However, I can imagine that this particular ass did not go gently in that night but in fact suffered a slow and painful death. Implying that someone might be a dry shite to their face will guarantee you the cold shoulder for the next few weeks. By being an absolute wagon. Ger Leddin. The meaning has mutated quite a bit these days, now used to refer to a person who’s acting foolishly. Share Tweet Whatsapp Pinterest Mail. , 400px wide Perhaps it’s our ancient belief in pishogues, ancient sorcery and witchcraft? Then again, you could be the sort of person who wears the word proudly around your neck. , supports the work of the Press Council of Ireland and the Office of the Press Ombudsman, and our staff operate within the Code of Practice. Source: Brian Lawless/PA Wire/Press Association Images. Stop trying to cause trouble for no reason, Often heard in school meaning trying to be a teacher’s pet, He is an unpleasant person that’s hard to get along with, often male. 10. Ger Leddin is a journalist from Limerick Ireland. If you grew up in Ireland or around Irish people you would undoubtedly have heard many of these Irish insults. This list of Irish insults is actually on a small selection of the many… many phrases which seem to have no origin. To embed this post, copy the code below on your site, 600px wide Calling someone a bleedin’ tick is fighting talk, plain and simple. A formula or charm intended to cause such misfortune to another and the act of reciting such a formula.”. Here are some of the best ones of the bunch (the sheer volume of insults in this country means it’s impossible to catch them all) and ranked them order of severity. The suffix ‘-bottle’ can be added for extra venom. You may change your settings at any time but this may impact on the functionality of the site. But perhaps if the mother mentioned above was more cognizant of the origin of the word perhaps she might think twice before employing its use. Even being “a bit of a bollix” is too much. Your mam shouting ‘EEJIT!’ at you for not hanging out the washing like she asked? “Ah you’re after breaking it! You shouldn’t get too upset if a friend throws this at you, unless of course they’re actually angry. If work was a bed, you’d sleep on the floor. 7. You’re as sharp as a beach ball. More details on the Irish insults that you should know: Geebag – An unpleasant or foolish person. When you were born you were so ugly the nurse slapped your mother. “Go ‘way from those biscuits and help your father, ye gombeen.”. You shouldn’t get too upset if a friend throws this at you unless of course, they’re actually angry. Other great Irish insults include: 6. Look, friendships are not going to fall apart if one calls the other a dope. Being called a gobshite is a sure-fire sign that you’ve done something almost unforgivably stupid, something that could have repercussions for more people than just yourself. You’re as thick as manure but only half as useful. Anyway, let’s take a look at some notable curses, starting with the most popular. As with Insult No.3, this one can be an effective insult precisely because it can cut a little too close to the bone. Internet meaning – Geebag (plural geebags) (Ireland, slang) A person who enjoys sex, usually female. Culture Guides Ireland. You see, Feck also known as the good F-word and used to express emotions as diverse as annoyance, impatience, surprise or even as above, affection is a 1990’s euphemistic substitute for the bad F word which also ends with a K, yeah, you know the one, which has an etymology dating back hundreds of years to early Germanic dialects — German ficken (to fuck); Dutch fokken (to breed, to beget); dialectal Norwegian fukka (to copulate). A stubborn, unpleasant person that’s hard to get along with, often male. Whatever. 9. Often pronounced ‘tick’. When you delve deeper into Irish curses, the first thing you notice is that heaven and hell feature prominently. Your father would definitely call you this if you were getting up to mischief at home. Then, of course, we are expert at taking the Queen’s English and completely ripping it apart then putting it back together in a way that would have Shakespeare reaching for his dictionary while simultaneously spinning in his grave. A person who looks unattractive, unkempt – it can also imply that their life itself is a shambles. P. S. As in “You’re” some fecker! ‘Lickarse’ is what you called the teacher’s pet behind their back, or indeed to their face, and is nearly always meant to hurt. ‘Dope’ is pretty self-explanatory – yet another term for a stupid or ignorant person. A term of endearment for people who are silly, or a bit of an idiot. A face that would drive rats from a barn. | You’re as thick as manure but only half as useful. Taken from the Irish word ‘gaimbín’ (meaning ‘monetary interest’) the straight translation of this word is ‘a mean, underhanded, corrupt person’. If you were wishing someone well or thanking them profusely, you might say “may you be in heaven an hour before the Devil knows you’re dead.”. An unpleasant or foolish person. Don’t go there. We would advise you not to be yelling it at your dearest friends any time soon. Get your weekly dose of Irish straight to your inbox every Friday. If work was a bed, you’d sleep on the floor. Sites: Such a lickarse!”. Feb 2, 2016. And how will they retaliate? You don’t want to become known as a bollix. A fairly handy phrase to learn especially as while the recipient is trying to work out what you mean you can be making your swift getaway. (Especially if the Irish person in question is from County Kerry.) We surely missed a few, so if you've any to add to our little list let us know in the comments. Like other such abbreviations everywhere, it is often used for convenience, as a friendly nickname, or as self-description, usually without any offense being intended, and usually without any offense being taken.