They also have the ability to hire mercenaries, which may grant them a Mercenary Captain being added to their retinue. Guild halls may also be later upgraded to a "Master Guild Hall", which may provide a larger bonus or even grant a bonus to all of the faction's settlements while still retaining a more notable bonus in the city the structure is built, and then possibly upgraded to the "Guild Headquarters", which provides the greatest bonuses, although each guild can have only one headquarters anywhere in the world at the given time, and each faction can only construct one Master Guild Hall of each guild in their empire. If adopted, he turns into a General and may gain attributes and retinue. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. This can be rectified by altering a value present in the descstrat file in the game files. The objective of the battle is to defeat the enemy army by completely destroying it or causing the whole army to flee; in a siege battle, the objective is to completely destroy the army or to take control of a plaza in the center of the settlement. You don't have to be a ****, when you are "helping" someone. No files were found matching the criteria specified. Upgrades to a unit's armor are also depicted - a unit of unarmored spearmen upgraded to have leather armor will be depicted wearing it. The Long Road is your ultimate experience in Medieval 2 Total War. This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view. The interface for negotiation has changed from previous games, however; a new system has been integrated to show the other faction's attitude toward the player's faction, intelligence estimates (such as how wealthy the faction is and what other factions they are at war with), as well as how fair the other faction feels the player's proposals are. A unit left with only a captain may rebel and join the rebel factions. We suggest you try the file list with no filter applied, to browse all available. It is most likely the Pope would send Inquisitors to your lands (see Agents List). Another departure from earlier Total War games is that combat is depicted more realistically, with soldiers performing motion-captured attacks - rather than one or two standard attacks - utilizing their shields, parrying blows and delivering killing strikes to downed foes, all sensitive to the weapon they are using and the weapon of their opponent. Extract this archive to the root of your Medieval 2 install. Regards. It is possible however, to capture a city with an existing Master Guild Hall of a certain type, and have two of one kind. * Executing C:\Program Files\SEGA\Medieval II Total War\The_Long_Road.bat, INFO: Condotierre SOG is working on the 2.3 update witch will include more factions (especially Italian states) and new units. There were 4019 votes since the poll was created on 16:14, 9 February 2014. Medieval II: Total War If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. Princesses cannot be so trained; they are born into the player's ruling family, and become active as agents once they come of age at 16. Princesses, for example, have a "Charm" attribute that governs their success in diplomacy and the likelihood that a proposal in marriage will be accepted. There were 3894 votes since the poll was created on 16:14, 9 February 2014. here is a map of the game, im afraid it isent the most beautiful but a map still, Here is the one in the FAQ that is stickied in the Citadel, i added cities and there names to the map i posted and tryed to keep it medieval,,, Vlad Total war Rome Expansion and Barbarian Invasion, If this is your first visit, be sure to The Pope also appoints Priests from the various factions as Cardinals; when the Pope dies, the Cardinals elect one candidate from among the three most pious to be the new Pope. Anyone help me??? Especially developed AI for more dynamic battles and campaign movements. Each faction controls a number of settlements, and must conquer others in order to continue growing. Hi all! Each soldier has a varying number of elements to him, such as arms, legs, body armor, shield heraldry, and so forth; each element has a varying number of styles. Also included new Traits and Ancillaries, Lord, Duke, and Emir Titles with Coats of Arms for all Provinces and new Historical Events with graphics! HELP, where do i put the files? Expands it to the east and adds new places all over. You already voted for "England" on 03:22, 15 December 2017, you can change your vote by clicking an answer below. Strong traits can earn the general epithets, such as "the Brave," "the Just," "the Lewd" or "the Corrupt." At the end of the day politics is just trash compared to the Gospel. Some traits, mostly positive, are brought out by victories in battle: for example, generals can become increasingly scarred as time goes on, and generals who successfully complete a Crusade gain chivalry, command, and piety points. Very under-rated and pretty much accomplishes what you want. * Using the MTW2 Launcher check out the. One of the main focuses on the Total War franchise is its incorporation of battle within the greater sphere of gameplay. K, Credits to all helping making this great mod Successfully capturing the target region gives rewards to the faction; failure results in negative traits for the faction's leaders and the loss of the army. I downloaded the file, but can't install it. An example of a battle outside a settlement from Medieval II: Total War. Blood can also be seen on the uniforms of soldiers who have been fighting and a mist of blood will be visible on soldiers hit by arrows. The amount of detail in the fight sequences can be turned up or down along with the other video options in the main menu. Unlike previous Total War titles, there are two kinds of settlements, each with different advantages and disadvantages: cities and castles. There were 3658 votes since the poll was created on 16:14, 9 February 2014. Characters also develop (or regress) by gathering traits and retinue members. Generals, and even a player's King, may fall prey to them. For example a general's bodyguard of the Holy Roman Empire can be portrayed with a shield with English or Byzantine twist upon it. More info at forum. Once male family members come of age at 16, they act as units that can be used to govern settlements and lead armies in battle as generals. However, a player with few or no Cardinals can still influence a Papal election by bribing other factions to vote in a particular way. You already voted for "The Turks" on 13:07, 31 December 2017, you can change your vote by clicking an answer below. listed it might appear twice; you'll have to delete the old A small quantity of militia troops, stationed in the city where they have been trained, can be kept for free, without upkeep cost, otherwise required to be paid every turn for every army unit. Grand Campaign Mercenaries Map : Total War: Rome II. Discussions, strategies, stories, crude cave-drawings, and more for Medieval 2, Empire, Shogun 2, Rome 2, Attila, Thrones of Britannia, Warhammer, Three Kingdoms and others. It should also be noted that, perhaps due to a game bug, factions of religions not pertaining to a holy war (be it Crusade or Jihad) may be rewarded in their participation against a target city; Hungary, for example, may be rewarded at the end of a successful Jihad if it captured Constantinople from the Byzantine Empire and granted ownership of the city over to a Muslim faction despite Hungary being a Catholic nation. Each faction has a ruling family. run the appropriate REG file first. I have just see the fighting my man but i have don't give orders, not see the map . Some of my best friends are Vietnamese villages. Papal missions pursue the interests of the Catholic Church, and include the construction of religious buildings, cessation of hostilities against fellow Catholics (yet these will be rescinded if the target kingdom attacks you) and the assassination of heretics and witches. If you already had the mod We use cookies and other technology that recognise you to improve your online experience. As in other Total War games, in each settlement the faction may construct a number of [[buildings, each with different functions, such as training troops, upgrading weapons and armour, expanding the economy, increasing the settlement's defenses or strengthening religion. Join now to share your own content, we welcome creators and consumers alike and look forward to your comments. "The most epic Medieval II mod up to date" Medieval II: Total War: Kingdoms is a 2006 expansion containing four new campaigns Britannia, Teutonic, Crusades, and New World; each campaign has new playable factions, units, agents and buildings. A subreddit for the Total War strategy game series, made by Creative Assembly. Enjoy people By using this site you consent to this use in our, Catholic factions must also contend with the Pope, who can issue missions (similar to the Senate in Rome Total War), and excommunicate factions. I tried putting the mod under Americas folder (kingdoms pack) but the mod won't start. Anyone who wishes to refer to me as peverlemur is free to do so. Battles play similar to those in Rome: Total War, with formations of various kinds of troops fighting. Of these, the Apachean Tribes, the Aztec Empire, the Mayans, and New Spain are available from outset. Unlike previous Total War titles, there are two kinds of settlements, each with different advantages and disadvantages: cities and castles. - Required Files, How to Start: Paganism is negligible in the Old World but is the religion of the Aztecs and is the only religion present in America by default. "Heresy" and Paganism play minor roles; heresy causes disorder in a province and spawns heretic agents, who in turn raise the heresy level and must be denounced by priests, which if they fail, may become heretics themselves, or decrease the chance of denouncements becoming successful. Alternatively, they can be unlocked, one at a time and regardless of whether the campaign is won or not, by conquering all their settlements or by killing their entire royal family. Cities generate much larger income and are technological centers of a faction, but are more difficult to defend and only have access to militia troops, which are generally inferior to those trained at castles except for a select few unique units. Discussions, strategies, stories, crude cave-drawings, and more for Medieval 2, Empire, Shogun 2, Rome 2, Attila, Thrones of Britannia, Warhammer, Three Kingdoms and others. Crusades and Jihads both use a religious leader's authority to single out a region for conquest by factions of his faith; each faction of the appropriate faith may then raise Crusader or Mujahideen armies by committing a General and an army consisting of at least 8 units. Total War Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. The game uses a system of turns, with each turn representing two years in the history of the world, although the season still changes each turn, as in Rome: Total War. Each faction has a number of agents it may use to maintain order and influence other factions. Inquisitors are controlled by The Papal States and are sent to the player's lands if you have fallen out of favor with the Pope. I didn't myself get the ******* mod to work, even though I even mod games myself. There are seven playable factions in the Americas Campaign.