Kliff Kingsbury was great in college, but Pioli regretted not paying attention to the man’s small hands, which would have let them know at the time he would be unsuccessful, since the common sense is arger hands help a quarterback grip the ball more firmly. Alabama QB Tua Tagovailoa measured in at 6-foot even and 217 pounds, per source. Like us on Facebook to see similar stories, USPS processed 150K ballots after Election Day, People are painting their walls more now — and these are their go-to colors. Mallett is of course a well known superstar in the NFL who has enjoyed enormous success with the Patriots, Texans, and the Ravens, starting a total of eight games and throwing for a career total nine touchdowns and 10 interceptions. Hand size: 9 7/8 inches. So with that in mind, how does your hand span measurement compare to that of an NFL player? They drafted a quarterback with small hands. It’s just common sense. But I cannot for the life of me find where Brady (hand size 9 3/8 inches) falls on the NFL QB spectrum. Where will he end up? Yup, it's measurement season. •This is a solid goal for any kid trying to make it to the NFL. Want to make sure an NFL / CFL or D1 team knows your true hand size? The 2020 NFL Combine in Indianapolis is here, folks. I can find some stats: Vick's are 8 1/2 and are considered very small, Luck has 10, Brees is over 10, etc. Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links in this article. won't be ready to throw at the event this week. Darnold's hand size fits right in middle of group.Jared Goff - 9 inchesPaxton Lynch - 10 1/4 inchesPatrick Mahomes - 9 1/4 inchesMitchell Trubisky - 9 1/2 inchesDeshaun Watson - 9 3/4 inchesCarson Wentz - 10 inches https://t.co/xbwQLFLvwl. Although he won't be ready to throw at the event this week, he'll still be meeting with teams looking to calm their worries about his surgically-repaired hip. Wonderlic scores and additional information will be added as wonderlic rumors and further combine results become available in … Show full articles without "Continue Reading" button for {0} hours. — Tom Pelissero (@TomPelissero) February 24, 2020 (Hue Jackson, who told reporters recently he likes a QB with a 10-inch hand, agrees!) The relationship between hand height and size, comparison of athletes’ hands, and the largest hands ever measured. As hand size is becoming more of an evaluation process for QB / WR’s – make sure to add this verified video to your HUDL or recruiting page.Full article at www.ronwhitcombqb.com Alabama QB Tua Tagovailoa measured in at 6-foot even and 217 pounds, per source. •In conclusion the average size of an NFL player is about 6’2” 245 lbs. Especially in bad weather. 1 overall by the Bengals, Tagovailoa shouldn't have to wait long to hear his name called. For comparison, Russell Wilson is 5-11, 215 pounds. So from everything that we know about hand size and future success, and even by just looking at this group of quarterbacks in particular, we can definitely say that Darnold will be successful ... or not. It’s almost like quarterbacks having a big set of hands doesn’t mean much of anything when determining if a QB is going to be good or not. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. Something that was clear with the case of Deshaun Watson, whose hands were big, just not as big as Lynch’s. It would have been boring in years past but not in 2020. That's like Nick Foles' penis x5 wrapping around your hand … I got 10 1/16. That same ESPN story references Ryan Mallett, who had the largest hands among quarterbacks of the 2011 combine, with his hands measured at 10 3/4 inches. Pioli contrasted Kingsbury — who had the smallest hands at the combine — with Tom Brady, who has huge, enormous hands (the biggest hands) and was famously drafted in the sixth round because everyone knew he would be successful: “We asked him to come to New England in inclement weather and try to throw the football and control the football; where you have someone like Tom Brady, who has an enormous hand ... You look at the pictures of Tommy holding a football, part of his accuracy is based on his hand size.”, Reminder: Never forget what Gil Brandt tweeted about Teddy Bridgewater and Jimmy Garopollo's hand size. Manuel (10 3/8), Christian Ponder (10 1/4), Tim Tebow (10 1/8), Blaine Gabbert (10), Josh Freeman (10), T.J. Yates (10 1/4), Paxton Lynch (10 1/4), Nate Sudfeld (9 7/8), and Jacoby Brissett (9 3/4). End the video with a still picture that clearly shows the two “marked dots” with the ruler clearly showing the measurement. When’s the last time you picked up a ballpoint pen and it wouldn’t write? 2020 NFL combine full measurements: Wide receivers Teams While his 6-0 height isn't prototypical for an NFL signal caller, that didn't affect him in the SEC, and it won't bring him down in the pros. pic.twitter.com/SvPbFikmHY. In the ESPN story, Scott Pioli, the general manager of the Atlanta Falcons and former vice president of player personnel for the New England Patriots, lamented a bad decision he was part of during his Patriots tenure. NBA mock draft 2020: LaMelo Ball is trying to hold on to No. Saints-Bucs? Make sure to keep the video rolling with zero breaks, and focus clearly at the end on the 'dot' measurements next to your ruler. The first thing pundits will take notice of is Tua's hands size, and his 9 7/8-inch mitts are relatively impressive (Justin Herbert ranked just above him, at 10 inches). Back in 2014, there was an ESPN report about the importance of big hands for an NFL quarterback.There’s a lot of these reports every year, because the NFL … Unless there is. Please also read our Privacy Notice and Terms of Use, which became effective December 20, 2019. Check out the height, weight, hand length, arm length and wingspan of all the receivers at the combine. Mallett joins other notable huge hands success stories such as Johnny Manziel (9 7/8), Mark Sanchez (10 1/2), E.J. We'll find out in late April. For those that are interested, the largest hands in the NFL belong to: DeForest Buckner Who had them measured at 11 3/4 inches in 2016. 1 overall pick status. The expanded tables include Hand Size and Arm Length in a sortable fashion by popular request. His lack of big hands means that he is destined to fail like Paxton Lynch or succeed Carson Wentz. There’s a lot of these reports every year, because the NFL Combine is an exercise in measurement, testing, and quantification, and all of those measurements and tests have to have some purpose. And as he enters conversations with GMs, his measurements will already make him stand out. an ESPN report about the importance of big hands for an NFL quarterback, Hue Jackson, who told reporters recently he likes a QB with a 10-inch hand, agrees, The gore, guts and horror of an NFL fumble pile, The best of Lamar Jackson’s jukes, spins and stiff-arms, I understand why Andrew Luck retired, because I’ve been in his shoes, 10 unwritten rules to not screw up your NFL jersey number, The never-before-revealed details of the Eli Manning draft-day trade. Then again, other QBs with big hands include Russell Wilson (10 1/4), Drew Brees (10 1/4), Carson Wentz (10), Logan Thomas (10 7/8), Cam Newton (9 7/8),Ben Roethlisberger (9 7/8), Dak Prescott (10 7/8). Average Hand Size Of The Adult: The average hand length of an adult female is 6.8 inches, whereas the hand length of an adult male is 7.6 inches. We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. To find out, measure from the tip of your thumb to the tip of your little finger. Back in 2014, there was an ESPN report about the importance of big hands for an NFL quarterback. Tua Tagovailoa Hand Size and Measurements Revealed at 2020 NFL Combine. Here is a simple video on how to clearly measure your hand size - and show the verified results to that organization or coach. Here’s our latest projection of the 2020 NBA Draft. Plus, we’ll explain how to measure gloves to fit your hands. While scouts and fans have their eyes on countless players this week, you'd better believe that the recuperating Tua Tagovailoa will be a major topic of discussion. It’s just common sense that without enormous hands, there is no hope for him. Jake Fromm 8 7/8” pic.twitter.com/fsrRBnZGIa. By choosing I Accept, you consent to our use of cookies and other tracking technologies. I read some articles that said that size was thought to be big, some say it's average. •If a kid cannot become 6’2” then they can look at the average height and weight of other positions. 2017 NFL Combine Data is now available in the form of sortable tables. Connect with friends faster than ever with the new Facebook app. Soccer match ruined when AI-controlled camera mistakes ref’s bald head for ball, Dorktown: The 2019 Nationals did something in three straight games that’s barely ever been done in two, A three-day, head-spinning fiesta of extra-base hits. While Joe Burrow is expected to be taken No. Sam Darnold, who is widely considered the best quarterback in this year’s draft is measured at 9 3/8), an average size, which puts him right in the middle of this group: #NFLCombine hand measurements for last 6 first-round QBs. A quarterback definitely needs huge hands to be successful, unless he doesn’t. He's been okay for the Seattle Seahawks, if you ask us. Want to make sure an NFL / CFL or D1 team knows your true hand size?