I wish I could have said the same for my man here. I can't kill him or the 3 Ash Spawn that help him. Sooner or later you will however have to move onwards, which will having to choose between the corridors on the right and left. googletag.enableServices(); How else could he have survived for over 200 years? I should bring this information to the guards in Raven Rock and let them know the threat has been eliminated. This leads to a dungeon. 'https:' : 'http:') + Kill the Ash Spawn and talk to Captain Veleth afterwards. summons) or such which deal high damage. Head east towards Fort Frostmoth. In any case nothing happens. To get the key go down into the cave left to the locked door. Afterwards, leave Fort Frostmoth via the ladder to the south. Nevertheless, Captain Veleth will ask the player to investigate the fort for the source of these attacks. Apparently a General Falx Carius is leading an attack on Raven Rock from Fort Frostmoth using the Ash Spawn as soldiers. There are a few ways to make this boss fight significantly easier even on Legendary difficulty: General Carius is one of the slowest attackers in the game, thus all of his (power) attacks can easily be negated or interrupted by shield bashing with right timing. Outside the Bulwark attacking Redoran guardsbefore completing "March of the Dead" According to the letter I found on General Carius's remains, he appeared to be responsible for sending what he calls his "men" to attack the town of Raven Rock. Wondering the beach to the south of Raven Rock, near the Old Attius Farm, the Dragonborn will stumble into a fight between Redoran Guards and Ash Spawn. I could lend you a hand... for a price. Ive tried to use the console command Player.AddItem xx01bfe5 1 to spawn the letter, but it says the object doesnt exist or something. © Copyright 2008-2012 RarityGuide, Inc. All rights reserved. gads.type = 'text/javascript'; At the intersection, take the western path first and search the knapsack for the Fort Frostmoth Key and read through the informative Ildari's Journal that sits on the coffin in the center. Kill the ash spawn attacking Captain Veleth, https://skyrim.gamepedia.com/March_of_the_Dead?oldid=138736. If you lose a considerable amount of health while fighting them, take a look into the room on the right - you should find a health and stamina potion there. You will find yourself in a dungeon with coffins. If an entry is marked as "Finishes Quest" it means the quest disappears from the Active Quest list, but you may still receive new entries for that quest. This page was last edited on 5 February 2015, at 19:52. You should come across two more enemies who shouldn't cause you too much trouble. That's why you should accept the mission from Captain Veleth and help him in his investigation. The following empty quest stages were omitted from the table: 0, 10, 20, 45. Have a look around and see if you can turn up anything useful." Also when I went back to Veleth to inform him Carius was taken care of, I got a 2500 gold reward and now everyone in Raven Rock loves me for killing all the ash spawn. However before approaching it, collect all the useful items found by the enemy corpses - you should be able to find some valuables. Before doing that however, you should search the bodies of your enemies and take all the valuables from the chest at the edge of the room. Tell him everything you know to receive a quite generous pay which additionally depends on your level. I need to begin by searching the Attius Farm for clues that might lead me to the ash spawn's source. After getting rid of the Ash Spawns, you can speak with the saved Dunmer. You will have to find an illegal alcohol stash (Locate the Raven Rock Stash). The remains of ash spawn always yield the alchemical ingredient spa… Heading out of the cave, go to the left of the northern passages. You may now register with your Facebook or Steam account! Sadly, none of General Carius' armor can be looted, but claiming his unique enchanted warhammer Champion's Cudgel should serve as a consolation prize, along with the large chest nearby. Try isolating them - if they surround you, you will surely die. You won't receive any prize for now, there is one at the end however. When done head back to Raven Rock and report to Veleth. This begins the side quest, "March of the Dead" which is one of the two quests you need to do in order to own a home in Raven Rock. We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. After getting rid of them, approach the nearby loads of heartstones and rubies and collect as many as you can (if you don't have a pickaxe, you can obtain one in the further part of the catacombs). He appears outnumbered, and he's requested I lend him a helping hand. He fears they are being controlled, but by what is anyone's guess. Wondering the beach to the south of Raven Rock, near the Old Attius Farm, the Dragonborn will stumble into a fight between Redoran Guards and Ash Spawn. The monsters are using small flaming daggers, capable of dealing high damage. Remember that you can always hope for help from the Dark Elf - his attacks are quite powerful as well, plus he can sustain considerable damage. The Captain will explain that the attacks of the Ash Spawn have been becoming more and more organized and dangerous, originating … I should examine his remains to determine what he was doing here. Captain Veleth explained that the ash spawn have been attacking Raven Rock for some time now, and he's been trying to locate their source. Since you have completed the mission, the only thing left is to collect your reward. He will tell you that the author of the threat is General Falx Carius. You can still extract the sample from the remains of an ash spawn killed prior to starting the quest, so if you have completed March of the Dead, you'll likely still be able to find their remains outside of the city walls. Offer to help him and begin searching the ash piles of the Ash Spawn. There you will come across two Ash Spawns and a small chest with some valuables. After clearing the area of all threats, head to the western door of the keep (the only one which doesn't require a key). Between the ruined furniture you should find a pickaxe - priceless when collecting precious metals. The path to the west leads to a dead end and a nest of albino spiders. You should however approach the corpses of the Ash Spawns and pick up a letter - Declaration of War. Take the item and head to the last of the passages - the one with the locked door. General Carius always has better stats than players' Dragonborn. Don't rush in, instead try shooting a few enemies from a distance and draw them away from the walls (otherwise you will be surrounded and shot to death. If you don't search the ash piles from the defeated ash spawn and instead leave to do something else, the ash piles will be gone when you return and you will be unable to progress further in the quest. I think I could talk the councilor into paying you, and I could use an extra pair of hands." While assisting Captain Veleth at the Attius Farm, I've discovered a strange note. He then proceeds to tell you about the ash spawn attacks and that he was searching for clues at the old farm when he was attacked. Regardless of your choice, Captain Veleth will then proceed to tell you why he was at the farm and task you: "We were searching the farm when the ash spawn ambushed us. Veleth will find this note odd as it is from a General Falx Carius, who ruled over Fort Frostmouth some 200 years ago. It's a shame. If your character is a straightforward warrior, you should just stock up on health potions and slash your way through. Return to Captain Veleth in Raven Rock and tell him that the general is no more. To get to Fort Frostmouth go south from Old Attius Farm, then go east between two rock formations. The objective is easy - help Captain Veleth kill the Ash Spawns. She succeeded but the general slowly became hostile and she had to abandon the experiment. Go down to the beach and there will be a sunken ship and a staircase to the entrance of the courtyard of the fort. What's curious about it is that according to local news he has died over 200 years ago. Easier said than done since the crumbling fort is infested by Ash Spawn, and the direct path to the general is barricaded. The note mentions Fort Frostmoth, the ruins of an Imperial fort located southeast of Raven Rock. Pick it up and give it to Veleth. You will now have three different options, each with a different response: I'd be glad to lend you a hand. As a result of our conversation, I've agreed to help him deal with this situation. Search the ash piles from the defeated enemies and you will find the Declaration of War, a strange note written by Falx Carius, a general living at Fort Frostmoth. Kill them and go into the staircase to the right. I've stumbled across Captain Modyn Veleth fighting strange beings called "ash spawn" at the Attius Farm outside of Raven Rock. While Captain Veleth returns to Raven Rock, head east from the farm and you will soon arrive at the ash-covered Fort Frostmoth, where a mysterious voice will shout out: "Men, an invader has entered the fort! Ashley "Ash" Joanna Williams is a fictional character and the protagonist of the Evil Dead franchise. Apparently, should the Dragonborn find Fort Frostmoth before this quest begins and kill General Falx Carius the quest plays out slightly differently. All traces seem to point to Attius farm (located a bit to the south) as the source of the mysterious monsters. Nearby there's also the corpse of a Dunmer Guard - chances are you will find something useful beside him as well. No wonder he was pounding my Dark Elf so badly! You can now return to Veleth and give him a report. March of the Dead March of the Dead. He'll reward you with some gold and the quest will be complete. If anyone has any tips or tricks to killing him or Ash Spawn that would be great. It looks like as if the general summoned a minion to aid him. They will keep attacking Raven Rock until you go to Fort Frostmoth. Ash spawn are neither alive nor dead, but something in between; subsequently they will not show up with either Detect Life or Detect Undead spells, much like the Dwarven automatons. The key is in the knapsack, take it and go back to the locked door and don't forget the treasure room! Before long more ash spawn will detect you and attack, so pick the fight and locate the path to the north. Captain Veleth was outnumbered, so I engaged his attackers and lent him a helping hand. Recently, Raven Rock has experienced several attacks by ash spawn and Captain Veleth is naturally trying to figure out what is going on. var node = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; Repeatedly, If the player does not like sneaking around or shield bashing, the easiest way to beat him in melee is, If the player approaches General Carius using the stairway, attacking him and his minions. When you tell him that you killed the reanimated General Falx Carius he will be pleasantly surprised: "I had my suspicions that he was undead. Various pieces of ore and random gems are often found in these remains. To finally be directed to Captain Veleth. Just keep in mind that the monsters are really powerful and might kill you if you're not careful. Councilor Morvayn told me to give this to you if you made it back in one piece... and you got rid of General Carius." var gads = document.createElement('script'); I've slain General Falx Carius in the ruins of Fort Frostmoth. South of Raven Rock lies the burned-out Old Attius Farm where you will find Captain Veleth fighting several ash spawn, immediately starting the quest. There's nothing more here - you have to return to the fort and continue with the exploration. He will then ask you to investigate while he "rallies the guard" back in Raven Rock. All logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners. This article is part 5 of a 21 part series. All the ash spawn and other enemies at this fort are spread out, so all (at least most) of them, including General Carius, can easily be killed silently. It is the journal of a conjurer named Ildari Sarothril who uncovered the tomb and started experimenting with using heartstones to reanimate the dead bodies of the imperials, including the deceased general Falx Carius. This site is not associated with and/or endorsed by the Bethesda Softworks or Bethesda Softworks.