The Facebook post attempts to link other prominent politicians’ sons to Burisma, claiming, “Paul Pelosi Jr., Nancy’s son & Mitt Romney’s son were on the Ukrainian gas company Burisma’s board along with Hunter Biden.”. Readers beware. Hunter Biden, the former vice president’s 49-year-old son, served on the board of Burisma Holdings, a major Ukrainian natural gas producer, from 2014 until April 2019, according to multiple reports. Similar to the other Romney boys, Tagg received an exceptional education. He looked into the matter a little more and eventually came up with the answer to the puzzling situation. At age 30, Craig Romney is the youngest of all the Mitt Romney sons. “The Gas Tycoon and the Vice-President’s Son: The Story of Hunter Biden’s Foray Into Ukraine.” The Reason Matt Romney Stands behind Mitt’s Character, Click here to read more about Josh Romney. Clinton Foundation Donor Amounts by Country — Guess Who Was #1.” According to Craig, the Hispanic population will be an important piece of the Mitt Romney plan to restore prosperity in America, if he is elected in early November. In 2008, Tagg took a role in a political race once again, this time acting as his dad’s senior advisor in that year’s presidential campaign.     4 October 2019. All five men married, and they all have children, contributing to an incredible 18 grandchildren for Mitt and Ann! After Tuesday night's debate, a photograph of Mitt Romey's son Josh sitting in the audience with a bloodcurdling stare quickly went viral. Critics of the president latched onto his use of the phrase "Joe's shot," in a speech in October 2020. Click here to read more about Matt Romney. According to Craig, the pair spent nearly half an hour “decorating” the neighbor’s house and yard with paper, only to find it all gone the next morning. ).     Associated Press. The boys became extremely involved in Romney’s initial efforts as a hopeful in the presidential race of 2008, making visits to every county in Iowa and even writing about their escapades in support of their dad in a blog called “Five Brothers.”. The Romneys expressed their belief at that time which was that their dad had the necessary experience and leadership to make positive changes in the White House. Matt Romney then joked that it was only a possibility if President Obama also produced material, including his grades from school and his birth certificate. Find out why each of the Mitt Romney sons may have an impact on the upcoming presidential election. When it comes to achievement, Craig’s accomplishments are similar to his brothers. “Genealogy Website Gets Swamped by Searchers.”     The New York Times. Some have been heartwarming, and others have been controversial. Click here to read more about Ben Romney. Matt recalled being embarrassed about the way he reacted to the situation, but he also pointed out how important the learning experience proved to be to him as a young husband. Like his brother Craig Romney, Matt and his wife live in San Diego, and they are the proud parents to five children. A spokesperson for Speaker Pelosi told PolitiFact that: “The company [Viscoil] was based in Southern California and focused solely on U.S. business. Working out on an elliptical, treadmill or just jogging around the hotel, these routines gives him a strong and healthy appearance. While all of his accomplishments seem in line with the rest of the Romney children, Matt has given the public some pretty memorable moments. He claims that being a father to six children and acting as a partner in his own business are both partly to blame for this shift in attention. In another story, he emphasized his father’s ability to act quickly and make good decisions during times of stress. By taking just one glance at the five Mitt Romney sons and their respective families, it appears that they also know what it takes to play the role of the family man. As a whole, the Mitt Romney sons are strong evidence for the values supported by their Dad’s campaign, but they are individually unique, as well. In fact his oldest son, Tagg Romney, was recently spotted in a Jersey hotel sweating away on a stationary elliptical machine. You rely on Snopes, and we rely on you. Tagg also expressed his frustration in what he feels is a poor depiction of his dad’s character and maintains that he is both compassionate and the man who can transform the country’s economy. He previously worked as a real estate developer in Salt Lake City. 28 September 2019. However, don’t let the fact that he is more youthful than the others make you believe he has the least impact. Notable Romney family members include George W. Romney (1907-1995), the 43rd Governor of Michigan (1963–1969) and his son, Mitt Romney (born 1947). Braun, Stephen and Lynn Berry. This claim is riddled with errors. Anyone paying attention to the upcoming political race for president (update 11/6/2012 : election won by Obama – 51.1% vs 47.2% for Romney) (update 1/19/2015: Mitt Romney confirms rumors – signals running for President again in 2016) (update 5/15/2015: Mitt Romney have bowed out of the 2016 presidential race) (update 3/3/2016: Mitt calls Donald Trump ‘A phony, a fraud’; all hell breaks loose. Physical fitness has always been a sole concern for Mitt Romney, known for his daily work outs.