Because I told you, wherever the Sun, the Devata of that Nakshatra will awaken. You cannot do anything, you are dependent completely, like a child. Those people born in satabhisha nakshatra having some suffering through emotionally and physically. For me a planet in Libra is super. They would appear to belong to a … That Nakshatra is called Astangata Nakshatra. In Part 3 we will discuss Nakshatras and Dashas and the connection of the Navatara to understanding the quality of your dasha. That Moon will destroy the father when his dasha will come. This is something nobody talks about, because a very few people even know such a things exist. In Treta two are strong. Sagittarius Publications 2013. Benefic transits here bear fruits while malefic transits here may create struggle and block opportunities. If Moon places in satabhisha nakshatra it shows the person have some unpleasant experience in childhood. Because the 1st dasha for everybody, you and me, is like a Ketu dasha, irrespective what planet there. Whereas for a woman it is very different. These are the fixed stars, these nakshatra are very important in vedic astrology. So, for me those special degrees should occur somewhere in Libra and not in Capricorn. That means some Nakshatras are going forward and some Nakshatras are retrograding. Then I will say: ‘Oh, he has come from Janar-loka.’ And which planet is the governor of Janar-loka? For me Abhijit is not in the Capricorn. PREVIEW : MARCH 11TH: OVERVIEW OF NAKSHATRAS AND NAKSHATRA PREDICTIVE TECHNIQUES, Weeks 1 -2: THE 27 NAKSHATRAS:  Understanding their Psychological Essences, Symbols, Modes of Functioning, Orientation and Disposition Part 1 -Ashwini-Hasta, Week 3:  Nakshatras and the Nature of the Mind 1: Psychological, Mental and Archetypal Insights into Personality. Right? Another important consideration for this Mars-Saturn exchange is that our adrenal and immune systems may need more attention than usual. Week 7: Advanced Transits: Eclipses, Outer Planets (Neptune, Uranus, Pluto) , Secrets of Sade Sat, Advanced rules of Rahu/Ketu and Jupiter. Your Lagna is Cancer. From your Lagna start moving backwards at the rate of 4 minutes per degree. Vedanga. Saturn is a problem, but it is not as much problem as Sun or as Mars. » 29384 Week That is how it works in the brain. Kapiel? From Scorpio I am again counting forward, because both signs of Mars are forward counting signs. Let us say, your Moon is in Mrigashira, your Janma Tara. KR: That is so true, I just was laid off from the job, back in 2010 and from that point I said ‘That is it, I have done with this, I do not want to do 9×5 job, I want to do something different.’ And from that transition happened, happened and here I am. » 4627909 Total, © Vishal Saxena Astrologer 2017. OK. Astrology should reveal our hidden patterns and not just affirm what we know about our self already. From your Lagna Nakshatra to Nakshatra 14 will be Mahar-loka, then from 15 onwards the next 7 Stars will be Janar-loka, then next 7 Stars will be Tapar-loka and the last 7 Stars are Satya-loka. Module 1 goes into deep insights into transits. So, every planet will be in the certain pada and that planet will be only able to focus better on the pada, in which it is placed. From the 9th house to the 12th house roughly – I am not taking Nakshatras, OK? And then again we are start counting from Ashvini. So, the Sun elevates to himself, all Nakshatras start from Ashvini as far as Manushya Jataka is concerned. KR: OK. Transits through the 2nd star can bring gains and hence longer transits of Jupiter through the 2nd star can seem particularly profitable. From where the Sun gets exalted. How long does it take for Lagna your moving backwards to Ketu? That is how the mind is. 7th from the Sun is like sunset. When you look up at the skies, there are thousands and thousands of stars over there. SR: It is your Lagna Nakshatra. Its deity is Varuna and Lord Shiva preside Satabhisha Nakshatra.