On Pay As You Go, £149.00 Ends 2 Dec. £99.00 from £10 for 4GB – lasts for 30 days). 3 is the best option so far, I have been on their payasyougo sim for over a decade and spend hardly £5 a year if that, as I have a home phone and nowadays wifi allows calls on other platforms. Now like sleep O2 want to shaft ppl who just want to make calls and texts occasionally. £25.00 If by any chance these o2 pay and go … I Sell the classic o2 sim card on ebay ive spoken to o2 they assure me that all classics I have in stock will be honoured if you require o2 classic sim card for mobile phone or tracking unit visit ebay and search item number 323873641211 On Pay As You Go, £329.00 I tweeted O2 that’s what they said. By comparison EE tends to sell PAYG access in “packs” (similar to Big Bundles) that expire every 30 days, which cost from £10 a pop (2GB of data, 100 mins and unlimited texts). to compare, 0 devices added If you don’t top up, or add a Bolt On at least once in any six month period, your mobile will be disconnected and you’ll lose any credit on your account. On Pay As You Go, £249.00 Perhaps that is the date this product is being withdrawn for existing Classic PAYG users? I don’t want a bundle as it’s really not going to get used much, just regular PAYG charges. something like 15 to 16 years 3 devices max, Get a refund or exchange if you change your mind within 14 days, In relation to consumer credit, Telefónica UK Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (Reference Number 718822), Enter your mobile number below and we'll send you a code, If you've not received a code after 10 minutes we can. If the above o2 pay and go apn settings you should be able to browser the internet and send multimedia messages (pictures, videos, voice messages, etc) on your o2 mobile phone. This might sound like a lot but once you’ve spent £1 in a day, you won’t be charged a penny more until midnight. It’s on the PAYG SIMs page of their website under the Big Bundles. On Pay As You Go, £699.00 O2 custom plans; O2 Recycle; Click and collect; Perks . we have enough stock to last until around jan 2020. On Pay As You Go. If you want to be reconnected you’ll be given a new mobile number. Our Pay As You Go Big Bundles now offer customers the freedom to talk and text as much as they would like, while choosing the data they want.”. On Pay As You Go, £20.00 On Pay As You Go, £399.00 I think that O2 are the best Network!! Scam Warning -On checking my bank account online I noticed 3 debits from O2 PAY & GO UK 08702410202 OF 2 X £10.00 AND 1 X £20.00. So what happens when the add-on expires? And does this new rule also apply to existing classic holders, or is it just for these remaining stock since they stopped the tariff in November, Thanks, O2 Have stated to me that all my cards will be honoured even though they stopped issuing new cards on 7th November The cookies we use include analytics and advertising cookies. On Pay As You Go. On Pay As You Go, £19.99 The new bundles all come with unlimited calls + texts (even on the new entry-level £5 option) and seemingly bigger data allowances, which still include a useful data roll-over to the next month for any unused allowance. See our cookie policy and find out how to manage cookies. £169.00 we have enough stock to last until around nov 2020 This item O2 (UK) Pay As You Go Sim Card (standard/micro/nano sizes) UK Vodafone SIM Card Fast 4G Data,Unlimited mins and Texts, Free Roaming in Europe. I wonder how long those of us on the Classic tariff will be allowed to keep it? On Pay As You Go, £1.50 I Sell the classic o2 sim card on ebay ive spoken to o2 they assure me that all classics I have in stock will be honoured if you require o2 classic sim card for mobile phone or tracking unit visit ebay and search item number 323873641211 This is call O2 Priority and is free to all pay as you go and pay monthly customers. You will not be allowed to switch back to the classic tarrif after you have left. BarclaysNow is a colleague app helping people across the firm to manage tasks. I looked at the eBay SIMS but this suggests that its a top-up every 6-months. Good job I am with 3 as I only top up about every 6/9 months with a fiver 1, you have credit but do not make a paid call in 6 month period My sim is currently on Classic PAYG. On Pay As You Go, £829.00 In case, you do not wish to top up in every 6 months and you have credit than you can also add a chargeable bolt on such a more minutes which will cost you £1 and give 50 minutes valid until midnight same day. 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Carry on browsing without changing your settings if you agree to our use of cookies. Alternatively Three UK now appear to be the only one of the largest four major networks to still be offering a more traditional PAYG plan, which charges 3p per min for a call, 2p for a text, 1p for a MB of data and there are add-ons for extra data (mobile broadband) if you want (e.g. Save £60, was £179, in our Black Friday sale. With Classic Pay As You Go, you pay for what you use, as you go. On Pay As You Go. Ends 2 Dec. £49.00 On Pay As You Go, £1239.00 Just get a call to pick her up from the railway station This is what they said: You would need to top up and make chargeable call or text once in every 6 months to keep the tariff and sim card active. Ends 30 December. I reported it to my bank and put a stop on any more payments coming out as I do not have a pay&go … Was £149, now £99, in our Black Friday sale. We understand that for some customers, having the freedom and flexibility of being on a contract-free tariff is important. Ends 2 December. On Pay As You Go, £79.00 On Pay As You Go, £919.00 Manage your account 24/7 with My O2 *Each year your Airtime Plan will be adjusted on your April bill by the RPI rate of inflation announced in the preceding Feb. See o2.co.uk/prices. It certainly doesn’t appear that they are honouring traditional PAYG.