Ohio Skunk Facts. Venomous snakes include the Timber Rattlesnake and Copperhead. Rub into coat and rinse thoroughly with water until coat is clean. Its appearance is similar to the common house cat and can weigh up to 8lbs. 10 Can I move firewood from one Ohio county to another? These animals have 50 sharp teeth with prominent canine teeth that can cause serious injury. All are members of the Mephitidae family, which is Latin for "stench." Baby skunks are descented at an early age (male skunks at 3-4 months old, and females at 4-6 months old), so there is never any concern of them letting loose their musky spray. These reptiles are effective at controlling our mice and rat population in addition to being a good food source for Hawks and other larger predators. They are grizzled black, white, and gray with what looks like a black mask over its eyes. Resurgence:  Thiols, chemicals in the skunk’s musk, become activated in the presence of water, so a dog or clothing that was sprayed, may have some residual odor any time they get wet or in high humidity conditions. Bats are very beneficial to the environment and Ohio is home to 10 bat species. These animals will take the opportunity to den in burrows, brush piles, garages, and attics. Before spraying, they will stamp their front feet as a warning, giving you ample opportunity to back-off. Domestic skunks, on the other hand, can make friendly companions and skunk owners say they make good pets. You may need to shampoo 2-3 times. Rinse with 1C of citrus Listerine diluted with 2C of water. Sign up for the free eNews to keep abreast of the latest stories, news and events. There is no approved rabies vaccine in the U.S., though it is rare for a domestic skunk to contract the infection. These animals are grayish, white in color with a rat-like tail. Its common characteristic is its jet black fur with two lateral white stripes that run down its back from its head to the tip of its tail. All trapped animals must be released on the premises within 24 hours or euthanized according with the law (see section 1501:31-15-03 (E)(3) of the Ohio Administrative Code).. If you are having problems with skunks contact us today to resolve all types of Skunk Problems. Another option is to wear gloves and SLOWLY lower a small rectangular plastic garbage can (with cheese inside as bait) into the well. Thus, creating more damage by contaminating a home’s insulation and compromising the homes R-Factor. These mammals can weigh upwards of 30lbs with a length of 3 feet. Skunks can also be taught to go to the bathroom in a litter box. The striped skunk is species is common throughout the U.S. Skunks commonly will live under structures within urban areas. Skunks become trapped in window wells because they don’t see well and are poor climbers. Will their food source becomes scarce the will get into garbage, pet food dishes, and dig holes in lawns in search of food. 12 Who regulates the sale of firewood? Pest control companies’ common solution to problems is to spray pesticides or put down poison. Once the lawn dries out, the grubs retreat. Not open to the public. Purchase an inexpensive window well cover from the hardware store to prevent future issues. Rinse thoroughly and shampoo within a few minutes of application. In suburban areas the will frequently visit garbage cans, bird feeders, and pet food dishes. The winter mating season is when you see the most problems with squirrels in attics because they are looking for that warm, safe place to birth and raise their young. Feel confident that your nuisance wildlife problem will be solved by calling Ohio’s top nuisance wildlife control company of Xceptional Wildlife Removal! When it rains heavily, or the lawn is over-watered, grubs come to the surface where skunks smell them and start digging. Because of their extreme nearsightedness, they are prone to falling into uncovered window-wells or dumpsters from which they are unable to escape because of their limited agility. Common sounds heard with squirrels in attics and walls are scratching. Some skunk foods like Skunkie Delight add ground turkey to their mix. Place a laundry basket over the babies to keep them from wondering off and contact your nearest licensed wildlife rehabilitator. The Striped Skunk is found throughout Ohio and is a member of the weasel family. In Ohio it is illegal to relocate trapped skunks. These animals like to den high of the ground which makes attics and buildings a perfect spot for them to take advantage of. These decreasing snake populations are believed to be a result of snake collection for hides, killing, and habitat destruction. Before thinking about getting a pet skunk, check state laws and make sure they are legal to own in your area. They include the more southern spotted skunk, and the southwestern hooded and hog-nosed skunks. If you encounter these two snake species they should not be harmed.