rather than the single rai? 1. +10% EXP from monsters. However, it can mob too (Spam surging blade). Shinsoku upgraded with +1 hits deals 990% damage every 0.20 seconds, resulting in 4950% damage per second. Note: Earn Sword Energy by defeating enemies to reach a higher combo stage to receive more powerful buffs. Hi Brylon, Use a 2-handed magic attack scroll. Shinsoku (MAX) @StOMP: +4% Boss Damage, +4% Critical Rate, +3% Max HP & MP, +7% Boss Damage, +7% Critical Rate, +4% Max HP & MP, +10% Boss Damage, +10% Critical Rate, +5% Max HP & MP. Hi gorehound, try to unequip both Katana and Wakizashi (Katana Sheath) before mining. Final Damage: +2% per level. Uses phenomenal insight to locate an enemy's critical weakness. Other char is no problem. Jack started his career as an online content creator and writer back in 2017. hiya Ayumi :D Even though we are giving each of the following link skills a ranking, some of them may be very similar in usefulness. 7th Attack: Tornado Blade Hello, a quick tip for hayato beginners: (lvl10-29) Hayato, as mentioned, is great for mobbing. Link Skills level up for Zero characters as they complete Acts 2 - 4, and completing Act 8 will upgrade the Link Skill to Lv. +62% Damage. Oh yeah, a correction for you: Quick Draw / Battoujutsu stance’s effect: Earn 2 Sword Energy triggers for each monster hit (but in reality, it’s per every attack/skill that hits one or more monsters), not necessarily killing them. Most classes max all skills 1-4, but there are a few who leave skills at level 19. I accidentally didnt max out sanrenzan in the 2nd job now i cant get the 3rd and 4th job version. [23 OCT 2020] v10.92 - [JMapleStory M] Lv121 Kanna!New Sengoku Job!! 10. Level 1: MP Cost: 10, Damage: 204%, Max Enemies Hit: 1, Number of Attacks: 3 Adele is the new class in MapleStory, and it looks like she’s going to be pretty intense. PLus since you can whirlwind cut after doing Vapor Blade it works well. Level 20: Max Targets: +1 One of the basic techniques of Battoujutsu. Are the Katanas counted as 2H weapons or 1H weapons. 3. +2% additional damage every 5 seconds after first stack. You can get the Great Horse Onikageh mount skill starting at Lv.50. Explanation: All the skills listed above are Hayato innate abilities. @Galleigo_808: Thanks for your Hayato tips! June 21, 1582. Cygnus Knights' and Resistance's Link Skills can be stacked. Also, the “+207% Activation Damage.”, for example. http://ejemplosdeadverbios.edublogs.org/2014/06/12/introduccion-a-los-adverbios/. Iron Will improves your max HP. jin blade flash Eye for an eye (MAX) Bushido’s Soothing (MAX) @ayumilove Mercedes gives a permanent 20% EXP bonus, which will help you train other characters for link skills. Please, help. 5 – Fury Unleashed +10%, +15%, +20% Boss Damage (Demon Slayer). However, you really can’t rely on it, and you never want to put yourself in a situation where you have only a 5-10% chance of surviving death in the first place. All Jobs possess Link Skills, skills that can be shared with other characters of yours in the same world to give them a power boost. Sword Energy will be lowered when switching between stances.