EP 18 Orel's Movie Premiere. In it, you follow three women; Nurse Bendy, Miss Agnes Sculptham; and Miss Censordoll and their daily lives at their apartment. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. In the episode Praying, Orel defies his father's orders and uses Buddhist meditation to deal with his stress. Alone. According to Scott Adsit, had the series continued beyond the third season, Arthur Puppington would have become a regular member of the show's cast, returning to live with Clay after learning that he was dying from a terminal illness. Taking place in Moralton, Statesota, Orel is a devout Christian whose family consists of Clay, Bloberta, and Shapey Puppington. Season 3 removed the comedy and the show became much more darker as the hypocrisy of the people of Moralton took the central stage. Orel makes an appearance in the Mary Shelley's Frakenhole Halloween marathon, as he had been wearing a Dr. Frankenstein costume and claims it feels like home, e.g.

Obviously because of the name, Creepler was the town's soft-spoken ice cream man. .). EP 19 Nature pt.

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She even is implicated to have...terminated the pregnancy due to her disgust towards the word "abortion" and the presence of a bloodied clothes hanger. To write a new article, just enter the article title in the box below. One of the unsettling parts is at the end of "Sundays". Mostly Clay-centric. Let's just put it this way: after "Nature", freaking Adult Swim asked Dino to make Season 3 as dark as possible — then canceled the show after realizing the mistake they made. The series goes like this for the first two seasons: Orel misinterprets or takes Reverend Putty's teachings too seriously and makes things worse when he tried to help others around town, then Clay would give him an even more wrong lesson, and they laugh, ending the episode. So, with all that being said, why is it that Orel doesn't count at least in my opinion? In his attempts to remain a good Christian, he listens to every detail of Reverend Putty's sermons, but he misinterprets the teachings, which leads to widespread chaos all over the town. 2. Orel and Clay take a father and son hunting trip. Abusive Parents: Played depressingly straight. What is the work? But then, Creepler became worse as the show entered its darkest season. However, season 2 started to hint at a more darker underbelly with Clay shooting Orel in his leg and not going to get it fixed, but season 3 is where the series dropped any pretense of being a comedy and became more dramatic. Sometimes, he uses, 's hair for use in a love ritual, and ends up bringing Orel to said ritual as a "virgin sacrifice". Rev. It's implied that the doctor's wife died doing the same thing. He had been on my mind a lot lately since I began looking back at the series, and I noticed that he wasn't mentioned in earlier discussions for the show. One of the show's aspects was Orel's slow awakening to the flaws of the people around him, as well as expanding his personal belief system beyond the rigid fundamentalist Christian doctrine of the town. But that's not the end. Takes place a few weeks after events of Nature Part 2, most definitely before events of Sacrifice, Nesting, and Honor. Clay puppington is feeling lonely so he decides to pay Daniel a visit in order to rekindle old flames. "When did Orel wrap his hands around Clay's throat?". By the end of the first week, Orel has turned his bedroom into a, Bloberta mutilating herself in "Numb" to seduce a doctor with a gore fetish. Orel holds a premiere of his new stop-motion animated film in his backyard for several of Moralton's authority figures. The series has been described as "Davey and Goliath ... meets South Park". (Posted this on my tumblr too, but figured I'd post my more obscure garbage (like this) on AO3 as well.). Agnes seeing Creepler climb out of the mirror and approach her. Navigation and Actions. When Christina Posabule was finally old enough, she packed up and left Saintsville. If you watch Adult Swim, you should probably know about a show called Moral Orel that was cancelled in December 2008. However, Dino Stamatopoulos, the show's creator, is wary of the comparison with Davey and Goliath, telling the New York Times that Moral Orel grew out of a concept …

Season 1 had Orel misunderstand his reverend's sermons to comedic effect. He is kind and caring to his little brother(s), Shapey (and later Block), whom his parents often neglect and spoil. The final nail in the show's coffin. Orel didn’t know what he was doing or where he was going, a duffle bag slung over his shoulder and a bible in his hand, but he knew it was away from Moralton. One episode in particular had Orel -- who had misinterpreted one of Reverend Putty's sermons again -- impregnate several prostitutes due to his assumption that he had to "share" that gift. As he goes through his rant, the camera is slowly zooming in on his face, and his voice is getting raspier and louder until his face takes up the entire screen and he's doing nothing but drunkenly moaning and, As Clay gives the above rant, Orel becomes visibly more frightened, and he begins fidgeting with the gun he was supposed to use to shoot an animal. Doughy is Orel's best friend. 1 - 20 of 37 Works in Moral Orel. In addition to having an uncanny talent for interpreting religious doctrine literally and drastically changing his belief systems on a weekly basis, Orel possesses many other skills. The candidate is a 30-year-old man named Cecil Creepler. In "Orel's Movie Premiere", Orel uses rather harsh portrayals of the people around him in his home movies, most notably portraying his father as a sadistic, drunken snarling wolf (leading Dr. Potterswheel to ask Clay if he was molesting his son to have Orel see him as such a monster). The show for instance once had magic in one episode and had the show continued, Censordoll would've also been shown to perform voodoo. Stephanie was closing up shop for the day.

Orel's name means "light of God" in Hebrew. His rant in "Nature". Orel also announces that there will be a Moral Orel special in the near-future. Let that sink in: Orel, But instead of shooting Clay, he shoots his last two bottles of liquor. Due to his gullible and niave nature, Orel often unknowingly takes bad advice from other people in town, including his own parents, which eventually gets him into trouble. He watched after both when Bloberta brings Shapey back home.