adult moult. As members of the Cacatuidae family they too have an erectile crests. This mutation is very difficult to tell apart from the Lutino mutation. After about 18 days the orange cheek patch will appear on the babies. Casper. Cockatiels will readily nest provided they have a nest box and some material to construct the nest from. The different colorations are just mutations, not different breeds or species. The tail makes up about half of their total length and gives them more of a parakeet type appearance. The females have gray faces with no coloration on the cheeks. Care and feeding    Good sized bird cages are a must for good cockatiel care. Breeding/Reproduction    Cockatiel breeding can be a very rewarding experience. The ones with more brown in their coloration tend to be the color of cinnamon, which is where the name comes from. Copyright 2001-2011 For the Love of Birds. . Whether you want something that’s more like what you might find in the wild or you want something entirely exotic and unique, you can certainly find what you’re looking for in the Cockatiel family. This is a good time to start hand feeding if you don't want to incubate the eggs yourself. lighter, less yellow, some more. Our WhatsApp number +237678476307 Unlike the other members of this family, however, they have long tails. I know this may not be in the right forum, but I couldnt work out where else I should post it. This is one of the more beautiful mutations available. Their is also more yellow in the feathers of the chest on both the male and female than on a common grey cockatiel, and more yellow on the face of the female. Potential Problems    The cockatiel health is easy to maintain as these are very hardy birds, but for all pet birds there are potential problems For optimum bird health care for your cockatiel, it is good to know what signs of illness to be aware of. For more information on cockatiel breeding, see About Cockatiels: Breeding/Reproduction. All rights reserved. . They are hardy, adapt easily to change, and are easy to breed. . All of these color patterns are just color mutations, while the breed remains the same. Sexual differences    There are a lot of opinions about how to sex cockatiels, but with many of the color varieties they are usually just indicators, and not certain ways to tell. They are closely related to the Cockatoos, and like Cockatoos they are members of the Cacatuidae family. Pair of white-capped pionus for sale. I been stuck on 2 names for my baby cinnamon cockatiel. Tootles. Size - Weight   These birds get up to 12 inches (30 cm) and weigh 3 to 4 ounces. Only one transition - from my home to yours! They’re widely available, which has helped surge their popularity. The cinnamon mutation is my personal favorite. They are members of the Cockatoo family which is apparent by their cute little erectile crests. It results in feathers that are adorned with white and yellow splotches in varied patterns, covering the wings, back, and nape. Clear Pieds have no orange marking on their faces. Text only (972) 638-9315‬ for more info. Their faces are yellow with red colorations around the eyes. Thanks. The rest of the bird is yellow or white with grey areas covering the rest of the body. They are the all black from Indonesia, very special and unique. This is the first page of our list of over 2500 pet names. Davey Cocket. See About Cockatiels: Activities for more information. i just got a baby male cockatiel he is speckled cinnamon and white. These three pair had lovely chicks. I just cant decide. under its tail is fully yellow with black lines. I just cant decide. Beaky. Let’s take a look at the nine most popular types of Cockatiels. The Cinnamon Cockatiel, also known as the Isabelle Cockatiel or the Cinnamon Tiel, is a a sex-linked recessive mutation. Posted by 2 hours ago. with bright orange cheek patches and female faces will remain cinnamon with a touch of a yellowish wash over the face feathers along with orange cheek patches. Yellow Pearls are often referred to as Golden Pearls, while White Pearls are called Silver Pearls. Xanadu. Bird guide with everything you need to know to take care of your pet bird from bird supplies and food, to exercise, safety and bird health care. Cockatiels are an instantly recognizable type of bird. Shipping is available with crate will incur a small fee for their health DNA certificate. Juvenile cinnamons will look like adult females until the first Cute Cockatiel Names Spots or Patches White Cockatiel Names: Spook. The incubation period is 17 - 22 days. Over the years, as their popularity has exploded, the color variations of Cockatiels have become much more diverse, allowing for some beautiful and unique birds. the few times its wistled it was a high pitched saprano voice. These can create some of the most beautiful colorations when occurring together. The ones with more brown in their coloration tend to be the color of cinnamon, which is where the name comes from. A native of Australia, the Normal Grey Cockatiel is covered in grey feathers. These variations can occur even within the same family group. Most of my Macaws Parrots are Registered . Likewise, you can pull them from the nest earlier than 9 days, but with greater risk to the chick and greater effort on your part with frequent feedings. . Distribution The Cinnamon Cockatiel is a strain developed by breeders and is not seen in the wild. . 4. A big plus is that cockatiels are not noisy and can be left alone for long periods of time. Zaney. Fallows Cockatiels have pale cinnamon-colored body feathers that are mixed with yellow. It isn't going to be easy to choose one. What should I name him? Distribution   The Cinnamon Cockatiel is a strain developed by breeders and is not seen in the wild. Contact: +1(972) 318-4783 You want a name that reflects a unique characteristic of your pet or something that says "Hey that baby is mine." See descriptions of sexual differences for this pet bird cockatiel below, under the breeding cockatiels section. Location: Napervile Chicago IL Their eyes are a dark reddish color when they are hatched, although this darkens as they get older. On top of that, keeping a cockatiel as a pet is easy because they are not noisy parrots and they are comfortable when left alone for long periods of time. Bailey. They are hardy, easily handle changes in their home, and are easy to breed. As you can see, there is no shortage of colorful Cockatiel mutations to pick from. Grey cockatiels are found over most of Australia except the coastal areas and most of Tasmania. Scientific Name Nymphicus hollandicus. Zoe. The Cinnamon Cockatiel is also sometimes known as the Isabelle Cockatiel. Each of these colorations has its own name, based on the physical characteristics that separate them. Phantom. very tame and very with open to funny cute unique names thanks I often use the color of cinnamon to pick specific Cinnamon Cockatiels out in my flock. Price: OBO Male Cinnamon Cockatiels will have bright orange cheeks and yellow faces after their first molt. Their social 'flock' disposition along with their native habitat makes them well suited as pets. This cute little crest will be held erect when they are stimulated and excited, flattened when they are feeling angry, defensive, or submissive, and somewhere in between when they are in their normal 'hanging out' state. . The color of a Cinnamon's plumage can range from a warm tannish-gray to a chocolate brown. These birds look pretty similar to the normal greys, though they have more of a silver or brown coloration. It lacks the cool gray found in the common Grey Cockatiel and in many of the other color mutations. Other mutations can also occur with the cinnamon such a pearl, pied, whiteface, etc. its face has a tent of green with orange cheeks around its eyes and beak has a lining of yellow. < Prev Next > Last Updated: Feb 26, 2011. Instead it was developed in capativity. For taming cockatiels and cockatiel training, see About Cockatiels: Handling and Training. They’ll often have bright orange cheeks still, making them extremely colorful for Cockatiels. Many cockatiels can learn to talk and whistle, especially the males. ooo and im pretty sure its a girl Email: . We also have I take pictures of the Macaws between 3 to 5 days to update our website and this is when they appear on my available Macaws Parrots page. Shipping: Yes For information about cockatiel health, see About Cockatiels: Problems. canary yorkshire prices, to be sent to jakarta please the price and the shipping cost, I have got 03 Ayam Ceman's for sale. Macaws, African Congo Greys, Cockatoos Chicks , Adults and Eggs for Sale.For Urgent Respond Their feathers are all white except for their heads, which are yellow with bright orange spots on the cheeks. Cheeky. There are some other pretty variations of the Cinnamon that include the Cinnamon Pearl Cockatiel and Cinnamon Pied Cockatiel. As the name suggests, these Cockatiels have white faces, instead of the typical yellow and orange that you’ll see on most Cockatiels. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Cockatiels are probably the most popular of the parrot family with their main competition being the Budgerigar (referred to as the Parakeet in the United States). Unlike cockatoos however, they have long tails making up about half of their total length, and giving them more of a parakeet type appearance. #pretty #peach #prettyasapeach #beauty #poser #prettygirl #floofer #cutey #cockatiel #cockatielsofinstagram #cockatielbaby #cockatiels #uk #england #cockatiellovers #peaches #cinnamon #cinnamoncockatiel #cockatiellife #cockatielsofig #cockatielstagram #britishbirb #13monthsold #dinosaur, A post shared by Peaches & Memory of Charlie (@peachycharliecockatiel) on Jun 16, 2020 at 11:17am PDT.