We do not have the option to accept credit cards from PAYPAL guests. Your manager has really dumped a daunting task on you. Need to talk to there supervisor (3-5 minutes on hold). However, when I go through checkout on ebay or any other website I'm missing 2 credit cards. They will say they are sorry and this will be corrected in four business days. The remaining amount is refunded to your PayPal account balance. One said that it's supposed be fixed on Oct 3rd and another says Oct 31st. Just something to be aware of. Is it really that difficult???? Paypal not showing credit card option only * Login * Create account I checked, re-checked, tribble-checked, quadro-checked the API Id, Pw, and string all good also paypal … Express Checkout requires a PayPal Account. ...cannot access account online either and have called them recently and they said would fix in ten (10) days? That way, you can retain your customers. They can use an alternate checkout and have the option to sign up for a PayPal account afterward. Not all countries have all PayPal features available. Men vs Women : Shopping Behaviour and Buying Habits, 30 Best Free Responsive Templates for Joomla, The six types of e-Shoppers an e-Commerce website meets everyday, 10 reasons why you need google analytics for business growth, Creating an online store and eCommerce website with J2Store and Joomla, Top 5 Online Cloud Accounting Software for Small Businesses, 5 Best Online Photo Editors for Small Businesses. A customer Paid through Credit Card which he said is through paypal(he sent a screenshot), He chose Express Shipping, the product was showing in AWAITING SHIPMENT and inside it shoes the date of Payment and Date of Order below the order page. If this doesn't get fixed soon, I might just call my credit card company and report my card lost so I can get a new number issued. When you view the PayPal Screens, you will now get a screen with the Credit Card Option because PayPal views you as a new visitor. Your account must be either Premier or Business. This is so frustrating! For those who have already been through the wringer in this situation, I'm doing what I can to get the situations addressed as quickly as possible. HUH? For example, the cookie that holds the cart info will retain that info for up to 21 days. If you don't delete the cookies, temp files and history before you test, you will still see the old information. Please read our Community Rules and Guidelines. Paypal.com says it's not their problem, Paypal Plus Credit Card has to fix it. When we test the button, it directs us to the PAYPAL site and gives us two options to pay (SIGN IN TO PAYPAL or SIGN UP WITH PAYPAL). I am having this same issue. Please do so. Start here, J2Store 3.3.11 released with improvements and a security fix, Changes coming in for the J2Store PRO Subscription Plans, J2Store 3.3.8 released with important security updates, Language issues after upgrading to Joomla 3.7, 8 Joomla Fashion eCommerce Templates that Supports J2store. The IP address of your hosted site is on a blocked list. While there are a number of payment gateways available to accept card payments, I would recommend you to try Stripe. The delay for linking may be due to that. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. After you have received the refund, you can withdraw money from your PayPal balance to your bank account or use the money for future purchases through PayPal. One said they've not heard there's a problem, another said that they've heard it's because paypal hasn't uploaded files they need to upload. I made a payment on Sunday, it was completed but it’s not showing up on my credit card yet. For folks who really just want their customers or clients to pay with a credit card with no limitations as described above, and then the product to use is Payments Pro. Doesn't *anyone* out there know what's going on and when it's going to be fixed? If you have only recently gotten a credit product, the information may not have propagated yet. I appreciate your help. For support please use support request form, Get priority support from our developers. I have no way to manage my paypal card online now. Although the customer or client's credit card is good, they will be unable to complete the transaction until they either open a PayPal Account or use an another credit card. Opening a PayPal Account may be OK with some of your customers or clients but, perhaps not all. I've had my Paypal Account linked for quite some time now. You may wonder why you or your customers are not seeing the credit card option in the Paypal Payment page. The real reason is they are clueless in addressing any issues relative to the PayPal CC being posted on the PP website. It says that the account it was drawing from is now closed and hasn't been updating since late April. This is really unnessary!! With PayPal's Payments Standard, PayPal advertises that you do not have to have a PayPal Account to make a purchase. I appreciate your appreciation! Look at ALL the other people having the same problems!! I'm not able to take initial reports of issues - only the Credit Service Center can do that. Cookies help us customize the PayPal Community for you, and some are necessary to make our site work. If you paid using a credit card and your PayPal account balance, the amount paid by the credit card is refunded to your card. ©1999-2020 PayPal, Inc. All rights reserved. Paypal Credit Card not showing up under Account. Everyone - There are some limits to my ability to influence events depending on where you stand in the linking process. Payments Standard is a great concept because you pay only for the services you use but, there are some limitations as this is one of them. WHEN will the link be back on the paypal account overview page so I can pay my bill??????? Come on paypal..........Let's get it together!! Olivia, I wish you luck. Download the best Joomla eCommerce extension for free, Sell memberships with the best Joomla membership subscription extension, Joomla booking system to sell bookings, tickets, appointments and more, Let the customer pay a deposit and pay the remaining later, 75+ gateways. paypal plus credit card info not showing up on paypal.com I have seen where many others have had this same problem, but no one has gotten a fix. Make sure your PayPal account meets all these creteria so that your customers are presented with a credit card payment option at the PayPal's checkout page. It is simple and hassle-free set up. By browsing this website, you consent to the use of cookies. Are you still having trouble seeing your PayPal Extras (formerly PayPal Plus) information? 1. So even if your customers find no credit card option at the PayPal Payment page, they could still use the alternative option you provide to make payment. Transfers from funding sources linked to paypal are never instant, that is why when you buy something paypal credit the seller upfront for you and paypal take the wait for the funds to transfer to pay them back again, this is so you get your item without delay. If this is your second or third visit to PayPal and your previous cookie has not expired, PayPal now views you as a returning customer. Just something to be aware of. If you have contacted the Credit Service Center previously and the estimated time they gave you for resolution has elapsed, let me know. I have been told by Paypal plus (GE Money) that it's not their problem -- Paypal.com has to fix it. I have set up paypal on my wordpress site for the sale of an ebook we have developed. I have been told by Paypal plus (GE Money) that it's not their problem -- Paypal.com has to fix it. Why Paypal is not showing credit card option sometimes? Simply, there is no credit card option in the payment page of the PayPal. Primarily, it's related to how your PayPal account is setup. paypal plus credit card info not showing up on pay... Now get 3X Reward Points at Gas/Restaurants, 2X However, our customer waited a few days, tried again and only PayPal came up for him. You are using the wrong email address or an unverified email address. I have been paperless for quite some time and closed the account 2 years ago and when I did pay by check, paypal mastercard converted them to electronic transfers so I don't have access to a cancelled check and I have no paperwork anywhere that I can find in my house with my account number so I am definitely up a creek without a paddle since I can't call the customer service number because I don't have my account number. Opening a PayPal Account may be OK with some of your customers or clients but, perhaps not all. Reward Points on PayPal/eBay purchases. If you have posted on this thread prior to March 2, 2011 and have NOT seen resolution, please let me know. The PayPal screens are designed to be displayed in a specific way and what you see is based on the cookies and/or your PayPal Account configuration. Welcome! Example Scenario: You have returning customers or have clients that pay you for services or rent on a regular basis. If this post or any other was helpful, please enrich the community by giving kudos or accepting it as a solution. Customers with PayPal account can still log in to their PayPal account to checkout. The country your customers reside in. I have seen where many others have had this same problem, but no one has gotten a fix. Their replies are completely scripted. The only way it will change is if you remove the items selected from the cart or delete the cookie. Pro is different as it does have a monthly fee, plus transaction fees and there are specific PCI security requirements to consider. We're working on improving the process so linking issues get addressed correctly the first time. The best part is Stripe is that it charges less transaction fee (only 2.9 %) than Paypal (which charges about 4% and above ). You are using Express Checkout. If you are testing your web pages, creating new code or making changes, etc., simply delete your web browser's cookies, temp files and history, then close your web browser, reopen it and try your web pages again. You will find that "Peggy" "Nancy"or "Bob" will: 1. PayPal payment not showing up on credit card, Re: PayPal payment not showing up on credit card. Well, the answer to the question needs quite an explanation and understanding of how PayPal works. I did not check Paypal received Payment notification and I sent using DHL, 5 Working days Passed, the same Customer Came again and want the same … 2. This statement is quite true however, there is one small bit of very important information that is not mentioned in any of the available documentation. The call center is in India.