Signature Series plates: 8. If you are fixing these to your car, you must surrender your old plates to TasPlates in an envelope provided for you, or at a Service Tasmania shop. Custom Traditional black introduced. These plates are in the series TX-400 which can be found on any type of taxi, and TX-900 and above are reserved for, and bear the legend 'Restricted Taxi', which is for the use of Wheelchair Accessible Taxis which have an obligation to give priority to wheelchair-disabled persons. Black on coloured plates base introduced. There are also numerous plate styles - everything from sports logos to “I LOVE…”. AA-000, AA-0000, AAA-000, 000-AAA will be used. Last to be abolished. Prestige plates (All acrylic Plates with Aluminium Frames): 10. Stephen, Hi Philip There are also slimline front versions of the above which are 100mm rather than 135mm. Choose from 32 different background colours. October – Serenity New age style plates and Statement Plates released – # SAMPLE, @ SAMPLE and I (love) SAMPLE. Available in one size only 305mm wide and 155mm high. Choose from a range of different sizes and colours. Over 100 styles to choose from! I can't decide between the "JDM classic" or "JDM plate" the classic looks more like a real Japanese numberplate but I just think the JDM plate with all the writing at the bottom looks better. I’m so sorry I had totally lost track of time and forgot to mention that the plate bracket had arrived. What's New. Having your car collected Front and back maximum size: 134mm high x 372mm wide, 372mm wide x 100mm high (front), 372mm wide x 133mm high (rear), Standard narrow size - 291mm wide x 134mm high, Slimline narrow size - 291mm wide x 100mm high. Standard size only available 372mm x 132mm, One Digit Heritage Plates are 197mm wide x 114mm high, Two Digit Heritage Plates are 203mm wide x 114mm high, Three Digit Heritage Plates are 228mm wide x 114mm high, Four Digit Heritage Plates are 338mm wide x 114mm high, Five Digit Heritage Plates are 406mm wide x 114mm high, Six Digit Heritage Plates are 456mm wide x 114mm high, Small motorcycle available in aluminium only are 190mm wide x 100mm high, Normal motorcycle aluminium & polycarbonate are 254mm wide x 100mm high, Slimline aluminium & polycarbonate are 372mm wide x 100mm high, 1/2 size aluminium & polycarbonate are 190mm wide x 134mm high, 3/4 size aluminium & polycarbonate are 315mm wide x 134mm high, Normal size aluminium are 372mm wide x 134mm high, Normal size polycarbonate are 375mm wide x 134mm high, Slim line aluminium - 372mm wide x 100mm high, Standard front and back are 372mm wide x 134mm high, Slim line front and back are 372mm wide x 100mm high, Slim line front is 372mm wide x 100mm and standard rear is 372mm wide x 134mm high, This plate series is only available in 372mm wide x 134mm high, Full size Europlate measures 520mm wide x 111.8mm high, Baby Europlate measures 372mm wide x 100mm high. The complexity is also reduced for all parties involved. You have the option … be available outside of our usual opening hours. Thank you big time! Personalised plate prices start from $299 but they vary depending on style. Custom Plates introduced initially as NSW-THE PREMIER STATE in black on reflective lemon base. Be the first to get the latest styles and offers delivered straight into your inbox . 28 May 2017 Classic Stripes range released in 7 stripes colour choices. rain/showers here in Brisbane. Examples include FR.nnn for Frankland in, MO-n, MO-nn, and MO-nnn (other buses) - Black on Yellow, H-n, H-nn and H-nnn (chauffeur-driven hire cars) - Black on Yellow. V8 Supercar plates have been removed from sale effective 22 July 2019. 372mm x 133mm (6 characters with optional diamond), 315mm x 133mm (5 characters with optional diamond). Due to the fact that new sizes are regularly being introduced, there may be sizes which aren't yet shown here. The current NSW Historic Registration scheme differs from other Australian States, primarily with respect to the Historic Number Plates issued and the use of existing or personalised plates under this conditional registration scheme. BlackCarbon fibre added for Euro Premium and slimline premium range. 0000A to 5999A for trailers—available from January 2017—using full premium embossed dies. 2 Oct 2016 2016 Premiers Cronulla Sharks released. It was time consuming. Find out more in the ‘Attaching & Removing’ section here. During opening hours request a call back by entering your telephone number below. %PDF-1.6 %���� Archive View Return to standard view. 20 July 2020 - Cute, Camo and Sport & Leisure range launched. 8 October 2019 - 2019 NRL Premier Roosters added and A League Soccer plates updated. For more details visit this link. *��~o�.aH%V��/�����*�-zmg���By�����G}hq��Bฒ�52y6�Oޝ�'5N�7. nnn. There are numerous styles available – everything from sports & leisure to cause and chic. This size is ideal for many European vehicles which have a wider but shallower mounting recess for the plate. Personalised plate prices - $180 one off fee. When you purchase a custom or personalised number plate, they come with an optional contract. We've listed the sizes from information supplied by the appropriate state/territory authorities. I received my bracket today and it fits perfectly. Read More . Centenary of Federation plates available for 12 months ABC-123, AB-123 & AB-1234 and CF series 1901-CF to 2001-CF were offered in reflective embossed white characters. Recently the ACT government has issued over 100 plates which are leased from the government, cannot be traded or transferred, and are leased for a term of four years, with one renewal available. Rest of NRL plates not yet updated. Hello Philip The majority of the car plates are 372mm in width and height varies by style. I design and manufacture, to-order, Custom number plate brackets and stock the Prestige range of Kingpin number plate covers. Find out about further sizes here. If you’re looking to get one of your own, here’s all you need to know about personalised car number plates in your state: You can order your custom rego using this form. menu Whirlpool Go to navigation. You can browse them here. 183 0 obj <>stream Certain restrictions about combinations have been put in place to prevent people from designing plates which appear too much like numeral-only plates which are auctioned off separately (e.g. Personalised plates in NSW reached 50 years since the launch. Choose your personalised car plates here. Background . 1992–2012 – Adhesive sticker label with vehicle details reinstated in yellow L shaped area. N-CSTM1 was conducted. Special plates are available with up to 5 or 6 characters. About CarTakeBack. Yes, but you must go to an Access Canberra shop with all plates and advise that you wish to store your plate and pay the required fee. Veteran cars built before 1919: ACT VETERAN CAR - nnn, Vintage cars built from 1919 to 1930: ACT VINTAGE CAR - nnn, Historic cars built after 1931 and more than 30 years old: ACT HISTORIC CAR - nnn. Standard plates: 2. Alternatively, you can search our website below: 1800 678 175 Yes, you can get custom plates for fun and display purposes. Re-use is the AB-123 & 12-ABC blocks have been removed from NRL range following complaints of character spacing. My sincere thanks and gratitude to you Philip. David Cherry, Caboolture - Kia Rio. You can order plates in a range of background colours, letters and styles of plate - everything from football teams to zodiac signs. You’ll need tools and screws with you if you’re collecting plates for the car you’re driving there. 2. Search. Trailers have moved to 0000A to 5999A replacing the three numeric blocks. Taxi plates in the ACT numbered below TX-300 are plates which can be traded, and are estimated to be worth around $200,000. Designs have been amended in readiness for release—Original JDM now called JDM Classic while the other JDM is a new design, NSW at top while the bottom is in Japanese inscription and is designed to accommodate 2X2X2 combinations. Regards Black Euro introduced, and an auction custom i.e. 159 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<2668CA0CC4F3F68CE6ED994B37C9D59D><3FD53E44DA680F44851BDCC04DC65D62>]/Index[133 51]/Info 132 0 R/Length 113/Prev 221807/Root 134 0 R/Size 184/Type/XRef/W[1 2 1]>>stream 1 January 2013 – Registration labels abolished for light vehicles – cars, trailers, cycles and caravans. View the ranges. In 1992, it changed to self-adhesive printed on registration certificates and continues for heavy vehicles after the abolition of labels for light vehicles. Choose from a range of sizes and colours. You can order your special/personalised plates at MVR here. 1973–1984 – Redesigned label showing month in middle, particular details on top of label on one line only and NEW SOUTH WALES moved to the top & Date of expiry moved to right hand side. Listed on this page are the specifications of plate sizes we are aware of in the various Australian states and territories. Personalised plates allow you to select your own letters and numbers and apply … h�bbd``b`�^@�i;���� Your preferred plate can be a combination of numbers and letters, up to a maximum of 7 characters for a car. I will be recommending your business to my family and friends. The label was a wet application type soaked in cold water which was then applied to the glass, then squeegeed with a clean sponge to remove remaining gum on the label. 28 May 2020 - NRL Plates relaunched, 4 Comic range choices launched. Yes, you can buy plates for fun or collections. Mobile costs may vary. Browse them. With all the instructions so clear there should be no problem fitting and I should be mobile again quite soon. Automotive. Premium slimline personalised plates were introduced and was offered in combinations – AB-123, AB-1234, ABC-123 & CUSTOM, RSL Plates in green on mid yellow – "NSW Lest We Forget", Sydney Olympic Games Plates – "Share the Spirit" in black on white with blue band on bottom and the Sydney Olympic Logo – ABC-123, AB-123 & AB-1234, Due to popular demand, Olympic slimlines introduced – ABC-123, AB-123 & AB-1234. They are up to your usual high standard and fit perfectly with the correct fittings and clearances. 2 forms of identification.   LAKIN Custom Plate Brackets is a small business, located on the North Central Coast of Tasmania, in the town of Ulverstone. Choose from black, blue or white for your letter/number colour. I keep coming back and recommend highly to other motoring enthusiasts. Vehicle dimension limits Purpose This Vehicle Standards Information (VSI) No. Whirlpool. Bike rack plates If the rear number plate of your vehicle is obscured by a bike or bike rack, you must either: mount the number plate elsewhere, or; purchase a special bike rack plate. The auction has since been completed. The range of prices can be found here. Standard Signature Plates are 255mm wide x 137mm high, Slimline Signature Plates: are 255mm wide x 105mm high, Standard Prestige Plates: are 372mm wide x 130mm high, Slimline Prestige Plates: are 372mm wide x 100mm high. Launch date is now confirmed for 27 June 2016. Personalised plate prices start from $165 but they vary by combination and format. June – Prestige plates introduced in 2009 has been removed from sale as now no longer offered. 2014 Premiership plates launched 6 October, formerly called Bright Lights now relaunched as. 1 July 2018 - Registration labels abolished for heavy vehicles and conditional registration. Get an instant price for your car online now. Slimline Euro plates: 5. See colour chart. La personne qui a lancé cette pétition a décidé d'agir. All plates range changed to reflective bases. Slimline plates are 380 mm long x 105mm high. Art range – 7 selected designs were launched. As of 1 October 2010, Plate Marketing Pty Ltd (formerly part of the LicenSys group) has been appointed to manage and operate the myPlates business under a 15-year partnering arrangement.