Wait for the defender to get near you before you release your shot. If you commit fouls, lose to a turnover, or have defensive breakdowns then your 'Takeover meter' will drain quicker. At the start of MyCareer mode, you will be placed in different tutorial scenarios in the Prelude. But for forwards, this badge can be important. Once you are done, save it all up and your brand new team is ready for action. Examples in the NBA: Lonzo Ball (NOP), Chris Paul (OKC). Watch Dogs: Legion Review – Taking DedSec in The Right Direction Innit, Torchlight 3 Review – Acceptable But Forgettable, The Invincible Targets 4K With “Smooth” Frame Rates, Uses DualSense Tech For “Complex Interactions”, Haven Dev Discusses Combat, Enemies, & Dragon Ball Z Inspirations, Dirt 5 Designer Talks “Exciting” Post-Launch Plans; New Playgrounds Items In The Works, Horizon Zero Dawn Patch 1.07 Released, Fixes Graphical Issues, Makes Improvements, New Among Us Improvements Coming Soon, Accessibility, Anti-Hacking, And More. Remember that it’s a bad idea to leave the CPU on a dribbler for more than a few seconds - although the CPU is a competent defender, they won’t play anywhere near as tight as when you are manually controlling the closest defender. Cause using the right builds is very important, you have to make that take enormous amounts of IQ when playing NBA 2K in order to win at an elite level. This will be their default city for the game and then you can move forward towards choosing a logo for your team. Each player has at least one type of ‘Takeover’, and three out of the nine possible boosts are related to defense (these are lockdown defender, rim protector, and dominant rebounder). This year, it's much harder to "break" the game and … Badges play a massively important role in creating your player. Subscribe to our newsletter and get the latest news and updates straight into your inbox. Choosing what team you play for in MyCareer is one of the most important decisions you can make. Show your best aesthetic side in your arena and then move to your team’s uniform. This applies to MyCareer and The Neighborhood. One of the biggest rookie mistakes on the Neighborhood and Rec center is to attempt a block instead of using the contesting system. With some practice, you can still disrupt lanes by stealing incoming passes and boxing out offensive rebounders by holding L2/ LT when you switch. There do not seem to be as many controls on defense as there are on offense and that is a good thing as defending is complicated enough in any sports game as it is. While offensive playing will help you score better in the game, defensive attacks will save you some baskets as well. If your stock is high enough once you reach the end of the prelude, you will be easily drafted in the first round. Drive towards the basket and hold square to dunk over the defenders. How to earn the badge: Set at least 100 screens and picks in a season. On offense, you dictate the tempo of the game by harnessing your creativity and making the first move, but on defense every movement is made in reaction to the opposing team. This badge sounds like it will be useful for Rec and Pro-Am games by giving your team a slight defensive edge. This is where it gets interesting. After you have decided what you want to do, your next step is to choose a city for your team. Despite being one of the new badges to be added in 2K20, Cross-key Scorer is canceled out by centers that have Rim Protector which is almost all of them. Unfortunately, this badge is not one of them. It has always been easier to play good offense in NBA 2K than playing quality defense. © 2020 Gfinity. You can also train and practice in MyCourt which can also be customized further according to your own taste. You must first unlock your access to the Neighborhood. NBA 2K20 allows you to have your own face as your player’s face in NBA 2K20. It is vital that you perform as good as possible in these because they will raise your chances of getting drafted at the end of the prelude as well. If you can time your shots, then you do not need this badge whatsoever. Join an NBA team with good alley-oop passers for a higher chance of finishing the alley-oop. Depending on your performance in these training sessions, your overall stock will increase or decrease. In games where you are really up against it and you just need to get that win, takeover is the last priority. This will influence the ‘openness rating’ of the shot, lowering the chances that it will land. However, it is only useful in MyCareer games. In past editions of the game, you could stay hugged up to the ball handler with a combination of L2/ LT and RS. Every year each NBA game player expects for making the best MyCareer build. In 2K20, the focus has shifted to manually contesting shots in an attempt to separate the stronger players from the weak. To attempt a steal, click Square/ X, or when crowding the dribbler, flick RS down. You can get a haircut, get some new clothes and shoes and meet with other people. Pay particularly close attention to the lockdown defender boost (represented by the symbol of a lock) as you have a greater chance of blocking shots and creating steals when it’s activated. To start with, simply choose the option MyGm/MyLEAGUE in the menu. Trademarks and brands are the property of Make sure that you check out more NBA 2K20 guides below as well. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below. Learn how to maintain a suffocating defense in 2K20 with these top tips. And while we do not endorse floppers, you can take the impact by double tapping Circle/ B. Here is a list of the seven least important badges on NBA 2K20: This badge is primarily not important if you are a guard. Once you join a team after the prelude, you will be given access to the Neighborhood. Your defense has a significant impact on team success, so do not underestimate how good it can be for your MyCareer. Examples in the NBA: James Harden (HOU), Steph Curry (GSW). In order to get the Lob City badge fast, combine badge grinding efforts with Relentless Finisher, Posterizer and Pick & Roller. Instead, you need to influence ball handlers into making ill-advised decisions: reckless dribble moves, cross-court passes and low-percentage shots. Posted by. The detailed customizer will allow you to create the best uniform for your team. There is one thing that can make a massive difference in The Neighborhood and MyCareer: Badges. Trademarks and brands are the property of On a more selfish note, this badge doesn't benefit you as a player. If the dribbler keeps exposing the ball during man-to-man defense, you have the perfect chance to pick their pocket. Blocks do not come about that often and the grind for badges is not worth putting it on a one that is only helpful once in a while. After you build the perfect player, you get to make the You have plenty of options here as well so go crazy with them. Another way to catch out a reckless dribbler is to force a turnover through fouls, or other means. If you are a guard, this badge is pretty much useless. © 2020 Gfinity. Your final success factor depends on your performance throughout these training sessions. In this NBA 2K20 MyCareer Guide, we will guide you on everything that you can do in the MyCareer mode in NBA 2K20. You can monitor your personal stats, your in-game currency, drafting position and stock at all times in the game. You can then pick from League Expansion which will allow you to add six additional teams alongside the current roster or you can choose the Custom League in which you can edit and change everything in the current teams. If you struggle on the defensive end in NBA 2K20, these tips will get you on the road to becoming a lockdown defender. NBA 2K20 gives equal importance to both the offensive and defense controls of the game. So a decent player will know not to bite into a pump fake making this badge pretty much useless unless you are up against some poor competition. From the main menu, you can access the Attributes menu where you will be shown the current stats of your player. If you want to practice your new-found defensive abilities, activate the in-game tutorials or utilise '2KU' in the main menu. Tips and Tricks for NBA 2K20 MyCareer. Thankfully, the computer A.I. In order to get the Deep-Range deadeye badge fast, combine badge grinding efforts with Catch & Shoot and Pick & Popper. Your player would stick a hand out to contest a shot when using this combination, so it would be pretty difficult for your opponent to get an open look if you stuck close to them. Your player starts with a basic set of stats when you start the MyCareer mode. Examples in the NBA: Kyrie Irving (BKN), Devin Booker (PHX). There are 19 unique attributes here that you can play around with. These badges will help to improve your play style, whether it’s through giving your player a wider margin for error or ensuring that you win your contest at the rim. Sometimes you’ll get burned regardless of how good your D has been. As soon as the ball leaves their hands, you can switch to the next defender. But for forwards, this badge can be important. In this situation, force a turnover by taking a charge, which can be done by holding down Circle/ B. In 2K20, the focus has shifted to manually contesting shots in an attempt to separate the stronger players from the weak. While it takes years and years of practice to know what to look for, you should watch for opportunities in traffic and when the ball handler is dribbling carelessly. It also affects your overall team performance and opportunities for VC. Your email address will not be published.