For the rest of us though, it is quite nice, and there are a number of great accessories for it to boot. The Marlin 795 is a popular .22 long rifle. Which makes them ideal for mounting on a small caliber rifle like the Marlin 795. We could sure use them at times when we need to use our binoculars. 1894 Large Loop Lever Price: £ 150.00 – £ 169.00; Add to basket. To get you started on your search, we've decided to review four of the best Marlin 795 stocks that are currently on the market. At this point, there’s nothing that needs improvement in this scope. A good scope calls for a good scope mount, and the 3/8” dovetail on a Marlin 795 is something of a shortcoming. Most users don’t report any problems with the magazine, of any sort. Honestly, there’s nothing that needs to be improved in this scope mount. Reduced recoil is quite noticeable upon installation. Almost the size of a 30 round AR-15 magazine. Here we will discuss some important and rewarding accessory upgrades to Marlin 795. The Marlin 795 is a popular.22 long rifle. Storage compartment is an added convenience for most users. So you can adjust the position of these rings depending upon the scope and rifle you are using. Hence it stays exceptionally steady on the Marlin 795. The rifle doesn’t require a powerful scope since the range and recoil of the .22 lr rounds are not very big. Aftermarket sights such as aperture sights or fiber optic sights or even red dot sights can turn out to be a useful addition to your Marlin 795 rifle. A marlin 795 is dead on accurate within a range of 50 yards, but in order to extend that range, you need a good scope. The speed loader has been 3D printed from high-grade polymer and does its job really well. Adding up a good sight also makes the Marlin 795 more tactical and useful in self-defense situations. Upgrades and Tuning Home / Upgrades and Tuning. Your stock is easily one of the most important accessories of your Marlin 795 rifle (or any rifle for that matter). So a good, solid sling swivel ought to be added.Bottom LineThis Boyds stock is one of the best wood stocks that are on the affordable end of the price spectrum. Along with improving the accuracy to some extent. This advanced technology will bring out the full potential of your Marlin and help you perform like a pro on the range and in the woods. There are always a few perks of adding upgrades to a weapon. The prime benefit of using scope rings is that they are adjustable. 4.7 out of 5 stars 417. To the point where I put them on as many of my rifles as I can. Additionally, this loader works with high capacity Marlin 795 mags which is a unique feature. Might be a little weighty for some users. Allen Rifle Case. Varmints won’t stand a chance when you have a newly upgraded rifle that’s better looking and gives you less recoil for a more accurate, deadly shot. One of the major improvements that can be made about this stock is reducing the length. The wood stains (specifically nutmeg and applejack) are dark and make the rifle look a little bit more aged. And it’s the one stock that is used the most by varmint hunters. Next, we’ll be taking a look at the At-one Thumbhole Clip Feed Stock. He loads both revolvers with old-school 148-grain Federal Gold Medal .38 wadcutters. We won’t be surprised if you get asked the question of “how long have you had that rifle?” Or something similar like “how old is it?”Who Will Use This MostHunters will most likely benefit from using a wood stock. Includes a rubber recoil pad for reduced recoil and better shooting. So pin your sight, and keep reading this guide. Adding a scope to the rifle not only extends the range but also makes the rifle more accurate. Not every stock that is included with your Marlin 795 rifle is going to be as effective as the other stocks currently being sold. 4.6 out of 5 stars 92. The windage adjustments for the sight require a special tool, which has to be carried along whenever you take your rifle to a range. It works well for both novice shooters, and people with an old pair of eyes. The latest model also includes a pair of scope rings so you need not worry about mounting it as well. Supports rifles with all kinds of added-on accessories (scopes, tactical lights, etc.). This mag loader is good for all shooters using the Marlin 795. Plus, it is also a useful accessory for elderly people and folks with finger arthritis or any similar problems. The Marlin 795 comes with a 10 round nickel plated magazine. This will definitely be a must-have benefit if you’re a hunter that is struggling to land a kill shot or if you’re target practicing and want to be consistently hitting inside the target rather than the outer rings. 99. I admit I am a sucker for peep sights. Upgrade your Marlin 795 with custom MCARBO Marlin 795 Accessories such as a new trigger or trigger spring kit. The aperture sight works really well for older people with weak eyesight. My go to .22 is a beautiful old 1940’s Mossberg fitted with aperture peep sights and Tech-Sight’s peep sight assembly is my go to for my Marlin 795. Below we list the 4 best Marlin 795 accessories on the market. Scope rings keep the optic scope stable while you make strenuous movements with your rifle. The closer your shots are to the bullseye, the better off you’ll be. If you like the finer things in life and understand that a small investment in sights now will pay handsome dividends on future shooting later, grab this bad boy for your Marlin 795. So it is better to get the ones you can find. He also enjoys hunting, fishing and spending time outdoors. Lightweight; it doesn’t make the rifle heavier. Adding upgrades like a scope mount and scope will greatly improve the range and accuracy of a Marlin 795. Adjustment Knobs are Somewhat Mushy and Clicks are Barely Discernible. The design is more than enough to get your attention to learn more about it. 99. According to recent buyer reports, this aperture sight is an amazing addition to the Marlin 795. It is ideal for teaching amateurs the basics of shooting. If you don’t want to wait until hunting season to upgrade your stock, then this might be the stock to grab. This comes in handy while hunting small or midsize game such as rabbits or deer, which can only be taken down from a distance. Sure, it’s an inexpensive sight for an inexpensive rifle, but they give you an extraordinary edge you have to see to truly appreciate. Yes, it’s so nice we’ll stay it twice. As a basic rule, most Marlin 795 owners choose not to accessorize beyond basic upgrades simply because there is little reason to. The magazine carries 25 rounds and is straight in shape. And we don’t blame you. A good sight improves your shooting abilities especially under hunting and tactical situations. After you’ve scoped your Marlin 795, you need something to put it in, so why not this high grade Marlin branded soft case? A good stock on the Marlin 795 makes it an ideal hunting and self-defense rifle. Hardwood stocks are not only aesthetically pleasing but they are easy to carry. At the end of the day, the Marlin 795 is a real “Goldilocks” rifle in that it is “just right”, which makes it perfect for a nice afternoon at the range, plinking cans or even small game hunting. The Black Badger M22 Bullpup Gunstock is another synthetic stock that you can add onto any Marlin rifle, including a 795. Plus, .22 lr is widely used for fun shooting(plinking) and practice. May damage easily if it comes in contact with enough water. It’s OK if you think he’s a wimp. We’ve even got e clips for your old Marlin 99. Who Will Use This Most, Loading Marlin 795 magazines can be a real pain. The Marlin 795 is an often overlooked .22 rifle, which is a shame as it is really a fantastic gun. Accessorizing with the Best Marlin 795 Accessories and Aftermarket Parts. Black finish for an aesthetically sharp look. Inexpensive and the quickest way to use traditional 1” scopes on your 795, you’ll find this is a must have accessory. $69.00 $ 69. Once installed, you’ll swear by the looks of it, reminicient of the rifle that your grandfather used during his hunting days.What Recent Buyers ReportSome recent buyers were quite happy with the stock for a few good reasons. Somehow, if there need to be improvements, there are bound to be some sacrifices. Email him. FIRECLUB Tactical Riser 6" Inches Length Dovetail Scope Mount Convert to 20mm Picatinny Weaver Adapter 11mm to 20mm Accessories for Scope Mount Base Hunting. Fortunately, there are many great adapters that allow for the use of 1” rings on a traditional rimfire dovetail.