In this case, you may need a proce­dure to remove the blockages. Angioplasty and stent placement are treatment options for peripheral artery disease (PAD). Patients should drink plenty of fluids to help flush out an… the doctor asked for a stent,the doctor said this stent is not correct,another was ordered to the hospital from another state. lower back pain after sent placement for May-Thurner - Blood clots. That was in June of 2006. Go from Femoral Artery stent followed by pain in back and leg to Chiropractic Tips … I hope this contributes. Please consult your chiropractor. I just had a stent placed in the Femoral and approx 5 hrs later had severe L thigh pain. Published on Jul 25, 2016. Chest pain following angioplasty is common and may be caused by a number of things. Since then I have had quite severe pain in my leg that radiates down from my groin and into the front of my leg … Femoral Artery stent followed by pain in back and legSeveral months ago I had stents put in both femoral arteries. The information is to the best of my ability at the time of writing accurate and correct. If you received a stent because of a heart attack, you will likely feel tired for several weeks, Patel says. What's needed is a good clinical examination, and perhaps an MR of your lumbar spine. He has been experiencing chest pains at time but we are scheduled to leave the Philippines on the 12 next week back home to the CNMI near Guam and we have no cardiologist. Within a few hours my blood pressure shopt way up and I am not on two meds just to try and control it. If you find them irrelevant to your needs or an exercise in tedium, one click will UNsubscribe you. Have a bruise or discolored area near where the catheter was inserted. Anyway, in October of this year, 2007, I developed another blood clot in the same leg, even with being on Plavix and adult aspirin daily. During the procedure to remove the clot, the doctor demanded to know who placed those stents in my leg. Keep drinking plenty of fluids and call your Urologist’s office if you have any questions or concerns. Doppler showed a blockage in the left leg. He had 5 stent placed on Jan 20, 2020 and it is Feb 9, 2020 now. Your stitches come apart. A stent is a wire mesh stainless steel tube that holds an artery open and keeps it from closing again. Your legs are swelling excessively. What should I do? Dr. A. Srivastava Jun 26, 2010 Hi, Thank you for your question. The Vein institute of Blue Bell. Your symptoms could be suggestive of either some nerve injury or a pressure on the nerve after the stent placement. You may need surgery to repair damage from the catheter to your blood vessels or to stop heavy bleeding. Also am having lots of trouble sleeping at night because of pain. I am really upset that the doctor who performed the procedures is now denying it. Nothing was found to cause this. Oh by the way I found a clot in your left leg and I placed a stent there for you while I was at it. Now I am experiencing moderate back pain in the right side and severe pain in the front of my right leg in the thigh, down to my knee. The device is typically placed in the artery after a balloon has been expanded to clear out the blockage. Restenosis refers to a gradual re-narrowing of a coronary artery after a blockage has been treated with angioplasty and stenting. Bruising or discoloration may occur at the catheter insertion site, as well as soreness when pressure is applied, and patients can expect to feel more tired than usual for a few days. Anticlotting medication is given after stent placement to prevent the risk of blood clots. Ischemia Following Angioplasty with Stent Simply click here to return to Femoral nerve. In this special Missouri Medicine report, doctors examine advances in diagnosis and treatment of this devastating and costly neurodegenerative disease. Has anyone tested the knee jerk reflex? It is not intended to be and should not be interpreted as medical advice or a diagnosis of any health or fitness problem, condition or disease; or a recommendation for a specific test, doctor, care provider, procedure, treatment plan, product, or course of action. According to the card given to me afterwards, they are placed in the following areas, which I am sure you can understand the locatoion, as I cannot. In about three weeks, I had developed a blood clot in the left leg. Communities > Neurology > severe pain after leg stent implant. Does the knee give? A few years ago, around 2003, a stent was placed in the left renal artery. I told him that as far as I knew, he had put them there himself in October of last year. Be careful, listen to your back, it will tell you what not to do. 33 years experience in Bariatrics. “Non-ischemic chest pain develops in almost half of all patients undergoing stent implantation, and seems to be related to blood vessel over-expansion caused by the stent inside the diseased vessel.” U.K. sources add that it’s common to experience this new chest discomfort in the first few days and weeks following a stent procedure. At the same site, there may also be a small lump (which should not get bigger), soreness when pressure is applied and perhaps a small amount (one or two drops) of discharge. Another possibility in your case could be damaged the soft-tissues such as muscles or underlying skin. Dr B. (PS. These stents are Cordis stents. – ways to boost your brainpower. Simply click here to return to, Issue #53: No short cuts to better health /, Issue #51: Elective surgery in the elderly /, Issue #48: Hips and the sacroiliac joints/, Issue #45: Tingling, weakness and malaise/, Issue #44: Applying general chiropractic principles to the hand /, Issue #43: Art and science of chiropractic /, Issue #38: Making a correct diagnosis / Make your own, Issue #37: Have your wisdom teeth out in the chair, Issue #04: Whiplash and the Joints of Luschka /, Issue #01: Tingling in the arms and hands /. It was performed (reluctantly) but with great results as far as releiving the pain and my ability to walk without pain. Queries, comments and corrections are very welcome. The stent widens after the balloon is blown up and then the balloon and the wires that guide the process are removed from the blood vessel. Ultrasound, and MRI showing blood flowing and swelling where the stent was placed. Normal results The patient ... today he is having leg and buttocks pain,is this related to … It could happen... but unlikely. Firstly, these could be two entirely different conditions, a blocked artery initially, and now a pinched nerve. Until then, I had a very constantly good blood pressure. Typically, the risks of not getting a stent exceed the threats connected with getting one. We disclaim all responsibility for the professional qualifications and licensing of, and services provided by, any physician or other health providers posting on or otherwise referred to on this Site and/or any Third Party Site. I had a stent fitted through my groin after my heart attack four months ago. Seek care immediately if: Your arm or leg feels warm, tender, and painful. This common condition involves the narrowing of arteries in your limbs. Well gee thanks doc, since then I have severe pain in my leg and spasms that are so bad I cant walk. We offer this Site AS IS and without any warranties. Causes of cramping at leg stent site ... What causes severe abdominal pain lightheadedness after stent removal Questions Answered By Dr. Ivo Ditah. Aa. The small incision from your catheter becomes red or painful, or yellow or green discharge is draining from it. What are the risks of a peripheral vascular stent placement? Well normally, I'd suggest you see an experienced local chiropractor, but this is full of other overtones, so I would recommend a neurologist.Let us know what comes of it.Let me say: a pinched femoral nerve in your back, which radiates down the leg is a very painful condition, nasty, often worse at night and may respond to chiropractic, may not. Then perhaps forward it to a suffering friend. [To give a sensible answer, I need more detail.Firstly, whilst the Femoral nerve does indeed lie immediately adjacent to the Femoral nerve in the so-called Femoral triangle, frankly it's most unlikely that a surgeon in the process of entering the artery would nick the nerve. This site is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or manage any illness. What's needed is a good clinical examination, and perhaps an MR of your lumbar spine. Does the quadriceps muscle above the knee feel week? You have chest pain or shortness of breath that does not go away with rest. Secondly, lying with your back in extension during the fitting of the stents could have set off the pinched nerve in the mid to upper lumbar spine. Call your surgeon: pain of that severity radiating into your leg after back surgery to take pressure off the nerve root is concerning and might indicate swelling or othe ... Read More. But usually, people with PAD do not need a procedure. Discover the common causes of headaches and how to treat headache pain. Discover some of the causes of dizziness and how to treat it. Join in and write your own page! 2. Did the leg pain begin IMMEDIATELY after the surgery to fit the stent in the right leg? From my own experience, I can tell you that the pain and discomfort lasts several weeks. I am having to take pain medications and apply hot and cold compresses on a regular basis to alleviate the pain. Close Neurology Community 45.3k Members severe pain after leg stent implant Cookiepoo. Angioplasty and stent placement can alleviate the blockage of an artery and angina, orpersistent chest pain, that medications can’t control. How? Limited blood circulation or obstructed vessels can develop serious and lethal effects. You may get a blood clot in your arm or leg. Yet another cause can be a blood clot in the deep venous system which can cause the pain in the leg on movement. Blood soaks through your bandage. He also told me I will be on Plavix for the rest of my life and not forget to take it daily. Find out how beta-blocker eye drops show promising results for acute migraine relief. What Takes place After a Stent Surgery? How? you find this page useful? He told me they are the wong size and that is where the clot occurred. You may bleed more than expected or get an infection. MedHelp is not a medical or healthcare provider and your use of this Site does not create a doctor / patient relationship. A. Called office for pain meds and advised to go to the ER. In Jan. 2006, I was having pain when walking. My cardiologist said it was normal to have some discomfort after stent placement but now I'm 3 weeks passed and I'm still having episodes. But, the pain countinued to the point that I have to use motorized shopping carts just to shop!