utilisant et en naviguant davantage sur ce site, vous acceptez cela. RY 28L ARRIVALS ARE NOISE SENSITIVE, EXPECT APCH TO 28R WITH TRANSITION TO 28L. Earth View. Use this short tour to help you use this map and flight search tool. Did you know that FlightAware flight tracking is supported by advertising? Classes. Non-Precision Instrument in good condition. ; DSN 638-4390, C503-335-4390. ACFT AUTHORIZED TO UTILIZE THE NORTHWEST RAMP WILL BE TOWED TO/FROM THIS RAMP. OPERATE TRANSPONDERS WITH ALTITUDE REPORTING MODE AND ADS-B (IF EQUIPPED) ENABLED ON ALL AIRPORT SURFACES. We work hard to keep our advertising relevant and unobtrusive to create a great experience. ASDA:6000 IFR High En Route . Alliances. TWY K BTN TWY A5 & TWY V CLSD TO ACFT WINGSPAN MORE THAN 168 FT. MIGRATORY & WINTERING FLOCKS OF LRG WATERFOWL ON & INVOF APRT. Lost & Found 503.460.4272. You can help us keep FlightAware free by allowing ads from Use the buttons above to search. TODA:9825 TWY V CLSD TO ACFT WITH WINGSPAN GREATER THAN 168 FT. ACFT WITH WINGSPAN GREATER THAN 118 FT PROHIBITED FM TURNING WB ONTO TWY A FM TWY V UNLESS UNDER TOW. ANG: SEE FLIP AP/1 FOR SUPPLEMENTARY ARPT INFO. 1092.6 (SEA) ARSR 47-39-27.5759N 122-24-46.9681W ELEV. Airlines. AIR FREIGHT SERVICES,AIR AMBULANCE SERVICES,AVIONICS,CARGO HANDLING SERVICES,CHARTER SERVICE,PILOT INSTRUCTION,AIRCRAFT RENTAL,AIRCRAFT SALES, Statistics collected for 12 month period ending 2019-12-31, OPERATIONS CALL- SAVE -OPERATED BY AFR, 24 HRS. TODA:11000 Depending on which page you have selected, will show you either part of Europe or an airport for flight tracking. Upgrade to an Enterprise Account for high-resolution satellite imagery, full screen maps, and no ads. The map displays a section of airspace. TWY A3 BTN TWY A & THE GA RAMP CLSD TO ACFT WITH WINGSPAN GTR THAN 135 FEET UNLESS UNDER TOW. Nous travaillons dur pour que notre publicité reste pertinente et discrète afin de créer une expérience formidable. ). CAUTION: OBST LIGHTING IS NOT NVD COMPATIBLE. LDA:8535, TORA:9825 COMMERCIAL ACFT & OPERATORS OF ACFT WITH AN FAA CERTIFIED MAX GROSS LANDING WEIGHT THAT EXCEEDS 10000 LBS ARE REQUIRED TO PAY A LANDING FEE. Instrument Approach Procedure (IAP) Charts, Nearby Airports with Instrument Procedures, Ed Carlson Memorial Field - South Lewis Co Airport, Columbia Gorge Regional/The Dalles Municipal Airport, 128.35 (503-493-7557) 269.9 (503-493-7557), 118.7 ;RWY 10L/28R 123.775 ;RWY 03/21, 10R/28L 251.125 ;RWY 03/21, 10R/28L 257.8 ;RWY 10L/28R, 118.1 ;100-279, HIGH 124.35 ;280-099 126.9 ;FINAL 284.6 ;100-279, HIGH 294.7 299.2 ;280-099, 118.1 ;100-279, HIGH 124.35 ;280-099 127.85 284.6 ;100-279, HIGH 290.3 299.2 ;280-099, 118.1 ;100-279, HIGH 124.35 ;280-099 284.6 ;100-279, HIGH 299.2 ;280-099, TORA:11000 By using and further navigating this website, you accept this. Don't have an account? Vous pouvez nous aider à garder FlightAware gratuit en autorisant les annonces de TWY E3 CLSD TO ACFT WITH WINGSPAN GTR THAN 198 FEET. NOISE ABATEMENT PROCEDURES IN EFFECT; CALL NOISE OFFICE AT 503-460-4100. CPME 1 PDX 45-35-15.3596N 122-35-21.1095W CPME 2 PDX 45-41-52.3732N 122-55-41.0043W CPME BPE-1 SEA 48-00-57.7506N 122-55-37.5273W CPME EUG 44-12-46.1886N 123-13-13.8093W CPME MMV 45-11-59.2052N 123-08-22.7933W CPME MODE S SEA 47-28-17.2058N 122-18-39.3373W CPME QSG 44-01-18.4145N 123-11-29.8373W, PE 82 AVE PDX 45-34-39.0855N 122-34-34.4058W PE ATCT PDX1 45-35-15.3596N 122-35-21.1095W PE NORTH SEA 47-28-18.1736N 122-18-39.3375W PE SOUTHEAST SEA 47-26-09.7938N 122-16-24.5847W, (QMO) ARSR 44-16-56.2674N 123-19-23.9270W ELEV. PHASE 1 MAY-OCT, PHASE II NOV-APR. MALSR 1,400 Foot Medium-intensity Approach Lighting System with runway alighment indicator lights. PLEASE CTC BASE OPS OR REQ FOLLOW ME IF NOT FAMILIAR WITH PANGB PRK PROCEDURES. It's quick and easy to, Subscribe to an Fuel Price (Jet A, 100LL) data feed for airports, Buy or subscribe to FlightAware's Airport Database (airport name, ICAO/IATA codes, location, etc. Search, find and compare any flight path or airline route with our flight maps! From. TWY C3 CLSD TO ACFT WITH WINGSPAN EQUAL TO OR GTR THAN 79 FT. PDX HAS FAC CONSTRAINTS THAT LMT ITS ABILITY TO ACCOMMODATE DIVD FLTS & MNTN THE ARPT SAFE OPN DUR IREG OPS. ALSF2 Standard 2,400 Foot High-intensity Approach Lighting System with sequenced flashers, CATEGORY II or III Configuration. LDA:9290, 32 ft Road 200 ft from runway, 408 ft right of center, TORA:6000 Flight Connections. English Español Nederlands. EN. Classic. ACFT OPRS SHUD CTC THE ARPT DUTY MGR AT (503) 460-4236 TO COORD DIVD FLTS EXC IN THE CASE OF A DECLARED IN-FLT EMERG. Satellite - with boundaries. CURRENT BIRD WATCH CONDITIONS ARE NOT REPORTED ON ATIS. Portland Intl, Portland, OR (PDX/KPDX) flight tracking (arrivals, departures, en route, and scheduled flights) and airport status. LDA:11000. POSSIBLE RWY 28L GLIDESLOPE FLUCTUATION PRIOR TO ADDUM WHEN WEATHER IS GREATER THAN 800/2. Base Layer. TODA:9825 180 DEGREE TURNS BY ACFT WEIGHING IN EXCESS OF 12500 LBS PROHIBITED ON RY 10L/28R, RY 03/21 AND ALL TWYS. TWY M BTN TWY E & TWY T CLSD TO ACFT WINGSPAN MORE THAN 118 FT. TWY T BTN TWY E2 & TWY E3 CLSD TO ACFT WINGSPAN MORE THAN 118 FT. TWY K BTN TWY V & TWY A4 CLSD TO ACFT WINGSPAN MORE THAN 118 FT. ASSC IN USE. This website uses cookies. To zoom in or out of the flight radar, you can adjust your view by clicking the "+" or "-" sign in the top left corner. ANG : PPR/OFFL BUS ONLY. ASDA:9825 TODA:6000 We work hard to keep our advertising relevant and unobtrusive to create a great experience. C503-331-4220) J8(MIL) (NC-100LL, A). NVD NOT AUTHORIZED WHILE AIRBORNE IN VCNTY OF AFLD. Vous n'avez pas de compte? RY 21 CLSD TO HEIGHT GROUP IV ACFT WITH COCKPIT TO WHEEL HEIGHT GREATER THAN 22 FT. PDX RWY 03 PAPI UNUSABLE BYND 4 DEG LEFT AND RIGHT OF RCL AND BEYOND 5 NM UNUSABLE. View all Airports in Oregon. Reset . LDA:6000. New Window: (Normal) (Terrain) (Satellite). AT THE WEST END ARM/DEARM AREA ON TWY C NO ACFT OF ANY TYPE MAY TAXI PAST THE ARM/DEARM AREA WHILE IT IS BEING USED. TWY W CLSD TO ACFT WITH WINGSPAN GTR THAN 118 FT UNLESS UNDER TOW. HEAVY SEAGULL ACTIVITY SEP THRU APR; EXPECT HIGH NMBR OF BIRDS YEAR AROUND; CK LCL ADVISORIES. Portland International Airport (PDX) is open 24 hours, 7 days per week. Searching. Same airline . Routes – shows different ways you can fly between two cities. To.