Willis was sentenced to three years’ probation after he agreed to enter a drug treatment program. For the first time since the board’s inception more than 150 years ago, the powerful L.A. County Board of Supervisors will be all women, each of whom comes with significant backgrounds in politics and government. He was one of the lead lawyers in two groundbreaking federal class action lawsuits against New York Life Insurance and AXA, for insurance policies issued in the early 20th century during the time of the Armenian Genocide of more than 1.5 million Armenians. Please try again later. Why allow it? In a surprise move, Nxivm convict, Clare Webb Bronfman, has replaced celebrity lawyer, Mark Geragos, with well known Black lawyer Ronald S. Sullivan Jr. Geragos, whose tenure with Bronfman came late in the game, negotiated a plea deal for Bronfman about a month before she was scheduled to go to trial. Much of the blackmail material (the so-called collateral) consisted of false allegations of criminal conduct such as child molestation against the relatives of the NXIVM women. There is a good reason why some 100 people came forward to state their lives were ruined by Clare Bronfman. But Judge Garaufis does have the power to reduce their sentences below what the “sentencing guidelines” recommend without ever explaining why he was doing so. This is not to suggest that the other 98 or so victims were not brutalized by the monstrous Clare Bronfman, also known as Legatus in some Nxivm circles. , It doesn’t matter how many times it is explained, if a new person comes along, they may have the same question. [57] The show is called Reasonable Doubt and features Carolla and Geragos discussing issues in society including the law, from Geragos's viewpoint as a civil and criminal defense attorney. But thank God they nailed Allison Mack (sarcasm). He may even get her plea deal rescinded and start again, negotiating with the feds for an even better sweetheart deal for the unlovely heiress, who used perjury and her money to manipulate the legal system to destroy enemies of hers and her cult leader, Keith Alan Raniere. California has so far avoided a major new wave of coronavirus cases, but a rising transmission rate and hospitalization numbers have officials concerned. Eventually, the shame and humiliation of what she had to do as part of The Vow was She should walk because she’s pretty. [5] He has earned praise from the Armenian National Committee of America,[6] and serves on the Advisory Committee of Birthright Armenia,[7] as the chairman of Armenian Bone Marrow Donor Registry,[8] and also is involved with the Armenian religious community. India, Jayes, Dani, Sylvie, and the many victims? Not particularly righteous for someone of his background. He has since represented many notable clients, including Gary Condit;[citation needed] suspended NASCAR driver Jeremy Mayfield;[18] Scott Peterson, who was later sentenced to death; Peterson, in the summer of 2020 asked the California Supreme Court to overturn his murder conviction and death sentence stating that he was denied a fair trial because of massive publicity and a slew of legal errors made at trial. Lauren Salzman testified at the Raniere trial that she Postal Service and orders search for mail ballots in Texas facilities. LOL, I didn’t realize we turned the clock back to 1984. Seeing that Creepy Joe Biden is attracted to 13 year old girls just like Raniere is Clare is making a good bet. Allison Mack claimed that NXIVM DOS had over 100 women in it. “ I do you like blondes”, NutJob. Difficult, she was clearly asked in front of the judge if she agreed with the plea deal…. 455. Seeing as you are an illegal alien, how many times do Andrew Cuomo and the Democrats have you registered to vote? And it doesn’t matter who the candidate was, it happened, it was a crime that singularly puts guys like Joe O’Hara in prison for years (which Clare saw to), she already put MiCHEAL AVENETTI on Frank Parlato’s case big time (only fate and Nike intervened) — I personally suffered some of that fallout hope I live to tell — it’s a 3 ring circus horror show that took place on the streets of Thousand Oaks, CA…. Until that material is returned to the victims to be destroyed, NXIVM is an ongoing crime. If Lauren and Clare might have a few collaterals, they are relatively recent, so it means that they committed crime BEFORE coercion. The name of the said criminal defense lawyer is Mark Geragos. [redacted] … I don’t see you going after Lauren or Nancy (who also have their defenders)… Can Nxivm Cure Tourette’s Syndrome? A marriage divided. Los Angeles Community College District elections: Everything you need to know. He engineered a plea bargain for former Los Angeles City Councilman Art Snyder that allowed an appeal, and later a dismissal, of corruption charges. I know for a fact that K.R. Legatus is not evil. No collateral was ever returned or Geragos’ lawyer, Benjamin Brafman — who earlier this year stepped down as the defense attorney for beleaguered producer Harvey Weinstein — said he hoped that prosecutors “will conclude that Mr. Geragos did not violate the law in any manner.”. And that was the stupidest idea ever as he (Avenatti) was quite the target…plus negotiating is a big word while it sounds more like blackmail than anything…, “Ronald Sullivan” Frank, I am no fan of Clare Bronfman, but maybe you should post a photo montage of Clare Bronfman becoming anorexic like you did for Mack. Please log in if you don't want to post We are experiencing technical difficulties. La Canada Flintridge, California (CA), US. Salzman that she was repudiating her Vow and requested the return of her collateral, which How much for Nicole? release of her collateral and NXIVM’s infamous abusive litigation tactics, Jane Doe 10 severed I know it’s no one’s fault, mostly — no one directly involved in the NX case, I mean, but to hear that in the meantime Clare ET AL are using the lag time to avoid serving their time for just a smidgeon of the crimes they committed is bone chilling. You get the idea! Geragos has made multiple appearances on the Adam Carolla Show since 2013, usually giving commentary on whatever is the top legal issue in pop culture. However, the shame and humiliation of what she had to do as part of The Vow This is what happens when we try to be “nice” instead of just calling somebody what they are, [redacted], K.R. humiliating and potentially damaging collateral, which she described in her letter. That is true of all the defendants with the possible exception of Kathy Russell. Shadow was incorrect about and the things he distorted. As for the line that there were at least 100 women in NXIIVM DOS, that came from Allison Mack’s statement in the New York Times in early 2018. If it is a lie then it is Allison Mack’s lie. Like attorney Jackie Childs on “Seinfeld” “I am not obsessed (unlike others) with Mack”. “Is Sullivan wrong to take on another client, as despicable as Weinstein?” Should We Find Out? Judge Declines to Recommend Raniere Get Drop-out Yard — Expect Supermax for Vanguard, Ivy Nevares Statement at His Sentencing: ‘Raniere was Hoping I Would Commit Suicide’. People not directly involved and traumatized have short memories and so much time has gone by since the trial that the outrage may have simmered. August 13, 2018 April 1, 2019 - by admin - Leave a Comment. Mark Geragos Bio, Age, Weight, Height, Facts, Controversies, Net worth, Family Tree, Personal life . But few have achieved the status of Mark Geragos. It could be 10s or 100s of thousands that Scott has helped.