The episode featured the final appearance (in production order) of Grace Lee Whitney (Yeoman Janice Rand). Actually, you can see all of her--without the wardrobe--below. Vulcan doesn't know what he's missing. And he's planning on whacking some big android dude called "Ruk" with it. Good thing is there were some nice shots of beauties in this episode. Karidian does not appear, but Kirk meets his daughter Lenore, also a member of the troupe, and they hit it off. Now that's more like it Doctor. Shore Leave was the last episode to air in 1966. Lenore and Yeoman Rand; competition for the Captain is on. 11: "The Corbomite Maneuver", Star Trek Babes - Season 1, Ep. This is the episode that introduces the Romulans, whom attack The Enterprise and cause people to be killed and women to scatter all over the floor. Spock appears to have lost his mind, disobeys orders, and is being Court-Martialed for trying to help his former Enterprise captain, Capt. Kirk discovers him before he can act and persuades him to surrender the weapon. Captain Kirk has the Enterprise ship halt above a planet where the crew will take shore leave (another way of saying R&R). He ordered that half the population be put to death to solve the food crisis, to which both Leighton and Kirk were eyewitnesses. Amazing eyes! Not much babe activity in this episode, but a few nice booty shots of Uhura made it all worth it. Letzte Überprüfung: 1. Actress Natalie Norwick (1923-2007) played Martha Leighton, the wife of Doctor Thomas Leighton. In the episode, Captain Kirk crosses paths with an actor suspected of having been a mass-murdering dictator many years before. Lucky bastard. Most of the episode was spent staring at and trying to get around that stupid space cube, leaving little time for any Star Trek beauties. Als Filmschauspielerin erschien sie in zwei Kriminalfilmen, so 1956 als Janet Murch in Henry Hathaways 23 Schritte zum Abgrund und 1957 als Susan Brent in André De Toths In letzter Minute. In "Mudd's Women", a cargo ship transporter named Harcourt Fenton Mudd is selling his cargo of women as wives; for a price, of course. Kirk, overhearing this conversation, moves to arrest them both. He gave the episode a rating of 7. It may be of interest to note that this was the final episode in which Yeoman Janice Rand appears. Now the captain has thoughts about an old girlfriend. 17: "The Galileo S... Star Trek Babes - Season 1, Ep. Lenore breaks down and begs her father to wake up and continue his performance. Wanna know more? He discusses the matter with Dr. McCoy. 9: "Miri", Star Trek Babes - Season 1, Ep. 13: "The Menagerie, Part 2", Star Trek Babes - Season 1, Ep. UPDATE: I HAVE CHANGED THE SETTINGS SO THAT ANYONE CAN COMMENT. And he's not ready for it. Whitney had already been notified that she was fired from the series a week before filming on this episode began. hmmm, I'd rather not delve into that one, but yes, little Alice shows up and the Doc freaks out. Natalie Norwick (* 28. She was Elvis Presley's Hawaiian girl in the movie. Karidian does not admit to being Kodos, but argues in defense of Kodos' actions and when prompted to read the ordering of the massacre, does so with barely a glance at the transcript. 13: "The Menagerie... Star Trek Babes - Season 1, Ep. Lenore snatches a phaser from a security guard and aims at Kirk. See the episode or read Wiki. The episode takes its title from the concluding lines of Act II of Hamlet: "The play's the thing/Wherein I'll catch the conscience of the king.". The episode takes its title from the concluding lines of Act II of Hamlet: "The play's the thing/Wherein I'll catch the conscience of the king."[1]. So why was Dr. McCoy having thoughts about Alice in Wonderland? 11: "The Corbomite... Star Trek Babes - Season 1, Ep. What Star Trek lacked in the previous episode they made up with. Have a look. Kodos seized power when the food supply of the colony was nearly destroyed and the people faced starvation. She was born in 1940 in Kentucky, making her 26 when. Leben. Story is mostly flashbacks to Star Trek's pilot episode, For more info on Susan Oliver, who played Vina, scroll down to. Okay, Doc, remember you have a reputation to think about. 15: "Balance of Te... Star Trek Babes - Season 1, Ep. Kodos was pursued. Lt. Angela Martine helped up...and displaying her camel toe under the Enterprise crew attire. Kirk arranges for the Enterprise to ferry the acting troupe to its next destination. Moving in closer.". Im Fernsehen hatte sie ab den 1950er Jahren bis in die 1970er Jahre zahlreiche Auftritte in verschiedenen Serien. Well, that's what it looks like. 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Actress Barbara Anderson played Lenore Karidian, the mass killer's daughter. If there's one thing most men love about Star Trek—and probably a lot of women too—its all the hot women. Biography Natalie Norwick was born on May 28, 1923 in Smithtown, New York, USA. 17: "The Galileo Seven", Star Trek Babes - Season 1, Ep. Okay, so some guy out in space acting in Shakespeare plays might be a mass murderer long ago and has changed his identity to hide his secret. C'mon now; there must have been about 100 people on the set when this scene was filmed and nobody noticed that Captain Kirk is holding a huge dildo? I told you not to look. Some early Season 1 episodes had Uhura in green. Actress Natalie Norwick (1923-2007) played Martha Leighton, the wife of Doctor Thomas Leighton. Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am 3. [4] Jamahl Epsicokhan of Jammer's Reviews rated the episode 2.5 stars out of 4 and similarly praised the performances of Moss and Anderson, but criticized the ending, calling it "inappropriate". Kirk goes to the party. Mai 1923 in Smithtown, New York; † 20. Having gone completely insane, she thinks her father is still alive and giving performances to cheering crowds. Lenore with a mini fur coat and sparkly stockings. 10: "Dagger of the... Star Trek Babes - Season 1, Ep. Mai 2017., „Creative Commons Attribution/Share Alike“, 1954: Schlitz Playhouse of Stars (eine Folge), 1955: The Pepsi-Cola Playhouse (eine Folge), 1957: Dr. Hudson’s Secret Journal (eine Folge), 1957: The 20th Century-Fox Hour (eine Folge). -- Enjoy! Looks like somebody else will have to get...what you see in the next picture. You couldn't at least wait until I get my top on? Aren't we all? (Alice played by actress Marcia Brown). Lt. Riley, recovering in sickbay, overhears Dr. McCoy's log entry and learns that Karidian is suspected of being Kodos. Helen Noel and Captain Kirk beam down to Tantalus V. Looks like Captain Kirk and the doctor are going to have some fun. At the time of this blog post she is 68 years old. [6] Later Star Trek writer Ronald D. Moore considers the episode to be "deeply underrated" and one of the series' best. During a walk outside the two discover Leighton dead. Ruk, by the way, was played by Ted Cassidy, who most remember as, She was born in Idaho in 1942, making her 24 when.