Check your local animal shelter or animal rescue facility, some may specifically deal with Queensland Heelers. Queenslander Heelers may simply growl at strangers. The Australian Cattle Dog (also known as the ‘Queensland Heeler’, ’Blue Heeler’, ‘Red Heeler’, or ‘Hall’s Heeler’) comes from Ireland—no, just kidding, Australia. Not only will you find some interesting information about our Heelers and Catahoula puppies, but you’ll get to know a little bit about us and how things work around by visiting our About Us page. Located in Caseyville, Illinois. Super quiet, safe, & fun all around mare. Puppy Health Guarantee. When the coat is red, they are sometimes referred to as a “Red Heeler”. This dog breed should be walked, run, or played with each day. ... Maggie X Captain puppies pictured below have all gone to their forever homes. This dog is considered high energy, and requires an owner who matches that lifestyle. Reservations for them will begin at 10:30 Central time. For more information contact Mark Harrell at 618-407-3221, TRAIL, SMS,, RAIL, ITS HOT IM LAZY Regardless of how they show their intelligence, here are some of the smartest dogs breeds: As a runner, you want to research dog breeds that can run with you. If you’re thinking about purchasing a Queensland Heeler from a breeder, chances are good you’ll be able to locate a breeder in your area. If you're looking for a quality dog that's not too big they make awesome companions. CD was about 2 years old, When he came to us. An Australian Cattle Dog’s coat is short, smooth, and water-resistant. So, if you’re looking for a lap dog that enjoys a quiet lifestyle, with only the occasional walk or playing session, then a Blue Heeler is definitely not for you. “Dottie” is a 2012 Brown mare that is 15.2 h. She is by Lazy Loper and out of Hot Jackie. Females tend to range between 17 and 19 inches tall while the males range from 18 to 20 inches. Or, CLICK HERE, for their way-too-early sneak peek pictures! Queensland Heelers, or Australian Cattle Dogs, are amazing dogs that are popular among farmers and ranchers as herding or guard dogs. Do you have an Instagram account? Breeds Of Cats That Stay Small And Don T Shed. Between all of our partner breeders there's almost always new Heeler puppies to see here on our site. When they don’t get enough energy out, they tend to get up to mischief; such as digging in unwanted places. Kolicheski A et al. Ranch miniature australian cattle dogs australian cattle dog puppy for four queens ranch miniature australian 1 month old reddenblu aust cattle ranch miniature australian cattle dogs aussie puppy puppies pets puppy animal cute canine. Expect to pay about $400 to $600 for an unregistered puppy, $1,200 to $2,000 for a puppy with an AKC limited registration, and $2,500 to $3,000 for a puppy with full AKC registration. They received their “Heeler” nickname due to their common habit of nipping at cattle’s heels to herd them. As well as some tips for picking your new puppy. If you like Cow Dogs and Farm Dogs – you have landed at the right place. Hopefully you’ll find it interesting. You’ll want to do your homework prior to bringing your puppy home! Its perfect for grabbing the attention of your viewers. You can link over by clicking HERE or you can search us. Because of their protective nature, they make excellent protection or guard dogs. In addition, dogs should be at a good weight and live in clean conditions. With fairly short fur, the Blue Heeler has an average amount of shedding with a couple of heavier seasonal shedding events. Their coat colors are red, blue, and blue-speckled. Blue Heelers have a very high energy level and need to be exercised every day. 2011. Let’s get to know each other. Cowboy Corgi and Heeler Puppies Fort Smith Arkansas 479-252-2241. I hope the Heeler Resources Page will helpful at dispensing good, hard-to-find information for the questions that a lot of people seem to be looking for about Heelers. This dog breed has a longer life span of about 12 to 16 years. Generally Queensland Heelers have a lifespan of 12 to 16 years. This disease increases the concentration of the amino acid cysteine in the urine, which causes painful cystine stones to form in the kidneys or bladder. When it comes to strangers, however, this breed should be watched carefully. Stay away from breeders whose breeding stock and/or puppy litters are in ill health or have poor living conditions. When the wide open plains of Australia were opened for grazing in the early 19th century, the cattle were so … Review how much Queensland Heeler puppies for sale sell for below. The Australian Cattle Dog, or a Blue Heeler, is a hardworking dog that loves their family. Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine. Our Mini Heeler puppies are lovingly raised on our North Louisiana farm. She has 53.5 horsemanship points, as well as points in pleasure and equitation. To learn more about how our reservation process works, please visit our Questions & Answers page. As a general rule of thumb, females tend toward the smaller end of these height and weight ranges. You won't regret it!. We also have Red Heelers, Texas Heelers, Coosa Heelers and Catahoulas, too. She is a 16 yr old Sorrell mare that is 15h. Our goal is to offer Heelers and Catahoulas that are as comfortable in a family backyard chasing frisbees as they are at working the farm. A Blue Heeler Mix is a cross between a Blue Heeler and another dog breed. Queensland Heelers also have an increased risk of developing the following: Studies suggest that some Queensland Heelers may also be prone to a number of other health issues: According to one study, Australian Cattle Dogs (Queensland Heelers) aged two or younger with the CLN5 genetic mutation have been diagnosed with neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis (NCL). For more info, contact Mark Harrell at 618-407-3221,, The Queensland Heeler commonly referred to as the Australian Cattle Dog, is a type of sheepdog. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Because of their herding dog mentality, they can engage in barking regularly and have a high prey drive. AFTERTHELITESGODOWN. Luckily, they are also one of the easiest breeds to train due to their hard-working nature and tireless efforts, allowing many of these issues to be taken care of if addressed as puppies. The auctioneer started the bidding and hands went up. According to another study, some Australian Cattle Dogs (Queensland Heelers), along with several other sheepdog breeds, may inherit cystinuria. Duffy D et al. Big Pretty Mare. One of the best aspects of the Blue Heeler is their health. The Queensland Heeler is a medium-sized member of the herding group. Queensland Heelers you find in animal shelters are generally retired breeding or working dogs that need to be re-homed, or dogs rescued from bad situations. CLICK HERE to see what adventures many of the puppies on our  have been on since you last saw them! The Blue Heeler make a great family pet and does well with people it knows, but can be slow to warm up to new people. Both male and female Mini Blue Heelers are 11-15 inches tall, weighing 12-25 pounds. Applied Animal Behaviour Science. Before you even think about picking out a puppy, you should first locate a responsible breeder–one that does genetic testing of breeding stock. They do become easily bored with repetition, so it’s important to keep them learning new things throughout their lives. Required fields are marked *. Do you ever wonder what happened next in the lives of all the cute puppies on our website after they found their fur-ever homes? Deafness from birth is more common in the Blue Heeler than in most breeds. He was only 5 and really wanted the pup. It cannot be emphasized enough how vital to the health and well-being of your Heeler are only purchased for protection or farm work. They need frequent exercise, so it never hurts to give them some space to run. The price varies based on the puppy’s parents and how much they are worth to the breeder. Miniature Australian Cattledogs, also known as Mini Heeler puppies for sale. The Cowgirl's offers Australian Cattle Dog puppies, Blue and Red Heeler puppies for sale for companions, service dogs and working dogs. For more information & quickest response Please contact Mark Harrell at  He has 124 HUS points and was 8th in the nation in the green HUS in 2011.