New York, Bolloxed, a popular no-commentary channel, thinks that seeing as demos have “gone, playthroughs on YouTube [are] a popular alternative”. Questions. Hello , in order to keep you informed : My channel WITH commentary was just monetized yesterday ! where did Mary Kate and Ashley go after full house. Thank you for signing up to GamesRadar+. Future US, Inc. 11 West 42nd Street, 15th Floor, When you have to pay £12 for a movie ticket or subscribe to an online streaming service to get your dose of pop culture, the availability of game playthroughs online are for many a free alternative too good to ignore. Playthroughs bridge the gap between films and games, the former presenting you with incredible spectacles and the latter giving you the chance to be part of it. Those YouTube videos of games that are like 5+ hours long with no editing or commentary. I watch a few large gaming channels that are monetized with no commentary. I just want to watch game play, not listen to some dude babbling over the top of it. Even if you are tempted by the game, dropping $45 on it can seem like a lot, so playthroughs become a useful preview tool to test out whether they’re worth it. Receive mail from us on behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors? SMG #1 Social Media Services Provider YT, IG, FB, TW, SC and Many MORE. Small actions like that are just one of the reasons why they’ve got such a loyal fanbase. You can sit down and watch 8 hours of gameplay in one video if you want to, its ‘longplay’ format meaning viewers don’t have to bother searching for the next video and can just sit back and relax. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Sometimes it’s because - and I can sympathise with this - they simply can’t bring themselves to play. Call of Duty:World at War - Epic Flamethrower Mission! Creators maintain the personality of the character they’re controlling throughout their gameplay. It’s somewhat comparable to watching a horror film - you wouldn’t want to find yourself inside one, but you still want to see what happens all the same. It could be because they don't see a point in watching gameplay that is not informative, entertaining or shows skill, which I'll agree with to some extent. ... Mkiceandfire, etc, are successful with no commentary gaming, and those are the people who inspired me to even start a youtube channel. Notify me about new: Guides. Learn more. Well, to start off, I’m not talking about the gaming videos YouTube influencers churn out. Especially considering that some trailers may not include gameplay footage and end up fooling players that the whole game is going to look like one giant cutscene (*cough* Aliens: Colonial Marines *cough*). I watch a few large gaming channels that are monetized with no commentary. YouTube as a platform also lets its creators immediately see feedback from their audience, meaning that the viewers know that their voice has a greater chance of being heard. GamesRadar+ is part of Future US Inc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. You know the ones I'm talking about! © IDK, maybe they can help monetize you or something. its a channel about a fortnite ! This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. Commentary keeps your gaming videos into the "fair use" category (although that doesn't always stop copyright strikes from certain publishers). Please refresh the page and try again. If you see Tyrion walking through an intriguing street in Kings’ Landing you can’t exactly make him stop so you can drink in all the detail. Paralysed by fear isn’t just a turn of phrase: walking through the asylum in Outlast takes a lot of guts., Even now I still get offers from networks to join. There are already millions of channels with no commentary gameplay. Channel Type Gamer Oct 18, 2013 #1 I know, it really is more entertaining to have someones commentary over games such as GTA V, Beyond, etc, but I don't get the hate for no commentary gameplay. Get the best gaming deals, reviews, product advice, competitions, unmissable gaming news and more! This can be quite time consuming at times as you often have to do several 'takes' of a level if you die or do it badly for example”. What on earth, I hear you asking, makes no-commentary playthroughs special? JavaScript is disabled. But why watch a playthrough of a game when there are so many award-winning movies and TV shows out there? Whether it’s searching for all the collectables in the game, or emphasising the fact that they explore all dialogue branches, viewers can pick and choose a playthrough to match how they’d play the game. Watching playthroughs is a way to feel like part of the gaming world, and hunting them down - then admitting you watch them to people who have their own consoles - demonstrates initiative, passion, and patience. Solved: Commentary volume is all the way up on in game settings. With no-commentary playthroughs, however, some creators have become conscious that their audience mostly want to soak up as much detail as possible, so have begun to mention in their descriptions just how much depth they go into. Here’s to hoping they don’t go the way of demos and die out anytime soon. It's possible but without commentary, your video must be in high quality. (Burn em out) Sometimes viewers even skip most of the gameplay: “several of our most popular videos are cutscenes and gameplay stitched together to make makeshift movies”, says RabidRetrospectGames. Although, I rarely have to do this since most games don't get a claim on my channel when I do no commentary. GamesRadar+ is supported by its audience. Hello, its possible to get monetization approved for gaming channel without commentary ? Atlanta, Georgia, United States About Youtuber 'King of the … Quietly bubbling on YouTube is gaming’s silent majority. If you have, then you’ll already have something in common with YouTube’s playthrough community. Lego Super Mario sets - the best prices and deals, HyperX headsets guide: get some of the best game audio in your setup. Users can pause and read them for themselves, maintaining the quick pace during an efficient playthrough without overlooking a substantial part of their audience. Gaming Youtube Channels that are big with no commentary? well its like your putting no work into it if your not commentating, what would separate you from everyone else? There was a problem. I just want to watch game play, not listen to some dude babbling over the top of it. I know, it really is more entertaining to have someones commentary over games such as GTA V, Beyond, etc, but I don't get the hate for no commentary gameplay. Edit: Ok since people are being intentionally obtuse, here's what I mean: I find these sorts of videos problematic because it's a straight rebroadcast of a game and its content with no other purpose. JavaScript is disabled. Although sometimes it’s easy to forget you’re not playing the game yourself, as the HUD around the edges of the screen is far from invasive. Comfortably wedged between the two, playthroughs remind the audience that if you want to, you can experience it for yourself. Visit our corporate site. I have one series on my channel that has no commentary. RabidRetrospectGames, one of the biggest no commentary channels on YouTube (currently they have over 250,000 subscribers), is of the opinion that “some YouTubers out there have a tendency to ruin whatever it is that they are playing by talking over key elements to whatever it is that they are playing”. I heard there's a website that offers crypto to Streamers. Any ideas how to resolve But you're getting views, so obviously some do prefer non-commentary gaming. Ever binge-watched a series on Netflix? No-commentary playthroughs exist to turn games into movies, making them one big spectacle you can sit back and watch in one go. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Many YouTubers realise that their viewers are hankering for the story, so some have started to hold key notes, text, and objects up on the screen for a couple of seconds. You must log in or register to reply here. As Bolloxed pointed out, people who watch no commentary videos are “only interested in the content of the game, not the player”, but that doesn’t mean that what you’re watching is dull. Instead it reminds the audience that they’re watching a game being controlled from behind the scenes, recorded for their entertainment. This is by far the most successful series on my channel. With stories just as good as blockbuster films or successful TV shows, games offer the same entertainment value as their big-screen competitors. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer, The global authority on all things PlayStation. Just like movies, to a certain extent playthroughs are about acting too. Plus, no commentary channels prefer to get their playthroughs up as quickly as possibly in longplay format, meaning there’s no waiting around for new episodes to appear. Along with the fact that in most RPGs it’s up to the player to explore as much as they want, no-commentary playthroughs are also a way to bring the audience closer to the story and setting. I just think they're out for the money. The ‘no-commentary playthrough’ genre is quite different from tuning in to hear your favourite personality scream at Five Nights at Freddy’s, spawning ‘lols’ and ‘bants’ along the way. For some, having someone talking over playthroughs is like sitting next to a chatterbox in the cinema. Well, to start off, I’m not talking about the gaming videos YouTube influencers churn out. Cheats. The Rad Brad | Walkthrough Youtuber. 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This is a no commentary gaming channel, where you will find all the latest trailers, retro and current walkthroughs / playthroughs! NY 10036. For many, these playthroughs are their primary exposure to the world of video games.