No doubt Morgan Freeman is a quality actor but you have to admit that sometimes he appears in bad movies. Teddy is saying anything he can to confuse Lenny so that he can exit the situation. Teddy arrives. The wound of his dead wife is constantly fresh. It's 2016 and our standards are high from Bourne Conspiracy and a zillion Kung Fu movies. Lenny takes a pic of him and is about to write Gammell on it. Given he’s forgotten that he’s taken his revenge, he can’t carry on with life. Over time, Lenny identifies that the name of the surviving assaulter was John G. So he tattoos that on his chest. Lenny is all set to go kill Jimmy because he thinks he’s “the” John G. Lenny packs up from the room and goes down to meet Teddy. He starts talking to Burt like he’s never met him. Lenny heads back to his room. All she’s seeing is a man in Jimmy’s suit. On Teddy’s photo, he also writes “Don’t believe his lies“. Teddy is not able to lie convincingly. Burt takes him to his room. He refuses. All of the important details are tattooed on his body. Kill him”. He tells Lenny that there is someone on the line who claims to be a cop. He avenges his wife’s death. He does take a pic of dead Teddy but will he keep it to tell himself that he took revenge, we don’t know. Teddy’s in the car waiting for Lenny. Which also means that many events in Memento may or may not have happened. It’s Burt from Front Desk. He heads to the Discount Inn and says that he’s misplaced his keys. Teddy says he is going to forget it anyway. Luckely. Ultimately, it’s the cat-and-mouse game between these two performers that gives the movie its lasting, ahem, momentum. Sure, the dialogues are predictable. Either way, Lenny has just been a hitman for Teddy for a year without any memory of it. The other part of the story is presented to us in the reverse direction. Alex, a mysterious thief, is pulled in by her former partner for one last heist. | Lenny takes a picture of him and writes Dodd on it. And I'm pleased to see a woman get top billing for a change. She asks Lenny to get rid of Dodd for her. Once Burt takes Lenny to his room he realizes that he’s got him to the wrong room. He calls out to his wife. Teddy tells Lenny about Jimmy who deals drugs out of a bar where his girlfriend works. Excellent acting and a lot of familiar faces within the cast ensure this will become a firm favourite of many viewers. Dodd runs after him. We can only subscribe to any one of the realities that we see fit, choose to believe it, and make peace with the film. This moment here leads up to Teddy getting shot (which is the first scene of Memento). This transition also indicates that we are in the middle scene and hence the climax of Memento. Sammy is made to pick up 3 out of a bunch of objects. Lenny desperately looks for a pen to note down what has just happened. Nothing more is revealed about his early life other than this. The cops find a sap in the dead man’s hand that has Lenny’s blood. Synopsis Sure, the plot is thin. She confirms that he does have a condition. But then he would eventually get them mixed up. Lenny, Leonard Shelby (Guy Pearce), is an insurance investigator. This takes us back to the very first scene where the bullet reverses its way back into Lenny’s gun. Plot Keywords She will help you out of pity”. Checks the draws, finds a bible. Jimmy has nothing to do with Lenny’s wife’s murder. Morgan Freeman's character was fairly a mute point in the movie. He is worried that Lenny is prancing about with Jimmy’s car and clothes. She notices the Tattoos on him and Natalie understands the pain that Lenny goes through every moment of his waking life. Teddy is a cop who’s trying to bust Jimmy for the drug dealing. While the awesomeness of Memento’s plot is this innovative non-linear storytelling, I’m going to walk through the plot linearly to keep things simple. He wakes up next morning. Momentum received generally negative reviews. She doesn’t know that this guy is Teddy. She tells Lenny that she’s taken away all the pens and that there is no way for him to remember what she’s telling him. She’s obviously confused but thinks it’s some kinky business and complies. She doesn’t answer. Lenny looks at the tracks and says that it is fresh. He was wrong about Sammy’s wife, she didn’t want the money, she simply wanted answers. She asks Lenny to be comfortable at home and leaves. Lenny goes to Natalie’s to find out what that was about. Taglines If you went into this filming wanting action packed scenes, thrilling chase scenes and just a lot of gun will be surely delighted. Lenny is married and is in love with his wife. But Lenny has also learnt from Sammy’s mistakes. The story ends here. Lenny never says Sammy was faking it. Lenny says he has a lead on something. Teddy begins using Lenny to get his dirty work done for him. Teddy says that Lenny lies to himself to be happy. “Fact six: Car license SG137IU.” Teddy comes in because he sees the Jag (Jimmy’s car outside). Teddy also accuses of Lenny pulling out 12 pages from a full police report that he’d given him. Lenny goes to the location. Teddy’s real name is John Edward Gammell. The audience, too, has no clue what happened just moments before. – Alternate Theory – is Lenny actually Sammy, Blood Punch Explained (And Meaning Of The Ending), 48 Best Time Travel Movies Ranked By BaTTR Score, The Half of It: Identifying Oneself Before Finding The Better Half, I’m Thinking Of Ending Things: Explained Simply, Braid Movie Explained (Plot Analysis & Ending Explained), Logan (2017) : Movie Plot Ending Explained, Into the Spider-Verse: Film and Comic Characters Comparison, Nuit Blanche / Sleepless Night (2011) : Movie Plot Explained, 9 Most Interesting Mechanics Of Time-Travel In Movies.