After 6 years of playing this sport competitive, I confronted a lot of problems. Soccer is also the best sport in the world because no other sport holds as much potential as soccer to bring countries together. Most people would describe soccer in three words, simple, unexciting and not competitive but, I say it’s a game of skills, hard work and aggressiveness. 10/7/14 4  Pages. The team-based nature of soccer also inspires the players to pursue the interest of the group over their individual interests. Copyright © 2013- 2020 - Direct free kick, Association football terminology, Penalty kick 663  Words | 3  Pages. in the Sport of Soccer. 4  Pages, of players, each having their own strengths.” by Pele. Since then, playing soccer is my favorite's sport and it is my hobby whenever I have free time. Sweat dripping into my eyes, blurring my vision. Read essays samples written by our professional writers and feel free to use them as a source of inspiration and ideas for your own academic work. Football is my childhood hobby. For example, I learn how to always keep calm... Free Explain why a certain sport is your favorite. This game, on my opinion, is the most passionate and artistic game in the world! Soccer is the best sport not only because it is fun but also because it teaches valuable life skills and is popular worldwide. I speed down the hill narrowly missing a couple of big jagged stones sticking up through the trail and trees. The main purpose of the sport of soccer is to kick the soccer ball into the When I am asked about the best sport in my opinion, I name soccer without any hesitation. That’s probably why I like it; also, football brings people together. My mom told me that I liked kicking the ball around and had so much fun with it when I was only about two years old. Want, Learning, Play 787  Words | Soccer is my favorite sport because it is so much fun. Soccer teaches us the importance of strong work ethics, good physical and mental health, practice, teamwork, leadership, communication, loyalty, selfless commitment to the group, and sportsmanship. We rounded up neighborhood kids and played for fun. Billions of people either watch or play soccer. The prevalence of pressure ulcers in hospital populations is as high as 18 per cent. Ball game, Football, Association football 631  Words | One could say soccer is not just a sport but also a preparation for the real world. The World Cup is the global championship of the sport and this tournament is played every two years. Do you have a favorite sport? These skills and lessons are also relevant in other aspects of life. you like soccer? I believe that soccer is the greatest and most aggressive sport played. I like that sport because it is quite challenging for me because I do not like running and so when I run I intend to feel weary after. In addition, the games may also attract tourism from all over the world. My favorite sport is running track. The best soccer teams are usually not those who have one or few star soccer players but those that have mastered the art of teamwork.