It symbolizes death and rebirth. Mermaid represents transition and transmutation. Shelby- This is a good ocean name since it has “shell” in it, as in seashell. Mermen are powerful and magical creatures, who may possess the strength or magic to subdue an enemy. It was said to have nested on the sea and calmed the sea so it could lay its eggs on a floating nest. in this last incident. , which derives from the Greek word for ‘pearl.’ Pearls are lovely products of the ocean that are widely used as decorations and accessories for mermaids. According to legend, Davy Jones was the captain of the Flying Dutchman, a ghost ship doomed to sail the oceans forever. Finley/Finn- This name is mermaid related for obvious reasons. The name means ‘dark red.’ It’s[OG1]  a good mermaid name for someone with a fiery colored tail. The Mermaid, however, lives in the sea. There are plenty of stories in mermaid lore where mermaids do not seduce and kill humans. They went swimming in an area prohibited by their parents. It has a french version Ambra or Ambre meaning jewel or gemstone. Another tool of the Mermaid is a mirror. He later proves to be a brave and dedicated father when it came to finding Nemo. Back to American Indian myths She develops romantic feelings for a merman named Zac. Merrik: English - meaning ruler of the sea. - This name has multiple meanings. No explanation needed. Ula- The name Ula is a girl's name of Celtic origin meaning ‘gem of the sea.’ Funny enough, it is an abbreviation of the name Ursula, as in the sea witch from The Little Mermaid. Well, you can easily become one by adopting a name for your little baby. As the story goes, she was eventually commanded by Zeus to release him. She is now worshipped throughout the world. The name means ‘dweller at the famous land.’, Marvin- This name comes from the Welsh name Mervyn. It is an American name meaning ‘beautiful lake.’. First, and most obvious, a harbor is the part of a body of water that is shallow enough to dock boats. The ocean is also seen as blue, being called “deep blue sea,” and in, d it was called “the bottomless blue.” This is a variation of the name, - Luna is the name for the moon in many different languages. Chelsea- A female name of Old English origin. Cassandra- Cassandra means ‘to excel,’ ‘to shine.’ It is also the name of a Trojan princess from Greek mythology. (a variation). In this culture, the symbolism and meaning of Mermaid is that of the feminine element of the Universe. Many books tell stories of mermaids, but this section is focusing on mermaid names from the movies Splash, The Little Mermaid, and the show Mako Mermaids. - This name is German, Italian, English, and Ancient Greek in origin. Its meaning is ‘treasurer.’ Jasper is also a type of gemstone of a reddish-brown color. Aurora- Aurora was the ancient Roman goddess of the dawn. Ondina is a name meaning ‘little wave.’, Mimmie- She is loyal to the best friend Ondina, and is set on restoring the pod, but does not see Zac as a threat. This name is a Hebrew word meaning ‘delicate.’ It is also associated with a treacherous woman from the Bible story of Delilah, who cuts the power-giving hair of Samson, allowing him to be harmed. Have you dreamt of being a parent to a mermaid girl? Jordana- This name relates to mermaids for several reaons. All But when, in addition to characteristic traits, we have - In ancient Roman mythology there was a goddess of salt water named Salacia, who was also a wife of Neptune. Mermaids and fish have fins. Greta- Greta is a common name in Germany, Sweden, Poland, and Italy. - You may recognize this name from Dolly Parton’s, The woman the song is about is described as a temptress who has “beauty beyond compare,” “flaming locks of auburn hair,” “ivory skin and eyes of emerald green.” Her voice is also “soft like summer rain.” Dolly paints a sparkling vision of a siren. The name comes from the city of Alexandria in Egypt. It may have been taken from the Greek word nereis, meaning ‘sea sprite’ or ‘nymph.’, - Odette is the name of the princess turned Swan Queen from the ballet, . The sea creatures have both males and females. What's new on our site today! The name happens to mean ‘singing, queen’ from the Latin name Regina (a variation). The name also means ‘of the sea’ and is of Latin origin. Ella- Ella has German, English, Greek, and Spanish roots. She also engages in a romantic relationship with a merman named Erik. The ocean is also seen as blue, being called “deep blue sea,” and in The Little Mermaid it was called “the bottomless blue.” This is a variation of the name Olivia. They often sound exotic and fancy, which means that naming your baby with any of the examples in this category will make him or her stand out. It symbolizes death and rebirth. This name generator will generate 10 random names for merfolk. This pretty name means ‘small, slow stream’ and comes from the Native American culture. Jasper- This name is of Persian origin. As a name Gemma sounds beautiful and befitting of a mermaid. is very far advanced. Each day she returned dutifully with food. Corinna- This name is German, Italian, English, and Ancient Greek in origin. She begged for freedom. remembered when the plot is lost. The name means ‘venerable’ or ‘majestic.’, - The Caspian Sea is the largest inland body of water in the world. Fearing for their lives, the Indians persuaded the trickster to give it back. In an 18th century play, there was a dancing mermaid by the name or Coralia. There are many mermaids and some mermen from pop culture, including movies, and shows. Lana- Hawaiian for ‘calm as still waters.’ The name can be a shortened version of Alana or Svetlana. Yet this is only one of many such resemblances in these tales. The sands of the shore slope away to an island. In the more mainstream religion Christianity, baptisms have been performed in the sea, and Jesus was said to have walked on water. According to legend, Davy Jones was the captain of the Flying Dutchman, a ghost ship doomed to sail the oceans forever. When she began swimming, she realized her children could not follow her. Nathaniel- Nethaniel is a name of Greek origin meaning ‘gift of god.’. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. Irwin: English - sea friend, or sea lover. , meaning 'emerald'. The meaning of ‘cleo’ is ‘glory,’ and ‘dora’ means ‘gift.’, Dana- Dana, also known as Danu, or Anu, was a figure in Irish mythology. the trick at first refused, but as the mermaids, or snake-maids, It’s pronounced “suh-ray-uh.” You could shorten it to Raya. - The name Guinevere is a girl's name of Welsh origin meaning ‘white shadow, white wave.’ Guinevere is also the name of a character from. It is a traditionally masculine Irish name meaning ‘fair’ or ‘white.’. It was also the name of a nereid and the daughter of the river god Erasmus. And the next day they were heard singing and Mermaids are well known for their enchanting songs. Native American names Haven means safety, so depending on whether or not you think of yourself as a benevolent mermaid this name could be right for you. Lillith- Lillith is a figure in Jewish mythology, known as the first wife of Adam. were seen, and on her who had lost her hair it was all growing as girls never to go into the water there, for that, if they did, something Some have even called mermaids water fairies. The moon that floats in space is also responsible for the tides of the sea. When not one, but many, of these coincidences Having recently being spiritually awaken, i now look for synchronicity and guidance. The girls swam up to the sand, but could get no A variation is. Melody- She is the daughter of Ariel, seen in the sequel, The Little Mermaid 2: Return to the Sea. In stories and for costumes mermaids don pearl accessories. It is all our own fault, Ne Hwas, the Mermaid A Passamaquoddy Legend. They found them in the water, and pursued them, and tried to capture them. In an 18th century play, there was a dancing mermaid by the name or Coralia.