Passive writing, however, will often be harder to understand, wordier, and prone to leaving the reader confused as to who is doing what and to whom. Our examples of passive voice in writing and their active equivalents will help you to fully understand your own writing: When constructing passive sentences you will usually use the auxiliary verb “to be” along with the past participle of the main verb being used in the sentence. Active voice makes any sentence clear to understand. You can use it multiple times. The training is not doing an action, so it can't be the subject. There is not a variety of ways to amend any mistakes related to active or passive voice. If you’re all set to change passive voice to active voice generator, you must know about these pros and cons of both voices. Passive voice is often avoided by professional writers because it can make the sentence needlessly longer, more complicated and unclear as well as shifting the emphases away from the sentence subject. All those who’re tired of trying numerous tools for active or passive voice corrections have good news. For example, here is a sentence in active voice: That same sentence in passive voice reads: Sometimes a sentence in passive voice doesn't necessarily sound "wrong" or wordy. Go towards the option of passive to active voice changer. To avoid the passive voice, remember some of those keywords to watch out for. Also, it's not initially clear who or what the sentence is about. Using our easy to use active vs. passive voice checker is a quick way to highlight which of your sentences are passive. Before you can correct your writing you must first clearly understand the difference between the two. To change into passive voice online or active voice, you must use the reliable tool. Click on the ‘Submit’ icon and wait a while. These are the simple reasons that let you eliminate passive voice. For example: When a sentence is in passive voice, the subject is being acted on by the verb and the subject typically comes after the action. The active voice misuse happens rarely and it is simple to fix as well. You can even face difficulties in finding the mistakes of active or passive voices in the sentences. The large flash of light was caused by the meteor. This means that the subject or noun will come before the verb in the sentence. It's much clearer to be straightforward, and active, and say, "Tom changed the tire.". Our quick and free passive and active voice checker is able to detect far more issues with your writing than simply the use of the passive voice. Available from anywhere at any time: you can get your analysis done 24/7 without having to download anything onto your device. (Sara is the subject, ate is the action), Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. In order to recognize that a sentence is in passive voice, watch out for these keywords: In order to change passive voice to active voice, you need to recognize what the subject of the sentence is and then rewrite the sentence so the subject is performing the action. Here are ways to detect and fix the misuses of both active and passive voices: The more use of passive voice sentences in any document makes it not so impressive for the readers. It emphasizes the agent, instead of the object receiving the action. If you expect someone to write concisely by using passive voices, you’re living in the dark. The correction of past simple tense, present tense and future tense is possible through using the best online active/passive voice checker. They are attending training. The passive voice sentences are written in a more detailed manner. (. A credible passive to active voice changer is a single click away from you. For eliminating passive voice misuse, you need to change the sentence’s focus from indirect to direct object to the actor.