2019 Brought us 2 beautiful baby boys into our She has actually been raised with goats and she safeguards them well. $100. Location: Adrian. We maintain a CAE/CL/Johne’s-free herd, confirmed through yearly testing. We raise Oberhasli goats, an alpine dairy breed listed as status "recovering" by The Livestock Conservancy. Preparing for our trip, we decided to put Two does (2 and7 yrs old) and a whether (6 months), purebred Oberhasli but no papers. ADGA registered/ Up to date on CD&T and rabies vaccines. The Oberhasli is a dairy goat developed in the mountainous regions of Switzerland. $400. No known health problems. I have wethers and one doe. Also have a 6 mo old doeling she grafted that was a triplet. Contact me for more info, Beautiful Oberhasli Doelings. Parakeets Would make a great pet. Opal was bred AI to Heaven's Hollow Sochi but the Boer buck got into their pen so we'll find out when she kids who the father is. up to date on vaccines. Oberhasli Goats For Sale In Missouri December 14, 2015 - Missouri , Oberhasli Goats You've found the “Missouri Oberhasli Goat Breeders” page here at Hobby Farm Wisdom! Our Chestnut Project, Webhosting provided by extra large group of doe kids from the Spring as well as some of our Has had girl and boy twins every year, never had any kidding problems. Born on April 7/th, 2015. I have one baby black & white male $70. Please visit our website for a full list of products and herd information. Looking to sell all three as a group. Also in that group is Brettz, 11 years For Sale success. Both Paige and Annabelle have the same sire, Rachelsie Sento Del Sol ("Dels"), seen below. This group is to help others find other Oberhasli Dairy goat breeders. Proven herd guards. Obsidian is being dried off but Samantha is still milking. Contact us to add your name to our waiting list of future owners of these wonderful dairy breeds! 2017 Oberhasli… Please email me for more information and to discuss pricing. Life is so full with this family of now 12 grandchildren! Location: Fort Valley memories of those trips. Dams produce 1 gallon per day in the prime part of the season.CAE/CL/Johnes FREE - this is a closed herd.$200 each, must adopt at least two as they are herd animals and w, Alpine, Oberhasli ADGA Dairy Goats. Great for first timers and old timers alike! She has been raised with goats and she safeguards them well. Bucks //]]> grateful to have placed some hopeful animals in the care of several On this page you'll find a complete list of Oberhasli goat breeders in the USA. I have two baby pygmy female goats for sale. Located north of Spokane, Washington. Toggenburgs are known for their milk production which is high. Oberhasli Dairy Goat Breeders has 724 members. Prices start at the below prices. Come from a clean test, Herd Dispersal Sale:Registered Oberhasli Dairy Goats4 Does in milk - $300 each1 yearling buck from national champion milk producer - $3006 doe kids - $100 each2 wether kids - $50 each1 4-yr-old wether very tame and good brush eater - FREEPhotos on request, Let’s discuss 4 young Oberhasli does. If you are interested in a specific breeding, please let me know and I will record your name in order to contact you first when an animal becomes available. Does will make excellent milkers - come from extremely good milk lines. need cash... We have a few Reg pygmy goats and a few non reg available. We sometimes have kids for sale. We have very limited Oberhasli breeding stock for sale every Spring. Obsidian is bred to a boer buck and Samantha is hopefully AIed to an oberhasli buck, otherwise a boer buck too. We primarily focus on show-quality Oberhasli dairy goats due to their beauty and gentle and quiet nature. Easy milkers! $150.00 for the doe. The Nubian Doe ( no papers ) comes from fancy dairy genetics, as Does the Oberhasli Buck ( I have papers for him ) I have many little mixed breed bucklings with various percentages; mostly Alpine, La Mancha, Saanan, all bred to the Oberhasli.