Do take note that you can enhance your weapon with the Star Force System to make your current weapon last longer before upgrading to a more expensive higher level weapon. Max Weapon Mastery and Physical Training to boost your min-max damage. Therefore, I could not determine which is the strongest. Final Damage: +7% per level. So go with the weapon of choice that you can afford with your current budget. Barricade Mastery (Passive): adds max crit damage 15% , instead of min crit dmg. To all: Level 1: Max Enemies Hit: 10, Damage: 412%, Stun Chance: 9%, Stun Duration: 5 sec, Cooldown: (25 → 12) sec. have a great day. The guides here goes through several updates to sync with MapleStory. New mobbing skill has zero vertical reach, A summon that defines a Dark Knight later on, Alright for early game, however falls off quickly late game, Excellent buff to have when in need of HP. Hey Ayumi, Im playing in Ẽtalia. If you need arcane force I’d recommend putting some in there momentarily. However, some job does not have sufficient SP (Skill Points) to max all skills though. Dark Knight is similar to Demon Avenger just that you will need some funding for your MP usage. I don’t see defense or magic defense in the non-reboot. Do you know which class is better in an unfunded situation? Once a character reaches 250, they will have accumulated a total of 894 Hyper Stat points (as the guide states). Level 20: MP Cost: 20, For 200 sec, the final damage increases by 80% of current HP ratio. Corsair and Jett (Pirate) primary stat and secondary stat are DEX and STR. Added Piercing Cyclone (5th Job Skill) I wanted to ask. If you often go boss raid/solo, then adding into Boss Damage early seems a good idea. Evil Eye is auto-maxed. Required Level: 140 Combined this with La Mancha Spear fast attacking speed, you will be able to activate Lord of Darkness so frequent that your HP bar is always at 90%~100%. Hero’s Will (Active) When attacking enemies using Damage Reflect, you will not take damage. This is very helpful when training against monsters who are 5-8 levels above you using Cleric Blessing or Bishop Advanced Blessing. With the remaining HSP, you can max the lower priority ones but needs to take account of your equips that may have boosted those stats (ignore defense/critical rate/status resistance/etc). Your boss damage % in the chart don’t match the % in the list below it. Releases your inner power to lay waste to nearby enemies. and hyper accuaracy i heard ppl say can deal less miss and more critical is that true? High accuracy means easier way to hit enemies with high avoid. Damage received will be reduced by 8% of reduced HP, up to a maximum of 4000. Hi I just wanna ask is spear or polearm better for Dark Knight? ive been using this site a lot for everything. Would the Hyper skills passive change in the override update? The Making of Best. There isn't Decent Speed Infusion or Decent Sharp Eyes because I have both potentials on my gloves. Just like the title says, i'd appreciate if someone could tell me which hyper stats should i focus on. they rather press all cure potion button. They pride themselves with their long reaching attacks as a melee class, high damage output and one of the most useful skills in the game, Hyper … [Passive Effects: When HP is 20% or higher, Final Damage +30%, MSPD +20, Critical Rate +10%, and Critical Damage +15%], Barricade Mastery (Before) Job = Kaiser & dual blade. Skills with cooldowns does not allow to constantly use best skill constantly. BEST INNER ABILITY: Attack Speed +1, Buff Duration +50% Deals a powerful strike to enemies. When being seduced, manual and pet potion will be unavailable for 10 seconds, the skill Hero's Will can cancel seduction which need 30 MP to use it, while HT can deal Mana Drain to you, causing you to lose 1 HP and around 2k~3k MP. Otherwise, your damage will be kinda low. The actual formula goes like this: [1 – (1 – x) * (1 – y) * (1 – z)…] second job – Lack 1 skills point to maxed all skills Hyper Critical Rate Once that is done, max Spear Sweep and cap Piercing Drive at Level 19. Perhaps other Mapler here who knows can comment about it :). Why is that I ask? Added Enhancement Cores skill details. Level 10: Spear and Polearm Mastery: +50%. If Warrior, then which 2nd job is better? If you’re unhappy with your current Hyper Stat Point allocation, you can reset your Hyper Stats for 10 million meso. Level 1: MP Cost: 20, for every 24 sec, casts a heal that restores 20 HP. I believe that the Lord of Darkness skill is a passive skill and not a supportive skill in third job. This tool is designed to optimize your hyper stats against end-game bosses. After your buff runs out, turn off Beholder Dominant and then wait for 4 sec for the Beholder Buff to work your magic on your character. Hi steven, when you first reach Phantom 4th Job, you will not be able to find Phantom Blow. Only movement speed. Sort by. I’ll adjust the 2nd Job accordingly :).