Happily greeting Josuke on his way to school. Okuyasu tends to Koichi and finds that he's still alive, but not breathing, urging Josuke to heal him first. Okuyasu featured in the second opening, chase. JoJo's Bizarre Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Okuyasu decides to joins Josuke while reflecting on his brother's death. Illustrated headshot of a nervous Okuyasu, Okuyasu's first appearance, assaulting Koichi, Attacking Josuke, about to reveal The Hand's power, Okuyasu erases space to "teleport" Josuke into range, Showing off his flexibility after his stuff shoulder is cured, Okuyasu's vengeful nature against his brother's. Nationality However, they notice that Koichi has wounded his hand and decide to sneak inside the house. This illustrates that The Hand can not only erase space that it touches, but it also can dictate how the neighbouring space is joined together. Okuyasu is prone to punching people whom he dislikes. Boar [14] He currently only has five to six years of savings which he is living off of. I already said you're done. Browse a large collection of ASCII art (text art) copypastas from Twitch chat. Home . In fact, Okuyasu is noticeably more serious and cold during these moments of rage, a fact which makes him frightening to those around him. I’ll show you my Reqweeoom stand when I get back! Later, Okuyasu and Josuke are shocked to see that Tamami has shrunk and somehow has become Koichi's lackey. Brown shoes.). He is seen eating at Tonio's with Stray Cat and his father, in another attempt to cure his father of his condition. The binocular is revealed to be Mikitaka. Origin: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part IV: Diamond is Unbreakable, Classification: Human, Stand User, Student, Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Extrasensory Perception (Capable of seeing ghosts and souls among some other supernatural forces that are normally otherwise invisible), Aura, and Summoning (Of his Stand). The two naturally decide to spy on them, and Okuyasu feels jealous and sympathetic for Koichi's apparent luck. He is paired with Rudol von Stroheim in the Eyes of Heaven Tournament, but was eliminated in the preliminaries by Mariah and Esidisi. Unsure, Okuyasu attacks. Okuyasu in one of the loading animations in, Okuyasu with Josuke during the Summoning animation, Okuyasu Looking For Reassurance From Keicho, Okuyasu After Having His Stand's Ability Used Against Him, Okuyasu Getting Accidentally Attacked By Bad Company, Okuyasu Getting Healed By Josuke's Crazy Diamond, A child Okuyasu With Keicho And Their Parents, Okuyasu Pleading With Keicho To Stop Shooting People With The Arrow, Okuyasu Looking for Reassurance From Josuke, That Keicho Saved Him Death, Okuyasu, Josuke and Koichi, greeting Angelo. They stay close friends and tackle malevolent Stand users together. When Josuke defeats the user, Akira Otoishi, on the docks, Otoishi successfully escapes to the boat, disguising himself as one of the Speedwagon Foundation employees on-board. Twitch Emoticons. Literature. Home; Among Us; CSGO; Ben Shapiro; Trending. His right shoulder has "億" ("Oku", the kanji for 100,000,000) printed in large, light letters between his shoulder and elbow, mirroring the word "BILLION" on his left. He forms a special tag team with Josuke. He is later seen telling Koichi and Josuke about a rumor he heard about Rohan getting caught shoplifting at a Kameyu shop. One day, Okuyasu buys a drink but he is startled by the appearance of a short bug-like Stand. Okuyasu being attacked by a replica of The Hand, which was reflected at him by Super Fly. Among the whole gathering, he was the first to disperse. Den veckovisa insättningsgränsen kommer vara 5 000 SEK. Okuyasu punches Shigechi right in the face. Dio had planted a spore in his head that went out of control the moment he died. Okuyasu along with the other warriors of Morioh. Okuyasu cries uncontrollably after drinking special water. AITA; Coronavirus; Conspiracies; Jokes; Lego city; Reddit; Top 10; Transcript; Text art. 1983[1] Press J to jump to the feed. In their search for Kira's whereabouts, the group goes to his house and encounters his late father Yoshihiro Kira in the form of his own Stand, Atom Heart Father. (. After explaining their story, Keicho is suddenly killed by the Stand Red Hot Chili Pepper, who steals the Bow and Arrow. In a dream, he once again meets with his brother Keicho, who asks Okuyasu where he wants to go. But then Okuyasu feels cured of his sleepiness. Okuyasu attacks and though Red Hot Chili Pepper's speed allows it to land solid punches, the teleportation properties of The Hand's powers take it by surprise and Okuyasu is able to violently stomp it into the ground. Asking what is the matter, Okuyasu is told by Josuke that Red Hot Chili Pepper has visited him last night, which gets on Okuyasu's nerves as he reminded of his brother's killer. Tamami wails, making Okuyasu feel guilty. Shocked by Josuke's power, Tamami flees but takes Koichi's money with him. When the trio tries to validate the ticket at a bank, the banker stubbornly tries to prove their didn't buy it but Josuke manages to overcome this. Okuyasu and Josuke confront an injured Kira about his suspicious condition. Okuyasu has The Hand swipe at an empty space... Okuyasu teleports above Red Hot Chili Pepper to catch it by surprise, Okuyasu is saved from the same fate as Keicho by Josuke, Okuyasu along with the other warriors of Morioh, Preparing to bring down the tower Stand, Super Fly, Okuyasu returns from a seemingly fatal injury to save Josuke, Keicho appears to give Okuyasu a final piece of advice. The U-chan and Nan-chan of food! It does mean that the representative's head is now shaved. On a side note, he likes Italian stuff and hates spicy food, preferring curry with honey and apples. Unnerved, Okuyasu attacks but Rohan is faster and shows him his latest chapter. My big brother, Keicho.