Mark Gerardot says: February 23, 2020 at 9:08 pm Theresa, thank you for your candor and for sharing so much of your story. On the precipice of ending a 24-year marriage, it’s very foundation crumbling, my wife violently took the life of the woman with whom I had unexpectedly fallen in love. Probably, because I had dreamt of leaving for years. So incensed had Jennair become, the program reveals the ‘jealous’ wife sewing listening devices into Mark’s clothes to secretly record his conversations when they were apart. On April 23, 2018, according to police, Jennair donned a wig and rode the train from the couple’s home in Delaware to Pennsylvania, where she broke into the Philadelphia Main Line residence where Meredith, who was estranged from her own husband, lived alone. You see, it is easier to blame than to look at oneself. I was left for the younger woman, and I have shared elsewhere on his blog site bits and pieces of my life’s story as it relates to these topics. ‘She broke into the house. They were both amazing women who I loved. He told them he thought his wife may be inside. She ventured onto the neighborhood app NextDoor in February and reached out to the online community for help. For a more nuts and bolts look at his professional history, see Mark's resume. "She was a vibrant, vital and caring woman of incredible talent, and we ask for the opportunity to mourn her in private. She was separated from her husband Luke Chapman, a former Newark city councilman, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer. When police officers arrived at Chapman's house Monday, they found Mark Gerardot in the driveway. And she had an obsessive need to control her life, our life, and my life, for the two and a half decades we were together. I mourn for Jennair’s soul. The perfect marriage painted in the 20/20 episode was far from the marriage I have detailed in my book. I’m not shirking that responsibility. Instead, I learned to do whatever I could to avoid the fights, to let her control the money, to give up my friends, to let her decide what we would do and when we would do it. Anyway you slice it, this was a terrible tragedy for all parties involved. Mark, who arrived at the home out of concern when Meredith didn’t keep a dinner date they’d made for that night, was outside about 7 p.m. to meet arriving officers who discovered the two bodies inside. Through a spokesman, Meredith Chapman's family released a statement late Wednesday afternoon, calling her  "a wonderful daughter, sister, and devoted friend. She was open to any kind of therapy, she said, from religious-based to boot camp-style therapy. From attending AA (both securlarly and non-securlarly), I learned how to dig deep into my spirituality. Shit throwers. Take care. She took not only her life, but the life of two others: Meredith’s and yours. Millions of people go through up and down marriages, infidelity and divorce, but they don’t meticulously plan and perpetrate vicious, murderous acts. They had interviewed me for hours, in my home and in their studio, and from those hours, a handful of scenes were selected for the show. But what service or greater good do people who spew hate and discord think they are serving, other than hearing their own voice, sitting on their perception of a moral high ground and making themselves feel better by tearing other people down? Mark, I followed the story when it happened and I just watched the 20/20 interview. She was lying in wait, and then she shot herself. There were emails and text messages indicating what she planned to do,’ Colarulo added. Wishing you nothing but joy and strength as you rebuild your life. But if anyone thinks that I haven’t suffered tremendous psychological pain and won’t continue to suffer for the rest of my life, then they’re just dead wrong. I am grateful. I’m glad there is so much sympathy for Meredith and for my wife out there. After college, he moved to Indianapolis where he worked for a magazine publisher, a real estate developer, a food packaging manufacturer, advertising agency and a PR firm. And I am a “tough customer” to please because I felt that I had gone through a lot due to the circumstances of my divorce. View Mark Gerardot’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. Yes. My friends, my family, multiple psychologists and my psychiatrist were. >>READ MORE: Radnor murder-suicide sparked by love triangle, police say. We all have an ugly side, an angry monster inside us, anxious for its day in the sun. Police said Gerardot drove to Radnor in a black Cadillac XTS that she had rented in Wilmington more than a week before the murder. Mark Gerardot Career And Early Life I can’t, and I couldn’t if I tried. I am grateful. Exterior of Meredith Chapman's home along Lowrys Lane (right) in Radnor Twp., PA on Tuesday morning April 24, 2018. In 2011, Mark was recruited to Greenville, South Carolina to help grow and evolve a web development technology firm into a digital agency. I can now say, with a rather large smile both for my ex and for me, that I believe he is happier with his wife. After the tragedy of April 23, 2018, I hid from the press and said nothing. Chapman had only recently moved into the Radnor neighborhood. Honestly, my ex and I struggled for a very long time. In an upcoming episode on ABC’s 20/20 it’s revealed Mark Gerardot’s wife, Jennair Gerardot placing tracking devices on the cars driven by her husband of 24 years and his 33 year old mistress, Meredith Chapman. What could I have done differently? You don’t want me anymore. Between 5 and 6 p.m., Chapman arrived, parked her Audi in the driveway, got out of the car carrying a bag, and entered her home through a back door, according to a neighbor. His wife knew that. For years, my wife had suffered from depression and more recently diagnosed with PTSD due to the trauma of our marriage ending. The words of encouragement and understanding for what I am trying to accomplish are inspirational. Anyone who thinks that Jennair’s murder and suicide were understandable responses to having been wronged should be put on a watch list. The posts are moot now, colored by Gerardot's decision to solve her marital woes by picking up a handgun. To say that I drove her to that end is both dangerous and ignorant and a distraction from the lesson I am hoping to share. A receipt from a nearby gas station placed her there at 2:40 p.m. Then, she parked the car not far from Chapman's home, leaving binoculars, ammunition, gloves, and ear plugs behind in the vehicle. Within seconds, Chapman was dead from a single gunshot wound to the head. Your email address will not be published. On the flip side to the ugly responses I’ve received, the outpouring of support and kindness I have received has been a welcome surprise. “Are you ready for the shitstorm of hateful comments?”. Mark Gerardot; Book; Blog; Home. As a Creative Director, what Mark does best is create clarity and rally people behind big ideas. Something gone undiagnosed by her psychologist, our marriage therapist and her clinical psychiatrist. We live in a digital world, so much of the experience he brings is from the digital space. Nor did I, despite what some uninformed commenters suggest, do it for money. The woman’s husband had begun seeing the much younger woman after hiring him to work at the University of Delaware and with whom he was having an affair. I think you were very courageous to do the TV interview and I think your book will be eye-opening for many. ET. You are miserable.’, Referencing Chapman, she said, ‘She lights your fire, she makes you feel young.